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Re: Sophia to Dwell With Us (allgemeine Brouillon)

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  • Steve Haag
    Danny Boy, The pipes the pipes are calling from glen to glen and round the mountain side I like you re pipes, beyond what I can even fathom. Steve ... a form
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 26, 2004
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      Danny Boy,

      The pipes
      the pipes are calling
      from glen to glen
      and round the mountain side

      I like you're pipes,
      beyond what I can even fathom.


      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, danifyou@t... wrote:
      > Hi Bradford,
      > I'm kind of a fan of this von Kühn Mystery...
      > That's a long shot Epic amidst the "low prolife"
      > Guys of the Gospels who have been raised by Christ.
      > Why is the importance in there so Sophic?
      > Well, you said it, --> the intersect.
      > And what is this? A Structural Beget.
      > Let us look for a moment at the Pyramid;
      > But let us make it different in the built;
      > For this one see will a Pyre of Fire/Agni!
      > Within 4 corners--the Hearth Circle Magic
      > To be the Container Zodiac Create Cosmic;
      > The Cherubimic Aquarius(Man) and Leo
      > As the other Axis gives Taurus and Eagle(Scorpio).
      > Thus: Manifestation Impulse;
      > But also Elaboration Careful!
      > How come? Preparation for Sophia to come!
      > (Long in..: The Temple shall be a Woman!)
      > To come through Her 'I' Avatared Micro to be found
      > In a Woman to be the Representative of this One!
      > Remember the event of the little girl
      > Whom by the Lord has been raised?
      > This is the one who side by side
      > Lives on Sirius with Zarathustra who supervise!
      > The planning and the help from Earth
      > By those meanwhile repetitive incarnated;
      > And one such is Goethe who back
      > Met Sophie this girl so much Plant
      > As how so soft and frail the frame
      > The beginning somehow helpless
      > When comes the turn Astral in the Organism
      > The Disturbancy to occur as Soul and Spirit
      > Already stayed back in the Heavenly Worlds
      > Waiting for the next later Gradual to first
      > In Sixth Epoch to come down right - the Astral!
      > This is where Goethe too in Progressive Steady Work and Art
      > From Archetypal Plant to Archetypal Animals plays his/her part;
      > Solomon in a New Labour Temple Formative Force
      > As to the Vessel how shall it proceed to come;
      > While very Synchronistic he too Pillar he happened
      > Equilibrium Special to have had 21 years old, Ego Implanted,
      > When Christ Enacted the Turning Point...
      > Righteous James said of the Intellectual Soul back then
      > Central the influence to last yet go different
      > As Christ's Mission for Lift effect
      > Goethean method the prospect
      > Exact Sensorial Fantasy Solid Rosicrucian!
      > Who does Ground Gesture such as well?
      > Elective Affinity a Pentragram
      > As a Book by him has been written;
      > Rudolf Steiner he who proceeded
      > To make the tag team where Goethe left -
      > RS later along the way made the Pentagram in pages -
      > The very chef-d'oeuvre: Philosophy of Freedom!
      > Or: how one Surveys/Witness from 'I' based
      > How the etheric body goes along the bony frame...
      > The Life-LINEd our Sequence outcome Logical
      > What happens from the Mineral
      > As the Free proceed with the Mortal...
      > Other angle other side:
      > Microed World Ether the Mary Nathan...
      > And **Personalised** is the Evolution -
      > Krishna's teachings are such a type
      > Amidst the ruling deeds of the God's Up High
      > Comes a Naughty Boy stealing Butter - Wise;
      > And Palladium - Mercury stealer too: Adam
      > Odysseyan Messaged Human - Hardenberg uttered:
      > **"This would be the drive, and indeed, the drive to be an I."**
      > "504. Why must everything I do now be so painful -
      > nothing peaceful - at leisure - calm -"
      > "572. Adam and Eve. What is brought about
      > through a revolution must be sublated
      > through a revolution. / Bite of the apple./"
      > Dan
      > Bradford followed a glimmer:
      > Let us suppose, for the sake of argument, that the previous and
      > current Patriarchal Martian, bloodly line of tom foolery that arose
      > with the hijacking of the code from Atlantis was shifting. First we
      > must needs look at parthenogenesis.
      > (pär&180;thenôjĕn´esĬs) [Gr.,=virgin birth], in biology,
      a form of
      > reproduction in which the ovum develops into a new individual
      > without fertilization. Natural parthenogenesis has been observed in
      > many lower animals (it is characteristic of the rotifers),
      > especially insects, e.g., the aphid . In many social insects, such
      > as the honeybee and the ant, the unfertilized eggs give rise to the
      > male drones and the fertilized eggs to the female workers and
      > queens.
      > Now a great deal of information is growing for our understanding
      > the Matriarchal, out of Atlantis, which had previously set the
      > of how the human form and Lunar line would eventually intersect
      > the Solar line and would once more allow humanity to produce its
      > higher offspring, exists now for us to study. This rich sentence
      > even richer history of both the Christ Event and the powerful
      > history of Atlantis and the escape from the Catastrophe of Atlantis
      > with the new code of Man, tops and towers above the Divinci Code
      > but, since I have not yet read the Divinci Code, I contribute this
      > mystery to Dottie's search for the Daughters and the Ancient
      > as they were called out of Atlantis.
      > But in any event, what you are reading now is far more accurate,
      > intelligent and linked to real events. Let me direct you to issues
      > and articles related to this amazing parthenogenesis issue we may
      > research. http://www.encyclopedia.com/html/p1/partheno.asp
      > If you doubt Virgin Birth and the Matriarchal domination of early
      > Atlantis, that is your friggin problem, you are a dip shitted
      > moron and science for you is the same as the hallucination you call
      > religion. Now it isn't Dottie alone who has been calling for a
      > reversal of fortune to the Mother and Mother God mysteries, nor can
      > we say that AnthroSOPHIA isn't also paving the way for this Post
      > Atlantean reversal. Pagans everywhere have cried out but never had
      > the kind of facts that showed that there was an actual shift from
      > the Etheric shaping, the real working of Lunar Mothering Forces,
      > of Atlantis, which literally handed over the power of the dick and
      > the King's bloodline to the Peter stream. Peter was given
      > to carry this historical limp Pope uninitated potency forward and
      > wrap it in the cloak of British, Egyptian, Italian and Euro
      > bloodlines that have culminated in hot romance rumors of Jesus
      > fornicating with Mary Magdalene and searching for an offspring that
      > might carry some sort of Jesus Code. Bullshit and more Jerry
      > Springer bullshit. It is misdirected and stupidly wrong headed
      > research.
      > To produce our own offspring, out of ourselves, using the Mother
      > principle as Dottie is soapboxing means this: That giving birth to
      > that which will produce ourselves from a generative act through
      > ourselves lies in the nature of how we give birth to our higher
      > being. The code is exact and with no mealie mouth wiggle room,
      > Sentient Soul/Spirit Self; Intellectual Soul/Life Spirit;
      > Consciousness Soul/Spirit Man. This is what we will reproduce out
      > ourselves and this requires the Sophia and Mother principle to
      > return from its exile, as it is destined to do, from where our
      > parthenogenesis origins began out of ancient Atlantis.
      > I want to say that better people than you have understood the
      > watery, foggy and marshy aspects of the Atlantean Amphibian to
      > systems that crystallized in bone and male Spirit, Sun vested
      > prejudice. These better people were easily Zarathustra and Buddha.
      > The dumb asses go all the way to Who's your Daddy fundie screw ups,
      > Bush total Sentient soul bastarization and retardation of the 21st
      > century and Jeff Foxworthy's You May be a Red Neck if. It arrives
      > dead Diana of England and all blood line bullshit literally shouts
      > back at us OT, OT and Patriarchal Fundi Ot, Who's your Daddy, OT
      > bullshit, period. The mormons with the Jews working to find your
      > genetic blood lines and "Gattica" are all working with a Sorthian
      > hum on the future of humanity. Yet we are guilty of fiddling while
      > this swamp is growing.
      > Now lets look at some distortions of where virgin thinking meet
      > utter addiction to astral virginity. Addiction as behavoior where
      > literally see the child molestor drooling for literally
      > encountering, tasting the saps of pre-astral innocence. Firstly it
      > is earth shattering to understand that John the Baptist was
      > partially an Angelic citizen. Angels are not directed and over
      > shadowd with potent sexual instincts. But where Steiner gets the
      > wild hair up his butt to trace Novalis and John the Baptist and tie
      > these two individual together draws us sharply to the destiny of
      > Sophie von Kuhn. Now this young girl, twelve years old.. I repeat,
      > twelve years old marks something that should make a thinking person
      > stand up and take notice. Sophie von Kuhn is the person Novalis
      > intersected with who brought him to his former Angelic mission
      > is very contrasted to the distorted, warped seeking of innocence
      > that is manifested in Michael Jackson. These are important
      > etheric/astral experiences which we are allowed to witness but
      > research in reality is hardly possible with a Jerry Springer brain
      > mind set.
      > Naturally we have so few thinking persons around that using
      > Spiritual Science to see into events is like herding cats or
      > teaching Turkey's to drive a car. Jerry Lee Lewis fell in love with
      > his cousin way back in the days of Elvis and caused a world wide
      > scandal and Michael Jackson has been the poster boy for enmeshed
      > addictive behavior regarding his astral/etheric female forces.
      > These, including Novalis, all have to do with the pre-menstruation
      > astral innocence, just prior to reproductive forces dropping like a
      > hot rock out of the sky into a poor laps of girls.
      > The virgin forces reveal a disturbing siren and hypnotic call to
      > thousands upon thousands of disturbed men and women. For women also
      > have been known to abuse this innocent line young boys. Such as
      > female teachers who have gone google eyed into screwing 13 year old
      > students they were supposed to be guardians of. Plus there are
      > hundreds of cases of overweight, weird women who have molested and
      > tormented, and have a fettish for young boys, unformed..and this
      > goes, in today's illness categories right down to the innocence of
      > infants and the gateways to the divine spiritual worlds.
      > Since Novalis, the same who had painted the "School of Athens" and
      > the Madonna and played and supped on the breast milk of one of the
      > Mary's, when Elizabeth and Mary baby sat for each other, it was
      > common to co-feed and share breast milk, Novalis had a real special
      > relation to the Angelic world and Sophia. Novalis today offers a
      > sober and profound historical relation to the ARTS and the SOPHIA
      > mysteries. Harvey writes exactly out of the Novalis mysteries
      > current. In fact, since my research compliments Harvey and Danny
      > supports Dottie it would be sobering if souls took up their own
      > deepened research and stood their ground. The Sophia mysteries of
      > parthenogenesis, giving birth to ourselves out of ourselves is
      > exactly why, thinking individuals understand AThena springing fully
      > armed out of the Eustachion and Fallopion connection of listening
      > the WORD of Thought, as a Michael seed force that gives birth to
      > higher kernels of our being. The AThena Birth out of the head of
      > male Zeus is not only a POF mystery of fact, but is also a model
      > reality of Initiation depicted in true parthenogenesis.
      > So looking into the face of the Sistine Madonna or following out
      > former destiny of the singer Madonna to where she is standing now,
      > she is also looking for the structure and laws of the human divine
      > model from the mysteries of the Kabbalah, resonates as both tacky
      > and sweet. Yet Novalis, who authored the origin of Anthroposophy,
      > the rightful, healthy heir to what must be understood by thinking
      > souls as a whole shift in the approach from Patriarchal to the new,
      > the new, NT from the OT, or the wholly new...the new meaning, that
      > it is time for Anthro's to get off their dumb asses and begin to
      > cope with reality and express reality. That Christ had the active
      > members of Atma, Buddhi and Mani or Spirit Man-Life Spirit and
      > Spirit Self and that Steiner spoke from Consciousness Soul and
      > Spirit Self regions of the same Angelic wisdom that Novalis
      > represented is simply traceable fact. Traceable everywhere if we
      > learn to think.
      > Novalis was given that quiet Initiation signature of literally
      > intersecting with a Sophie/Sophia event and having a break through.
      > But this Sophia event is twisted and riddled in our immature and
      > unripened insights regarding pathology, molestation and various
      > other encounters with astral innocence which we have not understood.
      > Why do we look at genetic and growin cloning sciences and the
      > articles related to the parthenogenesis link, I listed, is because
      > the crisis to misunderstand where an Atlantean resurgence of a
      > higher Matriarchal princple is being turned into a Sorathian one is
      > at this critical moment falling away from our clarity. And who will
      > we have to blame for this Sorathian nightmare as it arises, well
      > certainly all those who knew better but have resisted and failed to
      > put the historical reality of Anthroposophia on par with the
      > of a whole new era where indeed the Mothers are on the rise and
      > parthenogenesis of our higher being is part and partial to
      > Initiation reality. So in a strong sense Dottie is holding her own
      > here. There is no other reality but Initiation reality period. No
      > arguments and no ifs ands or buts. It is all Initation reality. end
      > of story.
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