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R: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: Book Five of Refutations

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  • holderlin66
    Andrea wrote: So many different streams are to be re-connected and rejuvemated by Christ and Michael work inside us and we can say that the Gnosis as
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 25, 2004
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      Andrea wrote:

      "So many different streams are to be re-connected and rejuvemated by
      Christ and Michael work inside us and we can say that the Gnosis as
      historical stream met an end where the Michael's School work began.
      And it is so since all the streams of the past are now in the way to
      become One inside Anthropos-Sophia, the earthly-heavenly fruit of
      the Michael School."

      Bradford's heart skips a beat;

      You see what you do to me Andrea? The stunning reality of the New
      Age is that now we dig over the dregs and relics of bygone
      incarnations and we bring, culture brings, books bring, samples
      where the intellect has never grasped and really avoided grasping
      what Spiritual Science can do with those relics. For here comes
      these streams as Andrea has said, arising to nourishment and woven
      into the Christ/Michael substance. But People have not been stunned
      by the Michael School because the Michael School fails to weave the
      trail into stunning insights of the present.

      But Dead Thoughts and fragments of thinking cannot touch the
      wholeness of Spiritual Science. Relics of the thought world was for
      Michel Foucault a new form of Archeology. But we are far more
      cutting edge, exciting and stirring if we can take the archeology of
      the relics, as Steiner did, and spin them into the present vivid
      world of ideas.

      On the otherhand, the I AM, our core, is the only sifting force that
      can bring recognition of what is moldy, ancient, previously vivid
      incarnation experiences, into the present Ahrimanic and Michael
      vision of the 21st century. Sifting for the importance of Jung or
      the depth at which Stephen has attempted to strike gold here a few
      times, Tarjei's highly attentive vision, reveals that we, we sift.
      WE sift the wreckage of by gone ages and we, we are required, and
      most don't, haven't and didn't find Spiritual Science. We are
      required to mine the gold of the past and bring it right into the
      new paradigm of Humanity... We are required to bring hidden updated
      mysteries like the 13th century mystery of the Transparent Human
      Initiate that serves Michael and Christ - Christian Rosenkreuz or
      how to weave togther all the hidden forces of the soul and make them
      up to date, living, current, rich, instead of moldy, stymied in old
      language and unuseable for current intellectual currents of media
      and thinking. We have lots of people to thank for their efforts,
      including Foucaults efforts.

      What if John Scotus was Michael Moore or one of the old Chartres
      Teachers, would we recognize the new forms that we should be
      grasping, even while sifting through the heaps of wreckage of the
      past greatness of humanity? Can we recognize and weave streams
      together and make them living, vivid and alive as Michael Insights
      are? We can.
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