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Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: Baha'i on down the line

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    Griselda, Hats off to you and South Park. A hearty laugh. Now the real jelly from the little I heard over the fence, is that there s a lot more voo doo-doo
    Message 1 of 8 , Nov 22, 2004
      Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: Baha'i on down the line

      Hats off to you and South Park. A hearty laugh.

      Now the real jelly from the little I heard over the fence, is that there's a lot more voo doo-doo involved. Gold plates kept under beds, strange languages, men having multiple wives, miracles and secret chambers and some real stable capitalism making people feel right at home. You know, all that holywood stuff that gets people clapping in pews.


      It's funny when it's funny. But it's also mind messing. And I guess a lot of people like going down for this sort of thing. I know a women who was strongly led to join the Mormon Church when she was late high school age. Very nice woman. Still going strong with her faith after decades. She had a reasonable explanation for every incredulous thing I'd heard about Mormonism. To her it all makes sense.  Her teenage son recently went on his two year spiritual quest to south America. Had to learn Spanish. And sure as shootin, they get full on spiritual experiences, and do a lot of good in the world. Jesus manages to extend himself that way, too.

      Meanwhile, goofiness plays through it all anyway,
      while people see what they wanna see
      or are convinced they should see.

      Funny world,


      on 11/22/04 11:07 AM, hatscaps66@... wrote:
      > The making of the Mormon book,
      I learnt it from a South Park
      episode. It goes more or less like this: The big
      mormon dude, forgot his name, the one that started the
      whole mormon stuff? Let's call him Mormie. So, Mormie
      was trying to convince a wealthy friend, let's call
      him Mr. Idiot,   to join him ("join"= provide some
      serious cash) in founding this new church. As a proof
      of his special relationship with God, Mormie told Mr.
      Idiot that he had a box inside which God would appear,
      or some trick of the sort, can't remember very well
      but it was something silly like this. Anyway, Mormie
      said to Mr. Idiot that God dictated this very
      important book directly to Mormie when he was screwing
      around with that crazy box. Mormie then gives Mr.
      Idiot the book so he could check it out at home.
      Unfortunately for Mormie, Mr. Idiot was married to
      Mrs. Smartie, who advises her hubbie: "Tell Mormie you
      lost the book or something. If God really dictated it,
      He'll  do it again and the book will come out
      identical to this one."  So, for once Mr. Idiot does
      something smart and goes to Mormie with this "sorry,
      the dog ate your holy book"  story.  Mormie says, ok,
      he would just get God to dictate him the book again in
      his magic box. And, a few days later, voila!, he
      brings Mr. Idiot another book, (which became The Book
      of Mormon). But, surprise, surprise, this and the
      "lost" book are not identical at all! When Mr. Idiot
      confronts him with this fact, Mormie says that God was
      very, very angry that Mormie lost the first book, so
      He made the second one completely different (!!!). Mr.
      Idiot thought this made a lot of sense and so do
      millions of mormons today. The end.
      Now, you see, this is the South Park version, so I
      bear no responsibility for it, in other words, if
      there is any mormon here who is offended, go take it
      directly with the South Park guys. But I tell you
      this, Jo, I was laughing so much at the end of the
      episode because I thought, Geee, who could come up
      with such a crazy story? These guys from South Park
      are really something else!!Then...a good friend of
      mine told me that this story, yes, this very silly
      South Park story, is basically true to the facts!!!
      Now I never checked so I don't know.

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