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Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Are we not human?

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  • Tarjei Straume
    ... Apparent contradictions seem to be a hallmark of occult writings, ancient and modern, when read as ordinary literature. That s why the Gospels don t match.
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 2, 2004
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      At 02:40 02.11.2004, Jo wrote:

      >Rudolf Steiner's lecture work is in particular extremely context
      >sensitive. I have found it invariably frustrating to attempt excerpts
      >from his lectures. He ties the laces neatly at both ends like he tied his
      >neat bow-tie, but usually he ties the initial lace not to the final thread
      >of the lecture at hand, but to the final lace in the previous lecture - et
      >al. I think he did this on purpose - not to spite us or make matters more
      >complex, but because the subjects he ventured to shed light on - and his
      >angle of approach - demanded a certain amount of exposure for his audience
      >to begin to fathom the depth of the firth!

      Apparent contradictions seem to be a hallmark of occult writings, ancient
      and modern, when read as ordinary literature. That's why the Gospels don't
      match. That's why one excerpt from a Steiner lecture doesn't always
      harmonize with another excerpt taken from an entirely different lecture
      given to a special audience.

      And speaking of the cycle to the CC priests held in Dornach, September 1924
      - the last lecture cycle Steiner was able to complete before his failing
      health put an end to this activity - here is an appropriate excerpt that
      should serve as a word of caution when it comes to highly controversial

      You see, the logic we have in the physical world by which we distinguish
      between untruth and truth is no use in the spiritual world. It is a
      complete mistake to believe that one can use in the spiritual world the
      concepts of untruth and truth that are current here in the physical world.
      There is nothing in the spiritual world that can be distinguished in this
      manner. There are beings who are good and others who are evil. You have to
      recognize them for what they are, for they do not tell you. But even the
      evil ones are true in their own way. This is difficult to understand, of
      course, just as everything we encounter on entereing the spiritual world is
      difficult to understand. Here in the physical world we can state that a
      straight line is the shortest distance between two points. In the spiritual
      world this could be the longest distance, with every other one being
      shorter. None of the logic we most certainly need here in the physical
      world is any use in the spiritual world.

      So a true initiate needs to have a special disposition of soul in order to
      see into the spiritual world. He must be fully responsible in the way he
      immediately works with physical concepts as soon as he returns to the
      physical world.

      - Rudolf Steiner: "The Book of Revelation and the Work of the Priest"
      (Vorträge und Kurse über christlich-religiöses Wirken, V. Apokalypse und
      Priesterwirken, GA 346), Lecture 11, Dornach, 15 September 1924

      The above quote is highly applicable to this thread, because in this
      particular lecture, RS is talking about how the medium's 'I' is replaced by
      other spirits in seances.

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