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    Can I use my feeble European political gaze tyoical of a spaghetti-headed-boy ? The worst in american Election is not the fact that both are S& B but
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      Can I use my "feeble European" political gaze tyoical of a
      "spaghetti-headed-boy" ?
      The worst in american Election is not the fact that both are S& B but lies
      in the fact that there are two candidates: a Rightwing and a
      CentreRightwing one.
      The Left? (Namely an "american" left, Bob Kennedy for instance,,,) It's


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      ..."When governments go mad, not many eminent observers will allow
      themselves even to see it, much less comment on it. Rather than
      shout out the awful truth - i.e., that the emperor is not just
      naked, but insane - those with large investments in the status quo
      would much prefer to hold that there's a method to the madness, that
      the man on top is crazy like a fox ("Come on, he's only saying that,
      to please his base!"), or that he's just a figurehead, with wiser
      others close at hand to keep him an eye on him. To claim otherwise
      would be alarmist and naive, while those professionals in the know
      know better than to think that what has obviously happened here has
      obviously happened here. Thus the pundit comes across as a more
      reasonable person than those scary few who tell the truth out loud;
      and yet that soothing view is founded less on any rational analysis
      than on the pundit's sense of his own rationality, which he
      projects, complacently, onto the zealots at the top.

      Such calming fantasy is surely not unique to high-end bloviators.
      All of us are prone to see things as we'd rather see them; and so
      it's only natural that most of us have looked away, and tried to
      change the subject, as the world has taken this apocalyptic turn. Of
      course, American democracy depends upon the press to counteract this
      self-delusive tendency; and yet the American press has been
      especially resolved not to perceive the clear and present danger. So
      have the Democrats, despite their formal status as the opposition
      party. Unrestrained by any check or balance, then, the Bushevik
      machine has rolled right over us, so that we're almost out of
      breath, just at the moment when we need to scream our loudest at
      this fatal pressure.

      Many good Americans have clammed up not because the Busheviks have
      cunningly concealed their revolutionary program: on the contrary. It
      is Bush/Cheney's very brazenness that has long awed the opposition
      into silence. First of all, the rational have often been intimidated
      by the sheer outrageousness of Bush & Co.'s deeds and claims:

      The president remembers 9/11, and takes great pride in what he did
      that day.

      What? Bush? George W. Bush - who, although forewarned repeatedly,
      did nothing to prevent the terrorist attacks, and ran away on 9/11,
      and later worked like mad to stop, then thwart, a full inquiry?

      This nation is now safer, thanks to Bush.

      This nation? Safer? With a president whose henchmen purposely
      exposed an intel agent dedicated to preventing terrorists from
      sneaking bio-weapons, poison gas and atom bombs into this country? A
      president who has done almost nothing to secure our ports, borders,
      tunnels, railways, highways, airways, nuclear reactors and petro-
      chemical facilities? A president who might as well be working as the
      top recruitment officer for the international Islamist movement?

      We have been daunted not just by the scale of Bush & Co.'s
      transgressions, but also by their stunning quantity. How could
      anyone keep up with so profuse a record of big lies and gigantic
      wrongs? No previous White House, however tarnished, could approach
      Bush/Cheney's for the scope or the diversity of its corruption: not
      McKinley's, not Harding's, not even Nixon's, not Ronald Reagan's
      (contrary to the rightist propaganda, Clinton's was among the least
      corrupt administrations in modern history). Nor has any prior
      leadership - in this country, at any rate - so often said one thing
      and then done differently, or claimed the opposite of what it
      actually had done. From the moment they siezed power, just after
      having posed as "moderate" and/or "conservative" for months,
      Bush/Cheney hit the ground goose-stepping, making every
      revolutionary change they could, and just as readily lying about
      every one. To find a government of comparable perverseness would
      require that we depart the realm of history altogether, and turn
      instead to George Orwell's nightmarish Oceania, where
      Bush's "Healthy Forests" and "Clear Skies," his "Help America Vote
      Act" and his "culture of life," and all his automatic plaudits
      for "democracy" and "freedom," would sound just as natural as they
      sound demented in the world we live in now.

      In the face of so perverse a movement, what can any reasonable
      person say? While argument against it is essential, arguing with it
      is impossible, as it does not share with us any premises of rational
      exchange. To all points of dissent, it says, "Who cares what you
      think?" To all contrary evidence, it says, "I believe what I believe
      is right." And to the offer that we might at least agree to
      disagree, it says: "Go fuck yourself." Rage is finally all there is
      to it; and so there is more to do than just rage back at it, as that
      alone will only keep them going and ourselves stuck in an endless
      shouting match, in which we're always made to sound defensive,
      although in the right..."

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