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Re: Vindication/ Negation

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  • gaelman58
    ... paganism ... who ... (sic) ... other. ... Sweet Simony: Get lost !?...Oim sloighted, luv, don t ye want me dead as well?...give farth at length,
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 1, 2004
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      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "algorithmyst"
      <simonedi@m...> wrote:
      > --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "gaelman58"
      > <gaelman58@y...> wrote:
      > How is it that Catholicism and Spiritual Science are constantly
      > vindicated?...
      > --> How is that Oligophrenia and Oligopsiquia are constantly
      > evidenced on your messages?
      > well, someone or something writes...
      > "You're (sic) into Druidism and whatnot...well, get serious (sic)
      > about it...The Incarnation transformed everything including
      > (sic)...the number one Druidh (droo-ee) is Saint Patrick himself
      > destroyed all the old dark forms (sic)...hook up with the man
      > and get on with it.
      > ...and follows it up, predictively, with that Gaelmian garbage.
      > Especially for you, my sharp Irish lunatic, my advice is putting
      > Chit&Chat on a round table and trying to convince them that isn't
      > healthy to feed their deep-seated hate and have a down on each
      > Hopefully, they'll started communicating again.
      > In the meanwhile, get lost.

      Sweet Simony: "Get lost"!?...Oim sloighted, luv, don't ye want me
      dead as well?...give farth at length, swateness, yer a joy ta read.
    • algorithmyst
      It is incredible how we can find patience in situations when it would be much easier just to ignore. Let try to make some points comprehensible to Chit&Chat:
      Message 2 of 4 , Nov 1, 2004
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        It is incredible how we can find patience in situations when it
        would be much easier just to ignore.
        Let try to make some points comprehensible to Chit&Chat:

        During many years, I worked in an ER, where I had the opportunity to
        help many suicidal attempts' victims.
        A constant in those cases, contrary to what would be expected, is
        that, it was evident that those people were `sent back' better than
        they were before.
        It worked as a `wake up call' to the very most of them, if not all,
        I witnessed.
        They feel `grateful' to be given another chance. We (me&them)
        witnessed miracles.
        I wanna stress, before you start your misinterpretations, that I'm
        not suggesting that we should do a suicidal attempt to try to better
        The very most of us, fortunately, is able to grow and learn without
        need to resort to such an extreme measure.
        However, some souls are so underdeveloped and so deep in the lie, a
        radical measure or a miracle is all you can, hopefully, expect being
        able to help them.

        (i)If you paid attention on my original message, what is clear you
        didn't (as always, btw) I didn't say `kill yourself', I said `try to
        kill yourself' instead.
        For those whose neuron cells communicate and exchange information,
        it means: `Wake up to reality" . If you interpret it as a incitement
        to murder, sincerely, it's not my fault.

        The same apply to my advice to you. Use your brain instead of
        something else you have been using. Work on Chit&Chat `make up'.

        (ii)If you had paid attention to my original message to you, what is
        clear you didn't (as always, btw) I didn't say `Get lost", I
        said `In the meanwhile, get lost'. What do I mean? Start thinking;
        try to make good contributions instead your `predictable garbage'

        I'd like to say that, with these message, that you know isn't the
        first in a series of unsuccessful attempts of trying to make you see
        beyond your own nose, I'm officially expending the very last drop of
        the patience I've been having with you.

        I've come to this board to learn anthroposophy and not to argue with

        I don't know exactly what's your propose here since you don't make
        any decent contribution, you don't exchange any acknowledge and all
        your annoying messages are meant to create polemic, attacks,
        divisions and bother others.

        When I started here, you tried to push me to your side and I was
        very clear in my message: "I'm not with your lies and your false
        pride;" is that clear?
        Is it what bothers you so much? (I did reject your `partnership')
        It is your problem, not mine.

        Do you want me to forward your pathetic email and my answer to it?
        I've nothing to hide, I just I don't want to, unnecessarily,
        humiliate you even more.

        You imagine yourself as a brave soldier in an imaginary `war' you
        started with the owner of this list and now you move your attacks
        towards me.

        Let me tell a piece of truth: Look at your troops. You're in rags.
        You have no chance of win, honestly. You are just, over and over,
        exposing yourself to humiliations. Can't you see it? How blind are
        Do you think it is hard to me to rebate your arguments? I'm
        listening music and trying to break my `Cubis' record on `Yahoo

        I'm not `pursuing' your posts, I don't give pennies for what you
        say. Nevertheless, you don't get out of my back. Please!

        Grow up, start thinking, and yes, leave me alone; I've better things
        to do with my time.
        I'm done with you. Got it?

        ps: Mathematic isn't paganism. It's a reasoning exercise. It teaches
        us to think `straigh' instead of thinking in circles.
        Look at that file I upload and you'll find out that the absolute
        majority of great mathematicians in history where deeply religious
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