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Rép. : The Complementarity of the Sexes

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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    ... De : algorithmyst Namaste Danny, Your poetry is beautiful. I love to read our poems. *** Hello Simone, Yes, you can say our poems ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2004
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      De : algorithmyst<simonedi@...>

      Namaste Danny,

      Your poetry is beautiful. I love to read our poems.
      Hello Simone,

      Yes, you can say "our poems"... ;)
      (Why is a Sophic Secret Open)
      though I know well you meant
      not to omit a 'y' letter to this word start
      the same my own end - water sensor guy
      go not only as a rod Agni Gehena Personal
      but too as a Wand Self Wind to Aqua Social
      'We'-also find and Merge Micro to Larger
      Into a Place of Life with our neighbours...

      No one ever thought paying a visit
      To a being called Anthroposophia where she lives?
      Ye could say 'Love Street' as an Allegory
      But it remains what it is: the Fenceless Etheric!
      Yeah, more than to Abstract Think Shadow Astral;
      rather H'I'gh Energy Ego hold on to Peace Primal
      make yourself Quiet I AM and Receive
      what Stream and Radiate from other Beings!
      There may be some Informations Valid
      in the Sky even Feet level where you do Move
      when you go your way into the world your shoes
      touch the ground but this is the tiniest
      part of the Universe, this Chunk, this Fragment!
      Anything else; the 'Unseen and Unground'
      can either be Seen the Occult Nature Second
      Formative where LIVE EVENTS occur every second;
      Or related: Fecund your Egg Astral Hatch out in Equilibrium
      From 'I' Stable Strong Dharana master in sum
      what occurs in you to Direct Softly on to the Voices
      of Consciousnesses not heard when Inner Noises...

      One of my best experience ever of Meditation
      took place amidst Toronto's chaos urban
      right in the middle of 'Yonge' the main street commercial...
      I was walking and lo Samadhi the Bliss
      how the Rest in the Eternal in to Dwell
      so remote to Matrix people in like ants
      of Ignorance to the Meaningfulness of LOVE
      the Existence Supreme and Godhead
      that Transcend all Temporal Illusory concerns...

      When I did a little research yesterday
      about the Shaktis I made a discovery great
      coincidental that has to do with what I said previous;
      namely a definition in Three Words of One;
      that is Bliss(Ananda) as 'REALITY-Consciousness-Experience'.
      It Speak Intrinsic by Itself....

      I hope you can always keep this inspiration and kindness;
      Fear not ;)

      sensibility is a blessing.
      I've been learning much from your contributions.
      Your sensibilty(sensitivity) is a blessing :)
      Higher Senses open to sense what Happens -
      We all Contribute whenever we decide to express
      In the open to Message the fruits of our strivings...
      It can come in many forms even two or three words;
      Everyone is welcomed no need to bring a mountain
      in order to be worth of attention;
      Let's get rid once and for all of all the Darwinistic impulses!

      In my humble opinion Danny,our savior is inside our heart. The real
      fight goes on inside each of us.
      Sincerely, I believe, the promised Michael won't come as anything or
      anyone outside our own heart.
      Central Circulation Rythmical
      Algorithmy Infinitesimal;
      An Archai helps you to Overcome
      The Barriers of your Cast Mineral;
      From 'I' to 'I' and Face to Face
      Behold; the Magical Might
      Of Love and Goodness
      Occurences SOCIAL;
      By Day and by Night
      Operate a Work
      In Progress
      Sake Sacred
      The Resurrection!

      Recently in this board, it was mentioned Sri Aurobindo, whose
      spiritual collaborator is known as "the Mother."

      Sri Aurobindo came to tell us: "One need not leave the earth to find
      the Truth, one need not leave the life to find his soul, one need
      not abandon the world or have only limited beliefs to enter into
      relation with the Divine. The Divine is everywhere, in everything
      and if He is hidden, it is because we do not take the trouble to
      discover Him." - The Mother
      What happened to Danny on Yonge Street?... ;)
      We dont need to go in the Woods
      Though it remains a Contemplative Source
      Of Satisfaction in the Beautiful...

      Strenght must be Acute in Truth
      To Match Manichean
      The Ugly that Hit you
      And all the Malicious
      In Group-soul soup
      Riding away from the Good...

      So, these signs some of us have seen, according to my understanding,
      announces that Michael is coming to our hearts, to help each of us
      in our personal battle. I think he won't come "externally", his
      battle is inside us.
      Well, the Spiritual World is also around us
      As an External to our Monad as much
      As an 'I', an 'Ego' has Individual Existence
      Sheated Within and Amidst the Created...
      Michael do same his own level
      Of Countenance and Astral State
      Comes Sword of Word
      Over the Clouds Golden
      Brazing with Meteoritic Iron...

      In Her Correspondance
      Betwixt - Think - Bridge
      Spirit in Man and around Man;
      The Communion Bread and Wine
      Anthroposophic - Spiritual Science!

      The messengers are in each heart. Isn't it what
      The Mother says?
      I don't know what she said
      But it sure is a saying correct
      That Heart's Wings of Desire White
      Do touch the Sphere you go Angelward!

      A friend sent me an email with this wise story:

      A Life Lesson
      An elder Cherokee Native American was teaching his grandchildren
      about life.

      He said to them, "A fight is going on inside me. It is a terrible
      fight, and it is between two wolves.
      One wolf represents fear, anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed,
      arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false
      pride, superiority, ego, and unfaithfulness.
      The other wolf stands for joy, peace, love, hope, sharing, serenity,
      humility, kindness, forgiveness, benevolence, friendship, empathy,
      generosity, truth, compassion, and faithfulness.
      This same fight is going on inside you and inside every other person
      They thought about it for a minute then one child asked his
      grandfather, "Which wolf will win?"
      The old Cherokee simply replied, "The one you feed."

      Nevertheless, I was taught, inferior spiritual beings, due to their
      bad influence over us, shall be avoided, kept away.
      Ever heard about Metanoia and Catharsis?
      The Science of how we get ourselves Clean! :)
      Great wise logical story of the feed your story;
      Auric field; with what/who do we live with and sleep!

      We need to be humble enough to fear and avoid what we recognize as
      Trying to keep it way, since its only propose is move us backwards,
      closer to them, is recognize that we aren't strong enough to be
      immune to their influence. In truth, they can harm us, and retard
      our spiritual growth.
      The influence of the darkness in our attitudes and doings is obvious.
      I've no doubts it is part of our personal battle protect, as much as
      possible, ourselves. They come to feed the `wrong wolf'. They
      succeed if we let them close.
      In the Guise of Fun often comes an Evil Circus...
      The Sentient Pack and Gang Up
      Adverse to the I AM 'I' Noble...
      Indeed; Beware of Darkness...

      Its bad influence struggles to stay close. It looks to me, as
      something debating in a quicksand; the more it tries to disguise
      itself, the more it confirms its nature, its badly disguised
      insults, accusations and prejudice.
      From my point of view, we shall have the right to defend ourselves.
      We shall be free to disagree. We shall be free to ignore what
      threatens us.
      As it's said : "one's rights end up where starts someone else's"
      It is, evidently, being punished by itself; no one else.
      Yeah, Be Strong
      'I' Free Qualitative
      Don't give up
      As an 'I' AM
      Freedom and Love!

      Keep your light on, smiles, and trust always. :o)
      Ditto Simone!

      Thanks again for your inspired poetry.
      My pleasure in the Useful;
      Hugs Ethereal,

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