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    ... also shattered and merged eastern culture to Britain and ... An important issue here is in the fact that the American most important firm in such an evil
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 31, 2004
      > "in ancient China, those that hadn't got the seed of the ego during > >
      >> Christ >
      > In this very rigid Intellectual Soul experience, Mao hovering over I
      > AM and non I AMs, seems that the incarnation group were pressed into
      > Luciferic rigid, dogmatic fundamentalistic I AM rules of conduct, > Wars
      also shattered and merged eastern culture to Britain and
      > because of the Opium induced escape into Luciferic La La land,
      > millions of incarnated souls wasted away in Opium dens and their
      > etheric and human destiny forces were stunted. WE can ask, where did
      > these souls go? From this incursion of Opium addiction for fun and
      > profit,

      An important issue here is in the fact that the American most important
      firm in such an evil matter was the Russel Trust. The Russels were the
      founders of SKull and Bones , rhe Lodge where both Dubya and Kerry are from.
      A coincidence, buddy ?
      You can find useful insights into "Fleshing Out Skull n'Bones" from Various
      writers, edited in 2003 and available at Amazon. Co

      Andrea "The Lodges'hunter" .

      a vast chunk of soul life and human karma were returned to
      > the spiritual worlds as unused etheric and astral forces, wasted
      > lives. A lifetime wasted in unused astral, family life, emotional
      > growth, but the stars got back for its investment many handicapped,
      > Camp Hill souls who had missed a giant chunk of Time. Yet the money
      > and profits and the guilt for these things had to come down with
      > those who profited from allowing the Holy Ghost in the Human soul to
      > wither on the vine.
      > These souls, with the karma of great britain, were merged. Steffen
      > takes this up in his drama "Lin". So we can look at some of the
      > general symptoms of what Ivan was describing. However opening up
      > China, even as Nixon did, has placed incarnation streams that now
      > merge into the west and we cannot say, if some have broken into
      > Luciferic and finally into I AM rebellion and found their core I
      > Am's and also arise in the west.. What, we would have to think, just
      > what would be the type of fundamentalistic base of thinking that
      > might have come out of China after Mao, and where would these souls
      > go with their rigid willful, dried out political impulses?
      > ""The Foolish Old Man Who Removed The Mountains"
      > In June1945, Mao Zedong, Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party,
      > told the following fable at the end of a party congress. It still
      > holds value for revolutionaries and workers today.
      > An old man lived in northern China long ago and was known as the
      > Foolish Old Man of North Mountain. His house faced south and beyond
      > his doorway stood the two great peaks, Taihang and Wanwu,
      > obstructing the way. He called his sons, and hoe in hand they began
      > to dig up these mountains with great determination. Another
      > greybeard, known as the Wise Old Man, saw them and said
      > derisively, "How silly of you to do this! It is quite impossible for
      > you few to dig up these two huge mountains." The Foolish Old Man
      > replied, "When I die, my sons will carry on; when they die, there
      > will be my grandsons, and then their sons and grandsons, and so on
      > to infinity. High as they are, the mountains cannot grow any higher
      > and with every bit we dig, they will be that much lower. Why can't
      > we clear them away?" Having refuted the Wise Old Man's wrong view,
      > he went on digging every day, unshaken in his conviction. God was
      > moved by this, and he sent down two angels, who carried the
      > mountains away on their backs.
      > Today, two big mountains lie like a dead weight on the Chinese
      > people. One is imperialism, the other is feudalism. The Chinese
      > Communist Party has long made up its mind to dig them up. We must
      > persevere and work unceasingly, and we, too, will touch God's heart.
      > Our God is none other than the masses of the Chinese people. If they
      > stand up and dig together with us, why can't these two mountains be
      > cleared away?"
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    • holderlin66
      Andrea wrote: An important issue here is in the fact that the American most important firm in such an evil matter was the Russel Trust. The Russels were the
      Message 2 of 2 , Oct 31, 2004
        Andrea wrote:

        "An important issue here is in the fact that the American most
        important firm in such an evil matter was the Russel Trust. The
        Russels were the founders of SKull and Bones , rhe Lodge where both
        Dubya and Kerry are from.

        A coincidence, buddy ? You can find useful insights into "Fleshing
        Out Skull n'Bones" from Various writers, edited in 2003 and
        available at Amazon. Co

        Andrea "The Lodges'hunter" .

        Bradford responds;

        I always enjoy my Italian brothers insights. Andrea if we ever get
        together, not unlikely...Anyways, my cliff notes, or brief insights
        on Lodge Podge activity, and Andrea, I use Lodge Podge as a
        designation in associaton with Hodge Podge because so much is mixed
        into these theories. I had an e-mail from a wonderful co-worker in
        the Michael school, which I will add to this post. However I must
        comment on the almost Sagitarrian quiet, and hiding in the back room
        voice that rarely takes the very thoughts they understand and
        propels them out onto the list for open discussion. They are great
        thoughts and should be aired.

        Most thoughts arise and have roots in the entire system. Nobody is
        out of the system, there are no thoughts outside of the system. Even
        if I take someone L. Ron Hubbard and compare his studies of
        entrapped aliens, of the human species, placed in Volcanoes and Ron
        as a race car driver from another alien planet, against my
        researches based on insights into the Titans and ancient Kronos and
        Saturn gods, that go down to the core of Earth fire and relate to
        radioactive fuel rods and the spines of humans....literally, I can
        see what Hubbard was saying, which I consider riddled with errors,
        but I love Michael Intelligence and Steiner is richly more solid and
        cosmologically sound than the wail of diverse beings, but that is my
        mature and stable opinion. Others are still entertaining themselves
        with untracked Hodge Podge.

        But Andrea brought up this REAL TIME connection to the Opium Wars
        which has had real time damage in the Astral and Etheric life of
        Humans who carry I AM's. Camp Hill village children by fairly
        grounded research are a stream of people who have been adjusted
        against the disturbing errors wrought in the karma of humanity. The
        investment of certain numbers of souls bearing the shell, sheath and
        I AM walking structure, were cast into I AM forms and spent a good
        deal of time Wasting Away in Magarittaville. But they had I AM's at
        least those sheaths that sustain the model and shell of I AM's.
        These various fragments and forms are scraps and crumbs off the
        Masters table.

        Now the errors in Kerry thinking and the Skull and Bones connections
        to Karma, Opium Wars, and the dual membership in Skull and Bones of
        our two presidential candidates remains mystifying. So Kerry has had
        a little dance to dance when he must appeal to Bush Based Patriot
        idiots, when Kerry has already had a history of bringing an end to
        the Viet Nam War. In fact Kerry voted down perpetual war as desired
        and craved for...under the Peak Oil crisis and hidden motives of our
        beloved Dick Cheney. Kerry voted against the Kuwait, Herbert Walker
        Bush Desert Storm. Why? Because we had diplomatically set up Saddamm
        when Saddam asked if the U.S. would be bothered, since Kuwait was
        invasively angling in Iraq oil.

        In the Skull and bones connection there is the smell of a rat. And
        here is my point, unused and abused astral and etheric sheaths
        floating around, and Mr. Bush as the cyanide Governor King Killer,
        sending fragmented cyanide innocents and criminals over the
        threshold via cyanide and his Texas death row; plus the vast
        Armageddon illusion that we face now and the running connections
        between Israel, Israel that has manipulated, probably planted and
        helped in the 9/11 events using faked I.D.'s....

        the Poppy trade is up and running in Afghanistan...morphine,
        medication and general pipe blowing Luciferic World support, to numb
        brain cells, so that Ahrimanic U.S. daisy cutters can mow down
        humans, obliterate their human forms with shrapnel, sounds to me
        like Skull and Bones Opium soul grabbing, sheath harvesting, I AM
        shell dispersing, is creating an Army of the Undead. ..OOOPPPs did I
        say that? Well I hate to get Stephen King here, but Sheaths and
        shattered shells of I Am's and Human bearing Forms, wandering in the
        hallucinating halls of Opium Dens, where real Luciferic Masters of
        the East, that imprisoned Blavatsky occultly, wander around creating
        an army of the distorted is something to follow out to Lodge Podge
        regions of anti-human strategies.

        The problem with Luciferic Church dynamics during the Indulgences
        and Inquistions was that Lucifer begets Ahriman in the polarity
        shift, when these faith flunkies returned to incarnation in
        Ahriman's west. Faith was turned into Science and Faith in Science,
        big bang and Darwinian baloney and particle physics, nuclear anti-
        etheric light and depleted uranium infected, bone marrow eating,
        blood and I AM destroying, poisoned Light, against the Etheric
        Light, makes the name Skull and Bones and the Pirate vessel of the
        Jolly Roger against the school of Michael and Christ, all, all, very
        suspicious and part of a lot of Lodge Podge background noise.

        The part that disturbed me about Mao's Moving Mountains fable was
        that the line of family would take over doing the job that the
        fathers started. That both Kennedy family, killed off one by one,
        and the Bush dynasty, seem, not to be exactly working for the
        Spiritual World, but rather for the Political Machinations of
        furthering Lodge Podge. There was no earthly reason, no earthly
        reason at all why Howward Dean was bumped from his human position in
        the political landscape. His down right straight forward
        explanations are so much clearer than Kerry's. But Kerry has to play
        two ends against the middle.

        Aside from the fact that Lodge Podge, instant human opinion, craved
        for SKull and Bones club members....to play Trilateral commission
        games and the Council on F.R. or under the heading of New World
        Order gamers are running under strong Ahrimanic influence gives
        another distinct impression of Lodge Podge.

        But what do these gamers have in mind? Peak Oil? Innocent of
        Luciferic and Ahrimanic manipulation, wanting for wonderful
        progressive humans to evolve and grow their souls? Or is it really,
        Please don't throw me in the briar patch...Do not mention the great
        human vision and wisdom of Buddha, Christ and how humanity grows
        itself...rather, it is Democracy and saving the Iraqi people....and,
        stealing the etheric, astral, physical form substrance from the very
        gods who made them to fit and from Spirit of Form fitted human I
        AM's. So when the mass produced cloning starts, they will have
        plenty of shattered astral, etheric forces to pack into these forms.
        What are these shattered etheric and astral forces, shattered,
        ripped way Star Substance torn from Sophia?

        That is the mystery of the Virgin and the Child, I AM, the Virgin is
        holding and the Dragon, trying to take away the child. The ancient
        dragon wants to eat it the scraps off the Master table, and the
        Seven Stars, wherein humanity exit and enter the system.

        So I won't add my other rather interesting e-mail from a friend at
        this juncture. It is rather enough to consider the strange history
        that Andrea has indicated and the stranger than fiction background
        noise of Lodge Podge symptomology.
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