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Vatican Cold War Crimes

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  • Tarjei Straume
    http://www.banned-books.com/truth-seeker/1994archive/121_3/ts213u.html Vatican Cold War Crimes The Vatican s only hope of success was in encouraging two
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      Vatican Cold War Crimes

      The Vatican's only hope of success was in encouraging two progressive
      rivals-East and West-to dissipate their money and energy by quarreling. The
      third party in the Vatican was watching the two powerful rivals wasting
      their strength. The Vatican's policy made certain to prevent any compromise
      between East and West. The arms race caused a disruption of the economy and
      high prices which continue to affect all of us today.

      Pius XI condemned all religions except his own Church. In the German
      election of 1933, Pius XI ordered Catholics to support Nazism, as he had in
      1923 for Mussolini. This Pope helped in destroying millions of Europeans
      under the jackboot of Nazism. He was one of the greatest disturbers of peace.

      Pius XII was a pupil of Pius XI. If Pius XI had chastised mankind with the
      whips of German World War II, Pius XII chastised humanity with the
      scorpions of the Cold War under which the world shivered.

      Elected Pope in 1939, Pius XII, to the dismay of the Vatican in 1945, saw
      the defeat of Germany by the Allies. He was in a delicate position. The
      speeches and actions of his cardinals all betrayed the Vatican's support
      for the Axis.

      Pope Pius XII in 1945 did a political somersault. He went to the
      microphones to address the world. This man who helped to raise Hitler to
      power had the gall to tell the Western leaders: "create a better Europe
      with . . . human dignity . . . and above all, the holy principle of
      equality of rights of all people."

      His audacity continued in his Christmas message of 1945, "The totalitarian
      state is diametrically opposed to the principles of Democracy." Why did
      Pius XII begin to advocate Democracy in 1945? It was to retrieve the Papal
      defeat. Papal support of democracy was phony then and still is today.

      The Pope extricated himself with amazing celerity. In no time, all blame
      for the Vatican's pro-Axis behavior was forgotten and Pius XII was included
      as being one of the leaders of the so-called "Free World."

      Most bizarre is the Vatican's silence on its Hitler-Mussolini war compact
      which never surfaced during the recent celebration. And so, on the day that
      I write this-June 6, 1994, D-Day, the suppression of the Vatican's attempt
      to derail the success of the Allies is a blot on its evil machinations! (As
      I finish this article, the radio announces that Pope John Paul II has asked
      his cardinals to admit the Church's past mistakes to the world.)

      Posted by:

      Uncle Taz

      "To force a man to pay for the violation of his own liberty is indeed an
      addition of insult to injury."
      - Benjamin Tucker
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