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Etheric Bodies

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  • dottie zold
    Hey Everyone, To those on this list discussing all the merry-go-round of the etheric bodies, and particulary to Stephen, I ask what do you make of the comment
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 3, 2004
      Hey Everyone,

      To those on this list discussing all the merry-go-round of the
      etheric bodies, and particulary to Stephen, I ask what do you make of
      the comment from Mr.Brabant-Schmidt that Magdalene was one of
      Lazarus' limbs? And assuming we are not talking about the penis I
      wonder if this could be about the Sentient Soul that Bradford speaks
      on? And then I am wondering if you have a thought as to how something
      can happen like this when the person is still alive as was true in
      Magdalene's case? She was called the earthly representative of Sophia
      so could it be that as Christ hovered over Jesus of Nazareth if
      Sophia hovered over Magdalene? And then comes the question again of
      this John/Lazarus in that maybe ....well that's enough questions for

      Thanks for any thoughts on this,

    • dottie zold
      ... Hi Stephen, Are you also aware that he was the holder of offices within the Anthroposophy society and a student for over thirty years before his death? I
      Message 2 of 6 , Oct 4, 2004
        > I have it from a certain authority that Mr.
        > Brabant-Schmidt is a
        > mason.

        Hi Stephen,

        Are you also aware that he was the holder of offices
        within the Anthroposophy society and a student for
        over thirty years before his death?

        I think his work may leave a few people worried about
        where it coincides with the Doctors as his footnotes
        are similar to the ones given by Mr. Prokofieff and
        that seems to bother quite a few of the Doctors
        students. But the Doctor left this trail for the
        Sophist of his followers to help bring about an
        understanding now.

        > comparison would prove to serve his resolve to serve
        > mankind in the
        > name of Jesus. Thus, he traded in his coat-of-arms
        > for the
        > sackcloth of Jesus.

        Dottie: Do you recall the name of the book?

        > As for Mary M. we have talked before on this, thank
        > you.


        Are you the Stephen I interacted with off list at one

        And it is
        > a story that is largely unknown, yet actually very
        > well documented
        > in the meager annals of the Apostleship and its
        > martyrs.


        Yeah, I got the well documented parts that are of the
        exoteric nature. These I care not for. However the
        inner ones that are now being shown throughout the
        world are the ones I am interested in. Specifically
        you speak at times or so I note on various etheric
        bodies of various peoples and who has whos and so
        forth. I don't know of these things first hand so
        prefer not to speculate, not to say that is what you
        do, however as you are on this specific subject at
        times I wonder how you or anyone might be able to
        reconcile the fact that a supposed 'limb' of
        Magdalenes was that of Lazarus. This thought comes
        from Mr. Braband-Schmidts book and I give it credence
        as to the rest of what he has written I have derived
        from the Doctors work. So, do you have a thought how
        one can be alive and still contribute a 'etheric or
        soul body to another? I have a few thoughts but again
        they go against the nature of most on this list so I
        just want to see how it can be explained that this
        might be a possibility: 'limb' given while still in
        the body.

        All my best,

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      • holderlin66
        Bradford comments; What follows is part of an absolute Michael Indictment of Amerika. Some would call it a Rant but since honest insights and reflections into
        Message 3 of 6 , Oct 5, 2004
          Bradford comments;

          What follows is part of an absolute Michael Indictment of Amerika.
          Some would call it a Rant but since honest insights and reflections
          into Amerikan society are so fragmented, this insight into the
          undercurrent Sorathian stupor of Amerika and how an entire Karl
          Rovian Lodge has placed Amerika as the prime suspect for bringing on
          a full fledged hallucination of Armageddon, we might be wise to read
          it all the way through, instead of my edited and shortened version.

          As I have mentioned, the experiment with Germany was small potatoes,
          imagine the fish that Sorath is thinking about catching. The famous
          fish story, that Orwell wrote about, when Fascism came as sweet
          amnesia and the tyrant was the OMEN of an evil boyscout disguised as
          Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith goes to Washington. Hi! My name is
          Ahriman and I was born in Amerika.


          "....Our government is as much a terrorist as those in Beslam, Bali,
          New York and Madrid. It is time we stop thinking ourselves the
          enlightened culture we are not. It is time to stop a hypocrisy that
          seems to validate the atrocities we commit while castigating those
          made against us. Up to 30,000 Iraqis have died from our candy-like
          cluster bombs, guided missiles, rampaging soldiers and hollow-tipped
          bullets. In our name the government falsely imprisoned thousands,
          raped hundreds and tortured untold numbers of innocents. In our
          name tens of thousands have been injured and millions now suffer the
          effects of our occupation. Let's stop the bull manure. Our silence
          makes us all complicit in the state sponsored terrorism the Bush
          administration and the US military have exported into Iraq. Iraqi
          lives are not worth less than American ones simply because they are
          Arab or possess darker skin or believe in a different religion.
          They are human, like you and me, breathing air and bleeding red,
          burying loved ones and living under constant fear, so stop the

          Through the catastrophe we have created in Iraq our ignorance and
          lack of knowledge can be witnessed. In our failure to learn alien
          cultures, religions, beliefs and societies, by failing to understand
          peoples beyond our shores and remaining oblivious to the hatred our
          policies have created our lives have been made less safe, not more,
          condemning us to a fear that has augmented our already paranoid
          schizophrenia even more. The colossal mistakes in Iraq, Vietnam,
          the continued support of Israeli dehumanization of the Palestinians
          and our continued shunning of the global community are testament to
          the decline of world knowledge and the exponentially-growing
          ignorance that only serves to endanger our lives and further
          alienate the billions who once admired what America once stood for.

          Cocooned and protected by a bubble that insulates us from the truths
          and realities affecting billions living at the edge of starvation,
          suffering, indigence and under constant threats of disease and
          death, we rejoice in our own arrogance and perceived omnipotence.
          Unfeeling and apathetic humans we have become to a planet and its
          inhabitants that more and more depend on the interconnectedness of
          man and synergy of nations to survive from the disaster humankind
          always seems to unearth. Yet instead of embracing the rest of
          humanity we isolate ourselves from it, hiding behind our wealth, our
          gluttony, our arrogance, our perceived aura of superiority and our
          incredible and ever-growing ignorance both of ourselves and the rest
          of humanity.

          ...In America, war is a video game, a Hollywood action movie where
          blood and guts are spilled and the hero, usually the US, is always
          declared the winner. The enemy, nowadays Arab bogeymen, are
          ingrained into our minds as the propaganda used to condition us to
          the war on terror is inculcated into society. In truth, the horror
          of war and violence, excluding 9/11, is as alien to our lands and
          cities as the sheer misery befalling billions of humans living
          outside our shores. It is because our nation has been safe for so
          long that we fail to understand violence and hinder war. Europe,
          after centuries of war, finally understands that war and violence
          are not a solution to anything human or a means to a viable end..."

          "...Thriving off of human nature, feeding and growing from its
          ability to dominate our animal instincts, our wants, needs and
          desires, capitalism as we know it today has become an unrelenting
          disease, jumping from host to host, contaminating a society that,
          more and more, lives in utter disconnect from a greater world
          community and that allows itself to be manipulated, dumbed down and
          owned by elite capitalists whose control over our lives grows more
          discernible every day. It is capitalism on steroids, a bulging
          muscled beast that has succeeded in mutating American society,
          transforming our culture to one whose assembly lines of human
          procreation manufacture millions of consumers, producers, worker
          bees, soldier ants and growing generations of unthinking automatons.

          ...In many ways, the Molotov cocktail of capitalistic unhappiness
          has led to the enormous growth in, demand of and addiction to
          pharmaceutical mind altering and hallucinatory drugs so prevalent in
          society today that act as conduits of escapism from the unhappy
          lives we portend to lead. It is these drugs, now pervasive in
          American society yet nonexistent for centuries and millennia before
          that have arisen along with the degrading stages of capitalism we
          now find ourselves immersed in. It is the television, along with
          the other tentacles of modern day capitalism, that is causing an
          eroded conscious of human psychology through the indoctrination of
          the human brain, from the time of birth, of seeking the perfection
          that in the human condition does not and cannot possibly exist but
          that thrives in the realm of television, movies and video games.

          Seeking meaning and happiness through the possession of material
          goods and wealth, becoming insecure of our bodies and beauty by the
          incessant bombardment of human perfection and kneeling down to pray
          to the Almighty Dollar in front of its altar called the television,
          Americans are finding that the goals espoused by the corporate
          Leviathan are unattainable...

          ...Methodically the attack starts in our youth as the marketing
          vipers seek to incarcerate us into their vast array of products from
          as early an age as possible. They know that once they succeed in
          squeezing into their grip a young child the strong possibility
          exists that a loyal and conditioned customer they will have for an
          entire lifetime. It is the undeveloped, susceptible, easily
          manipulated and conditioned mind, devoid of analytical thinking and
          human experience that the corporate marketers drool over. It is
          their Holy Grail, a virgin mind easily exploited and programmed,
          naïve to humanity and ignorant of experiences, slowly but surely
          becoming the mental and physical slave to those whose incessant
          brainwashing fills the airwaves. In the most pure and innocent
          among us the corporate sharks enjoy their greatest meals.

          Copied from organized religion, which for centuries has perfected
          the formula for conditioning and brainwashing children into
          controlled and subservient followers of archaic myths and primitive
          fables, the systemic usurpation of innocent minds guarantees
          loyalty, lifetime consumers, unthinking individuals, psychologically
          fragile drones and easily controlled beings. With the twist of a
          marketing campaign, corporations can dictate tastes, trends,
          consumption patterns and the direction a society or a target market
          takes. Through the television, we thus become putty in the hands of
          those who are experts at exploiting our senses, feelings, emotions
          and passions.

          Manipulating our minds and rewiring our thoughts, the television,
          nothing more than the mechanism by which the corporate world
          controls and dominates us, has transformed human thinking and
          behavior like no other instrument in our history.

          ...By failing to teach history, with its plethora of lessons and
          truisms for understanding who and what we are, our government is
          making sure that it is repeated, once again to condemn entire
          generations for the mistakes they will commit. For those who have
          no concept of humanity nor its easily decipherable nuances and
          behaviors that manifest themselves through the eons of human
          existence will only repeat the errors of times past that perpetually
          linger in the human condition.

          By preaching and indoctrinating that our nation can do no wrong,
          that it epitomizes the enlightenment of human thought, that we stand
          on the moral high ground of human affairs and that our government
          seeks only the protection of freedom, liberty and democracy is to do
          our progeny a great disservice, for to live in delusion and fiction
          only assures that all that is purged from history's texts will
          resurface. The naïve assumption and distorted belief in our
          grandeur and altruism, simply because the state makes it so, robs us
          of understanding of why today the world hates America.

          Instead of thinking on our own, demanding answers, seeking
          accountability and questioning authority we acquiesce to the
          terrorism the state spawns around the globe, its grip and control
          over our lives, and the crimes against humanity committed in our
          name. But because we have been trained to believe in the sanctity
          and perceived goodness of the state, where it has our best interests
          at heart, where it never lies and is incapable of the worst horrors
          of human evil, we fail to halt the handful of miscreants that power
          has endowed with our collective destiny.

          ...The so called `war on terror', and our indisputable belief in its
          valid implementation by the state, allows us to see the blind faith
          we place in a government that has mutated into a tool for the
          corporate Leviathan and the military-industrial complex. Never do
          we question or seek the truth to what might very well be a fiction
          that only serves to enrich wicked capitalists through the
          implementation of fear to control the populace and the introduction
          of perpetual war for perpetual profit.

          The fictional war on terror is designed to breed insecurity and fear
          so that assembly lines continue spitting out profit and the
          corporatist ideology of total power and control arises. Enemies are
          thus manufactured, much like those Communist Reds we were once
          conditioned to hate and fear, thereby planting paranoia and
          schizophrenia onto a populace that blindly wraps itself around the
          flag every time our elected leaders press the buttons of
          psychological manipulation. It is because of our inability to stand
          up and question the state that this `war on terror' charade will
          continue to haunt our waking conscious and devastate our
          exponentially-growing fragile psyches.

          It is our government that is perpetuating the vicious cycle of
          violence and whose actions will result in real terror being imported
          to our cities and streets. It is our government that, through our
          inability to question authority, will assure that perpetual conflict
          never ceases and terror remains planted firmly in our minds. The
          eternal darkness of the American mind is therefore helping to cement
          fear, insecurity and psychological stresses on our present
          population and future progeny.

          American education has and continues to create unthinking automatons
          trained to follow the decrees of the state and the mandates of
          authority. Trained to never think for themselves, children are
          today prepared for standardized tests while being denied important
          liberal arts subject matter that instill analytical thinking,
          creativity and inquisitive thought. Thanks to the evisceration of
          educational funding and the appointment of George Bush to the White
          House, however, millions of children are today being programmed like
          robots, robbing them of intellect, knowledge and the power of
          liberation that education engenders. This is not by coincidence, as
          the corporate owners of government have succeeded in creating a
          populace whose only function is to become the slave labor of the
          capitalist elite.

          Millions of children, many bursting with incredible talent and
          ability, are being deprived of opportunity, instead destined to
          remain fragmented in their allotted caste, becoming the work force
          of the corporatist few, content to sacrifice the keys to mobility
          for the comfort of exploitation. With minds that do not think or
          question, the few controlling the reigns of our society are free to
          implement the tools to further empower themselves at the expense and
          degradation of the masses. It is when the people are ignorant to
          what is being done to them that the powerful have succeeded in
          spawning the eternal darkness of the American mind. This is our
          reality today.

          ...American society must escape the chains of bondage our minds are
          presently trapped in. The dungeon that is our conditioned
          psychology must be burned to the ground if we are to exorcise the
          brainwashed demons that linger in our beliefs and society. We must
          do this to free the young from the darkness encircling them. They
          are our future, and our hopes, and must not be made to suffer the
          pandemic presently strangulating our society. Let us not condemn
          another generation of Americans to the virus destroying free
          thought. If we do they will be made to suffer from a perpetual fear
          and an incessant insecurity, forever fighting, killing and dying as
          cannon fodder for the corporate wars for profit and power. If we
          fail them they will grow up lacking the freedoms and rights we once
          took for granted.

          American society at the beginning of the 21st century is undergoing
          a monumental transformation into dimensions bordering on the
          surreal. As capitalism exerts tremendous pressure on parents to
          become machine-like, efficient-seeking, Puritanical work ethic
          slaves of the corporate Leviathan the television has become parent,
          teacher, role model and best friend to America's youth.

          It is manipulating, conditioning, brainwashing and programming their
          minds, creating obedient drones and unthinking sloths. Attention
          spans are being made extinct, collective amnesia is all-encompassing
          and anti-depressants are replacing candy as our children's yummy
          treats. Relevant news and valuable knowledge are considered boring,
          not fast-paced or hip enough in a society born with a remote control
          in hand. Reading, the great empowerer of minds, has been all but
          abandoned by our young generations, replaced by the video game and
          the television. If books bring knowledge, which enables power, then
          television creates ignorance, which fosters mental indigence.
          Parents have stopped teaching, rearing, raising, disciplining and
          loving. Children have stopped learning the concepts of human
          interaction; they are losing all semblances of empathy, discipline
          and knowledge. The corporation now owns our youth's future; the
          state now engineers their minds."
        • dottie zold
          ... Stephen, he didn t fail in anything. And if you want to surmise he did I imagine you must first look at the teacher as to whether he failed or not. Now,
          Message 4 of 6 , Oct 5, 2004
            > Regardless of Brabant-Schmidt's tenure, he failed as
            > all the others
            > did in bringing a world commonwealth of schools for
            > spiritual science
            > to the world.

            Stephen, he didn't fail in anything. And if you want
            to surmise he did I imagine you must first look at
            the teacher as to whether he failed or not. Now, what
            we know is he did not. And what we know is that this
            is a process. It is part of an ongoing evolution.

            In fact, what Mr. Brabant-Schmidt did add to was the
            idea of Sophia being here on planet Earth. He and Mr.
            Prokofieff and for sure Mr. Kloceck(sp) are ensuring
            that the work of the Doctor regarding our girl Sophia
            is front and center at a time when She is making
            Herself known to those so seeking Her. To say
            otherwise and to suggest a failure on
            Brabant-Schmidt's part is to show a complete lack of
            insight into the ongoing process ocurring right before
            our very hearts.

            This was what Rudolf Steiner asked
            > for exactly three
            > years, two months, and one week before the Christmas
            > Conference to
            > Refound the Anthroposophical Society in 1923. And
            > it has never
            > happened, nor will ever happen as far as the current
            > G.A.S., run by
            > the "Association" is concerned.

            Well Stephen, we can all make absurd comments about
            what IS and IS NOT going to happen and truly not know
            what the hell we are speaking on. And this shows a
            lack of understanding the undercurrent, now coming
            about from within the Doctors Anthroposophical
            movement. Success depends now on the students
            answering the call of the Being Anthroposophia. Many
            may disagree with me, but I do not know how, given the
            Doctors work and even the name of his initiative.

            > As for Magdalene, yes we discussed in dynamic
            > fashion and yet, you
            > dropped off.

            Well I dropped off because you refused to participate
            on list. I did not know who you were and Christine and
            I both asked you to participate on line. I shared with
            you that I do not carry on conversations off list with
            those who are not known to me. And while some of your
            comments felt good there were others that felt as if I
            was being told what was true and what was not and
            where I was mistaken and there wasn't a real open

            I have not been mistaken in anything I have said about
            Magdalene, well not that I am aware of anyway at this
            point in time, and if fact have been mostly correct
            against all of the hard words thrown at me by my
            listmates regarding John/Lazarus/Magdalene. And mostly
            because it was a 'well the Doctor didn't say that'
            baloney. We now know through Mr. Prokofieffs work and
            Brabant-Schmidt that indeed he has said these things.

            The inner work points exactly to what I discovered
            three years ago and will show itself to be true the
            more the Doctors students open up to the Feminine
            aspect of the Christic story. And we're not talking
            about the Mother we are talking about Her daughter and
            our future.

            Now, I must recover my notes on the
            > subject. Our major
            > point of depature, if I remember, was whether the
            > beloved disciple
            > was on the boat, or on shore. I said he was on the
            > boat with the
            > others, all named, and you said he/she was standing
            > on shore with
            > Jesus. This is an impossibility, but you seemed to
            > be adamant for it
            > being this way.

            It is very clear that if read with an open eye, and
            not what we have been conditioned to think, the
            disciple is on the shore just a few feet away from the
            boat. The disciple whom Jesus loved called out from
            the shore as that is how she was able to see it was
            the Lord. And up until that point the only other
            person who had seen the Lord of the disciples with
            almost the exact coinage of phrase was Magdalene when
            she encountered the Lord in the Garden. The convoluted
            mess of the John gospel as it tries to hide the fact
            that Magdalene was the first to see the Lord just goes
            even more to show the nature of the redactors. BUT
            this is not the most important way of knowing a thing;
            the inner sight of the moment is the most telling. And
            if one cares to see versus listening to what has been
            said one will see Magdalene at all important points of
            the Bible where Christ is concerned. And there is a
            reason for this: without the Female the Male can do
            not a damn thing. This point harkens back to the days
            of the Lotus representing the Feminine Divine and even
            before I am sure. And all the Gods of worth are so
            seated on this Lotus. This is because without the
            female the male is immovable: without the spirit the
            body can not function. If one wants to dispute this
            that is fine however one would do well to look back to
            the beginnings of time to see who was the progenitor
            of consciousness: Eve grabbing that damn apple and
            saying 'I Am like unto Him'.

            Either way my question to you for the third time, and
            I am not trying to be rude but would really like to
            know, is how can a persons spirit/soul/essence become
            entertwined with another while alive? Enough so that
            it is considered to be a limb? You have spoken on
            various etheric bodies being others and so forth. Do
            you have any way to reconcile that while a person is
            alive a aspect of that person can be given to another

            Or is it possible, by your comments on Mr.
            Brabant-Schmidt, that you do not consider him
            credible? In that case the point is mute. But if you
            so wish the book he cowrote with a woman whos name
            escapes me would be a good read. I shall forward the
            name if you so like as it is not on the tip of my
            tongue as I write this note.

            All my best,

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          • Goffredo
            Thank you, Bradford, for signalling the excellent article which appears in http://www.axisoflogic.com/artman/publish/article_12283.shtml Goffredo .
            Message 5 of 6 , Oct 6, 2004
              Thank you, Bradford, for signalling the excellent article which appears in


            • holderlin66
              Eulogy for America 11/08/2004 16:49 The epitaph reads: THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Born July 4, 1776 - Died November 2, 2004
              Message 6 of 6 , Nov 8, 2004
                Eulogy for America
                11/08/2004 16:49
                The epitaph reads:
                Born July 4, 1776 - Died November 2, 2004


                "Ladies and gentlemen, we gather here today to mourn the passing of
                the United States of America, a nation that once stood as a beacon
                light of hope for the world.

                America was betrayed and murdered on November 2, 2004. Also killed
                during this time of madness were the following virtues: truth,
                justice, integrity, freedom, compassion, brotherhood, tolerance,
                faith, hope, charity, peace, and respect for other cultures and
                nations. These virtues are survived by their antitheses--deceit,
                injustice, hypocrisy, fascism, selfishness, hatred, fear,
                hopelessness, greed, perpetual warfare and arrogant hegemony.

                Also murdered were seven platitudes, which parents once used to
                convince their children that America was a rational and honorable

                1. HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY died during the coup of 2000, when
                Americans nonchalantly stood by while an election was stolen. This
                death provided the Bush dictatorship with the incentive to test the
                accuracy of Alexander Hamilton"s belief that, "Those who stand for
                nothing will fall for anything." That accuracy was authenticated
                when both the American media and the American public unquestioningly
                embraced the lies that led the nation into the war against Iraq.

                2. VERACITY IS THE HEART OF MORALITY (by Thomas Huxley) has been
                replaced by these words from Robert Burns: "Morality, thou deadly
                bane, thy tens o" thousands thou has slain."

                Ironically this platitude was zealously enforced when Bill Clinton
                was President, after he was caught lying about his affair with a
                White House intern. During the debate leading up to his impeachment
                trial, right-wing pundits incessantly chanted, "It"s not about the
                sexual activity. It"s about the immorality of lying."

                Yet commensurate concerns over the immorality of lying about the
                existence of "weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq have been
                conspicuously absent. And while Clinton"s lies wrought neither
                death nor destruction, the lies of George W. Bush have, to date,
                resulted in the deaths of over one thousand Americans, and the
                slaughter of over one hundred thousand Iraqis, many of them innocent
                men, women and children. Yet, under the bizarre morality that
                recently caused the death of America, Clinton"s dishonesty is viewed
                with more disdain than Bush"s. Ironically, if this "new morality"
                does not prevent a lying mass murderer from holding political
                office, then convicted killer Charles Manson has the credentials to
                become president.

                It was allegedly this "new morality," that swayed the recent
                election. But what does it truly entail? Besides the egregious
                belief that lying about a sexual relationship is more immoral than
                lying about the motives for war, this "new morality" also claims to
                defend the rights of the unborn, yet is blissfully unconcerned about
                those already here. Millions of children throughout the nation
                suffer needless pain because their parents lack health insurance and
                cannot afford to take them to the doctor. Millions of the elderly
                suffer similar pain because they cannot afford the prescription
                medication they rely upon to survive. Yet while universal health
                care is derided as a "socialist" concept by politicians bought and
                paid for by the insurance and health care industries, all Iraqi
                citizens are being provided with universal health coverage.

                This "new morality" vociferously rebels if taxes are raised even a
                single dollar to supply impoverished school systems with computers
                or up-to-date textbooks, or to feed and clothe the homeless and
                destitute. Yet the expenditure of billions of dollars on a war based
                on nothing but lies does not even create a whimper.

                Under this "new morality" a block of granite is more important than
                a human life. The indiscriminate bombing of civilians and the
                torture and "disappearances" that occurred (and are still occurring)
                in United States controlled detention camps throughout the world did
                not inspire outrage, but the removal of a Ten Commandments monument
                from government property does, even though this monument can be
                openly displayed on private property.

                While so-called "Christians" exploit this "new morality" to
                pontificate about "family values," and to condemn the "intolerance"
                shown by other faiths, they furtively seek, in the wake of America"s
                death, to establish a dogmatic Social Darwinistic theocracy
                themselves, building their so-called "faith" on the pillars of
                hatred, egomania, greed, lust for mortal power, and the selfish
                desire to force their beliefs upon others, many of the very evils
                that Jesus, the founder of Christianity, condemned.

                3. CRIME DOESN"T PAY holds true only when the crime opposes or
                offends the power structure. It does not apply when stealing
                elections or waging illegal wars.

                In fact, as the Bush precedent has demonstrated, all an incumbent
                president has to do to maintain office is dupe the people and the
                Congress into supporting an illegal war, mismanage this war until
                election time, then tell the people they should not change
                the "commander-in-chief" during wartime.

                4. ALWAYS LEAD BY EXAMPLE has been replaced by, "Always be willing
                to shed anyone"s blood, except your own." When the opportunity
                arose for Bush, and his partner-in-crime Dick Cheney, to personally
                participate in combat during the Vietnamese war, Bush instead used
                his family influence to perform some still nebulous National Guard
                Service, while Cheney obtained five deferments to avoid being
                drafted. Yet today they stand on the decks of aircraft carriers and
                behind podiums in some of the most fortified buildings in the world,
                telling Iraqi insurgents to "bring it on."

                Johnson) has been replaced by the verity that patriotism is the
                FIRST refuge of a scoundrel. The build-up to the Iraqi war
                illustrated how easily the Bush regime, through the repetition of
                words like "freedom and democracy," could distract people from the
                reality that the greatest loss of freedom Americans suffered in
                recent years was not because of some overseas enemy, but through the
                passage by lawmakers of the deceptively named "Patriot Act." Now
                that America is dead, the "new morality" is determined to destroy
                what little remains of the Bill of Rights.

                The irony is that patriotism is only expected of the poor and middle-
                classes, who make up the bulk of America"s military personnel.
                Multi-national corporations, who outsourced jobs and threw employees
                out of work, and who retained ornate office buildings in the late
                United States while profiting from virtual slave labor in other
                nations, were never asked to be "patriotic," nor were they chastised
                for disloyalty when their practices harmed the national economy.
                Instead they were rewarded with tax breaks and the financial
                windfalls that Bush"s warmongering spawned.

                6. WORK HARD AND YOU WILL BE REWARDED must now read, "It is not
                what you know, but who you know that matters." Although Bush and
                his supporters have stridently condemned as "preferential treatment"
                affirmative action policies designed to help minorities who have
                been historically victimized by discrimination, no one condemns the
                fact that Bush has profited from preferential treatment his entire
                life, as have countless other politicians, pundits and celebrities.
                Affirmative action is not being attacked because it
                provides "preferential treatment." It is being attacked because it
                intrudes upon the nepotism, cronyism and sense of entitlement
                exploited by those born into wealth and power.

                7. ALL LIFE IS SACRED was a common platitude in the late United
                States. But the massacre of November 2, 2004 has replaced this myth
                with a paraphrase from George Orwell"s classic book ANIMAL
                FARM: "All lives are sacred, but some are more sacred than others."

                In truth the lives of the expendable and exploited were never as
                valued as the lives of the expenders and exploiters. And while the
                Iraqi war is a constant reminder of the absurdity of this platitude,
                the ordeals of Dr. Jack Kevorkian and Maurice Carter have
                graphically underscored its hypocrisy.

                Dr. Kevorkian is currently imprisoned in the State of Michigan for
                helping the terminally ill end their lives, allegedly because his
                actions violated "the sanctity of life." Yet, just over three months
                ago, an African-American man named Maurice Carter was also in a
                Michigan prison, serving a sentence for a crime that many believe he
                did not commit. At some point during his twenty-eight years of
                incarceration, Carter contracted a liver disease that became
                progressively worse because of the inadequate medical treatment he
                received in prison. When Carter supporters filed a petition to gain
                him a new trial, the judge hearing the case condescendingly joked
                about the severity of Carter"s illness.

                Although Maurice Carter was ultimately released after being granted
                a medical commutation by Michigan"s governor, it was too late. He
                enjoyed only three months of freedom before he died. Yet few have
                condemned the hypocrisy of a government that makes it a crime to end
                the suffering of the terminally ill, yet causes terminal illnesses
                itself through inadequate medical care.

                So rest in peace America. As St. Paul said, "You fought the good
                fight." But the majority of your people did not keep the faith.
                Your dream of "checking and balancing" the corrupting influence of
                power to prevent the rise of evil was a noble endeavor. But history
                has shown that evil can never be checked, that tolerance often sows
                the seeds of intolerance, and that the majority of people will
                always be susceptible to the machinations of madmen.

                You have been ravaged by hatred disguised as "morality." You have
                endured those who argued that the enslavement of Africans
                was "moral," who agreed that counting these slaves as three/fifths
                of a human being for census purposes was "moral," that stealing the
                lands of Native-Americans, either through bloodshed or fraudulent
                treaties, was "moral," that destroying Native-American traditions
                and cultures was "moral," and that placing women into insane asylums
                for demanding the right to vote was "moral." Now the hatred of
                the "new morality" is directed towards gays and lesbians, towards
                those who work for peace, and towards those who don"t simply blather
                about freedom, but exercise it through dissent.

                I know there will be some, perhaps many, basking in the afterglow of
                their pyrrhic victory, who will dismiss this eulogy as "sour
                grapes," or the sentiments of a sore loser. But let it be said
                America that we who truly loved you did not strip away one freedom;
                we did not endorse one modicum of religious bigotry or intolerance;
                we did not place your fate into the hands of liars, thieves and war
                criminals; we did not brazenly abuse the resources of the American
                military to "play cowboy" or to appease our father; we do not have
                the blood of one American soldier or one Iraqi civilian on our
                hands. Because of this we did not gain the world, but we also did
                not lose our souls.

                To those in other nations who read this eulogy, who are still
                mystified by how swiftly a once great nation was transformed into a
                neo-fascist nightmare, and how easily a man as hateful,
                hypocritical, venal, bloodthirsty, warmongering, sadistic and
                deceitful as George W. Bush was converted into a paradigm for "moral
                values," all I can say is that millions in the late United States
                are pondering these same questions. Perhaps the answer resides in
                three disturbing, yet immutable, laws of human nature.

                The first law is that human beings are obsessed with bringing about
                their own destruction. Ever since the first caveman picked up the
                first stone and bashed in the skull of his first enemy, humankind
                has been devising more sophisticated ways to kill. Even though the
                atavistic instincts of the cave dwellers are currently masked by the
                veneer of neon lights and skyscrapers, the grim reality is that
                human knowledge has always outpaced human wisdom, and it is rare
                indeed when new technological advancements or discoveries are not
                explored for their potential use as weapons. As long as this
                obsession continues, it is inevitable that warmongers will always
                prevail over peacemakers in the realm of political power.

                The second law is that evil is the primary motivating force in human
                affairs. Although George W. Bush and his minions personify all
                that is loathsome about human nature, they are merely the
                reflections of a self-loathing people repulsed by the
                responsibilities of living in a free country. Edmund Burke once
                said, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good
                people do nothing." But the madness that murdered America on
                November 2, 2004 proves that evil will always triumph, regardless of
                what good people do.

                The third law is that humans are exceedingly receptive to appeals to
                their basest instincts, which often compels them to act in ways
                harmful to their personal interests. Karl Marx believed that
                economic self-interest inspired people"s actions and reactions in
                capitalist societies. But this is only partially correct. Although
                economic self-interests consistently influence the rich and
                powerful, they frequently fail to influence the poor and middle
                classes, particularly when other interests are given priority.

                In the antebellum American South, for example, many white residents
                earned their incomes working as skilled laborers--such as
                blacksmiths, silversmiths, cobblers and carpenters. But the wealthy
                owners of large plantations normally possessed slaves who were
                equally proficient in these skills. Consequently there was no
                incentive to pay for work that slaves were required to perform for
                free. Yet, when the Civil War erupted, many of these same white
                laborers lost their lives fighting to uphold the very institution
                that was impoverishing them.

                This practice lingered into the civil rights era of the 1960s, as
                evidenced by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr."s conversation with his
                white jailers in Birmingham, Alabama. When they informed King of
                their opposition to his efforts to desegregate the city, King
                inquired as to how much these jailers were being paid. He then
                remarked, "You are just as poorly paid as the average [African-
                American] man. You should be out marching with us!"

                In those few perceptive words King encapsulated how the rich, white
                establishment had manipulated poorer whites into accepting the
                concept of "white supremacy," when in reality they were being just
                as exploited as their African-American counterparts.

                This practice continues today under George W. Bush, the modern-day
                Nero who fiddled while America burned, and who now enriches his
                cronies with tax cuts, oil profits and lucrative "rebuilding"
                contracts, while deceiving his supporters in the poor and middle
                classes into believing their friends and relatives are dying in Iraq
                for "freedom and democracy."

                It would be easy for those of us who loved America to be apathetic
                in the wake of its death. Why should we care how many have died and
                will die in Iraq when a majority of people are so willing to
                sacrifice their loved ones? Why should we clamor for truth, when
                this majority is satisfied with illusion? Why should we be
                disturbed about Halliburton profits, when this majority is gullible
                enough to believe Bush"s lies about the war? Why should we protest
                the bloodlust, butchery and bellicose braggadocio of a cabal of
                bullying cowards when such behaviors do not offend the "new
                morality?" Why speak out at all when history has proven that
                activism and compassion usually destine one for scorn, blacklisting,
                false imprisonment, suicide or assassination?

                But please resist this apathy. There were many who believed the new
                millennium signaled the end of the world. But with the corrupt
                ascendancy of George W. Bush, maybe what the new millennium heralds
                is the beginning of the end. Perhaps all we can hope for is that
                the day after the apocalypse enough of the earth will be
                salvageable, so the species that replaces humankind can understand
                the price of folly and realize that even in humanity's darkest days
                there were prophets and visionaries who recognized the face of evil
                and warned the world against it, but whose words fell upon deadened
                souls and hardened hearts.

                Since this is a eulogy, permit me to end on a religious note. I
                believe that one of the most unjustly maligned figures in history is
                Judas Iscariot, the man who betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of
                silver. Judas, after all, acknowledged that he had betrayed
                innocent blood, and returned the silver before killing himself in
                remorse for his deed. Yet the betrayers and murderers of America
                have not only kept the money, they have laughed at the suffering
                they've caused.

                Christ advised his followers to ignore the specks in the eyes of
                others until they have removed the timbers from their own. But, in
                today"s "new morality," far too many of those professing to
                be "Christians" deceitfully fabricate specks in their neighbors'
                eyes, so the world will remain oblivious to the timbers in their own.

                So in our grief let us not forget that, just as America was finite,
                the perpetrators of evil who infest the halls of power are finite as
                well. If there is atonement in eternity, then those who do evil,
                and those who enable them, will ultimately have to pay for their
                crimes. But dark days are ahead my friends, and perhaps the best we
                can hope for as this maelstrom of evil engulfs us is that we do not
                succumb to its allure, lest we become, like those who murdered
                America on November 2, 2004, people without souls."

                David R. Hoffman, Legal Editor PRAVDA.RU
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