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Himmler and Jesuitsim

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    Hi Tarjej and Dottie A central inspiration in order to detect the links between Jesuits and Nazi is to be found in Himmler s personality and biography.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2004
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      Hi Tarjej and Dottie

      A central inspiration in order to  detect the links between Jesuits and
      Nazi is to be found in Himmler's personality and biography.
       Firstly: why Hitler made the  "Loyolan statement" about HH  ?
      Reading various Himmler's biographies (mostly Breitman's work ,in spite of
      its basic limit  to see HH mostly like a "mass murder bureaucrat" ) we note
      that he was deeply fascinated both by Loyola and Gengiz Khan.
      If ,as anthroposophists, we think about such a fact we can easily  perceive
      HH as a "crossroads of different evils" .
      His "pench├ánt" towards Roman Catholic Power is underlined by   the basic
      organization of the "Dark Army" namely the Allgemeine SS that were coinceved since the very beginning (1929(
      like a  MiddleAge Cavalry with a Jesuitic-like training whose

      Contro-Initiatic Centre was to be found  inside the Wewelsburg Castle, often called ,in
      some  Nazi milieu- especially by HH's enemies (Bormann.Goering) " Heinrich's
      The training was based on a deep streghtening of Will forces , in spite especially of the "middle zone" and this fact is able to explain of the trained SS - especially officers- were able to be so coldly inhuman in their behaviour.
      The trained officers were also able to spread, via the hierarchycal organization, the same lack of any humanity to the simple soldiers too  .Pls note that such a pyramidal contro-initiatic  organization changed  during the WW
      years where the SS , especially the Waffen SS, began a giant army with
      hundred of thousands engaged   in spite of the fact that they were
      coinceved in the beginning like an elite group..
      Pls note also that Himmler commited suicide via cianyde poisoning after having tried every possible path to betray his Fuher in the beginning of 1945 in order to sign some kind of "distinct peace" with Western  Allies.

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