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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    He (Tarjei) said: I believe Marie Steiner had good instincts and sound judgement. She had quite a good read; Look where he ended up With his Astral Balloon
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2004
      He (Tarjei) said:

      "I believe Marie Steiner had good instincts and sound judgement."

      She had quite a good read;
      Look where he ended up
      With his Astral
      Balloon Luciferic...

      Clearly flat later on he fell:
      Utterances no connection
      To Reality of events - instead:
      Ahrimanic constructions mental!

      Although he may have had good stuff
      In his buffet to offer as result
      Of previous researches - at some point
      Farther down the road
      Has been wrought and inserted
      Big Chunks that if eaten
      Create a Paralysis Spiritual...
      (Just look at the church
      And all those in such
      Egregorial stupor...
      An aura of Charisma
      (Magic Illusional)
      Won't help improve the situation;
      Nor any Greatness - manipulative in
      The Concepts - supersensible handle
      Intellectual Subtle...<--(but Deceptive!)

      But since we are on the Bodhisattva question
      As an included in the package all this;
      I will myself go on explaining 1998 the year
      As to why the birth of whom once named
      The Teacher of Righteousness has been detected...
      No it is not as simple as = Shakti India the Nuclear test...
      Though provided we have a good indicator
      Also in the very idea of Shooting STAR
      And the Michael Meteoritical Potency as a Person
      Coming down with Archais - the 'I' concerned
      Follows too the Opposition in the Evolution
      Of Mankind - the Hidranding Powers...
      But how possible it is with a Spirits cohort
      War in Heaven like to strike at Soradt's plans
      By irrupting in the hall physical -
      On the way trailing: Titanesque proceedings;
      Gods to position themselves following...
      Activity in Earth's Sphere Other Realms Invisible...
      That which leads me to talk about the Angels
      And how they guide us it's hard to notice...
      But nevertheless possible when they radiate stream /
      Your Guardian Angel proceed with you--to feel
      A Synergestical Action in the Will;
      Help in your Highers Plans to be fulfilled...
      So I left for my Parsifal Quest
      In the year previously mentionned above
      After nearly 5 years in the Essenian
      Style of Living Diet Vegetarian
      And the recapitulation of its mind set -
      Towards Health and in a Messianism -
      Needed - as before: Moon Node was a Hell
      My personal Apocalypse for some time back then...

      I left for the Water Land(so much Rain!) of Vancouver
      Where all is so Green and Flowers...
      - Going West to go East I could utter -
      As also many Asians and Indians live there.
      Took not long to meet people;
      I was to go to the United States
      In a Yoga Center - Ozarks Mountains...
      And the thing was that on the bus
      Spontaneous all along and in God the trust
      Was I speaking to strangers
      About the Teacher of Righteousness...
      Rather a feat strange for a guy
      Of 23 years old would you think...
      But nevertheless it happened; this
      And many other Adventures all related
      To the Impulse - Quickening - an Inside Stir...

      I didn't know the wider issue back then
      About why it came to me this taste
      Sudden of the fool with no money in his pockets
      Travelling in a foreign country
      Relying solely on Christ and my Destiny...
      But now I know how it came to me:

      My Angel Knew well who arrived on Earth for a Visit...

      And Manichean a trip; one cannot forget
      In this case what Rudolf Steiner said
      Regarding the incarnation of Ahriman
      To manifest shortly; a time table similar
      As the information goes; my spying over
      What has been said under the earth:
      That one was ready to take the throne...


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      De : Tarjei Straume
      At 01:20 30.09.2004, Steve wrote:

      >Valentin Tomberg would begin to study anthroposophy at the age of 24, and
      >for seven years engaged in an extraordinary practice of intensified
      >thinking relative to the subject matter. Then, at the age of 31 years, in
      >July of 1931, he became the holder of the Office of the Bodhisattva,
      >whereupon he wrote two great works of anthroposophical interpretation of
      >both the OT and the NT. Unfortunately, several rebuffs from Marie Steiner
      >in the form of letters questioning his ability and authenticity because he
      >had not undergone "first class training", even though he was president of
      >the Dutch section, caused him to finally depart the realm of the G.A.S. in
      >1939, at the outbreak of WWII.

      Here's a link to a letter by MS concerning Tomberg:


      >In 1945, he entered the Catholic church order in order to attempt to bring
      >a more hermetically-oriented christianity to the forefront, aided by the
      >ever-present spirit of Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Jesuit order.

      No wonder Tomberg became controversial. Militarism, Jesus Christ the
      Generalissimo and all that, becoming deeply involved in the infamous
      Inquisition - a vision RS attributed to Ahriman to the best of my
      recollection. No wonder the Nazis and the Scientologists alike incorporated
      key elements from the Jesuit system. Ignatius Loyola himself, however,
      lived later in the personality of the Swedish seer Emmannuel Swedenborg,
      and in this life, he denounced everything he had represented as Loyola.

      >In the final analysis, it is a matter of true speculation on whether
      >Valentin Tomberg would have achieved what anthroposophy seems to need
      >today if Ms Steiner had accorded him the seeming respect and recognition
      >that he deserved.

      I believe Marie Steiner had good instincts and sound judgement. There was
      obviously a good reason for her course of action what Tomberg was
      concerned. Anthroposophy would probably have been a lot worse off if Marie
      Steiner hadn't intervened in Tomberg's ambitions.


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