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Mr. Tomberg

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  • dottie zold
    Hey Everyone, It s so funny to me as I hear people disparaging Mr.Tomberg. He was a great student of the Doctors. So he left. And he had a good reason too. We
    Message 1 of 33 , Sep 29, 2004
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      Hey Everyone,

      It's so funny to me as I hear people disparaging Mr.Tomberg. He was a
      great student of the Doctors. So he left. And he had a good reason
      too. We actually are not aware of the deeper reason this man left but
      we can be assured that someone who followed the Doctor as closely as
      he had would have nothing but good things to do in a different realm.

      It is very hard to get above the Doctor said this and the Doctor said
      that in the various Steiner circles. And to many the fact that Mr.
      Tomberg left is an insult in and of itself. The fact is that it was a
      point of chosen action that will fufill itself at some later time. It
      seems like everyone gets stuck in the here and now.

      All things corrupt themselves and some of them never get off the
      ground to actually come into fruition. The Doctors group has a chance
      of this happening to if the divisions do not stop. If the thinking
      does not preceed us into the future another initiative will have to
      be started and we will just be spinning ourselves into a circle only
      to be awakened at a later date.

      The Pope serves in all ways. He is a catalyst to change and forward
      motion even if the Pope seat falls. It is supposed to. Its part of
      the coming and going of our universe. And unfortunately I see the
      Doctors initiative falling as well and way before its time. It seems
      unwilling to truly open up to the future and be aware completely in
      the present. It is riding the Doctors coattails. There are a few that
      have a chance to ride the wave and against the tide of those who wish
      to stay in the kiddie pool and live on the Doctors thoughts versus
      their own. Too bad. There is a reason we are all studying this
      magificant man and it is not to live in his house it is to create our

      There are people who call Maria a bitch so what. There are people who
      call Mr. Tomberg far worse. When will we finally start living Christs
      creed versus talking about it? And if we do not know how, then we
      better fucking ask somebody.

      All my best,
    • holderlin66
      http://www.smirkingchimp.com/print.php?sid=18296 Kerry has said that he personally opposes abortion but believes the decision should be the woman s. (He is
      Message 33 of 33 , Oct 17, 2004
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        "Kerry has said that he personally opposes abortion but believes the
        decision should be the woman's. (He is therefore 'pro-choice',
        not 'pro-abortion' - though that defining nuance would probably be
        beyond the grasp of barbarian minds.) And last week, the New York
        Times reported that a group of American Roman Catholic bishops
        were 'blanketing' their flock with the news that if they voted for
        Kerry they would be committing a sin; and that they would have to
        confess and repent their vote before they would be permitted to
        receive holy communion again.

        Again - let the reader pause and take that in.

        The likeliest response, I imagine, will be incredulity. But
        incredulity can be as reactionary as comedy. So pause for a moment
        and really take that in.

        And understand the danger in which the Republic - a nation founded
        on the seminal principle of the separation of Church and State -
        stands today.

        These bishops, let it be remembered, had nothing to say a year ago
        when it was revealed that, for many years, large numbers of American
        Roman Catholic bishops and priests had been exuberantly buggering
        little boys. (To the contrary, their response had been to cover up
        those crimes - not just 'sins', but crimes - quickly and quietly
        transferring the criminals to other dioceses, where they were free
        to start again from scratch, preying on the children of a new flock.)

        Nor has it occurred to these bishops that it might be a sin to vote
        for the man who unleashed unwarranted death and destruction upon
        Iraq: an overwhelming military attack, with a bogus rationale,
        resulting in the killing and maiming of tens of thousands of
        innocent men, women and children. To the contrary: these Men of the
        Cloth are avidly engaged in organisational work intended to deliver
        the Catholic vote to the man who launched that gratuitous, and
        ongoing, death and destruction. (Meanwhile, Catholics who vote for
        Mr Kerry can go straight from the polling booth to the confessional
        booth and repent their 'sin'.)

        It's hard to imagine the shame and suffering of real Catholics faced
        with such a debasement of their titular spiritual guides.

        Dan Chaon again: 'I find myself particularly repelled by Bush's
        professed 'Christianity', even as his Administration repudiates
        every value that Christ represents.'

        But that is G W Bush's real country, a country of churches and guns:
        a place awash with Larkin's doctors and priests, and quite devoid of
        newspapers, the 'Net - or, presumably, any scientist not actively
        engaged in designing either bigger and better oil-drilling platforms
        or the next generation of nuclear bombs.

        For there are, in fact, today two Americas; and for more than a year
        now - because that is how long this dangerously exacerbating
        presidential campaign has been going on - one of them has, like a
        black hole, been feeding itself by drawing all the forces of
        darkness unto itself: the unreconstructed, and no longer so
        covert, 'southern' racism; the mindless American bellicosity (surf
        the US TV channels some idle evening and count: you'll find that at
        least half of them are airing programmes or films featuring guns);
        the isolationism, hubris and ignorance of the world; the lobotomised
        and intolerant religiosity; and the age-old American paranoia - the
        ineluctable product of metaphysical guilt - that produced 'Salem'
        and, in our time, McCarthyism.

        These are the Bush legions in the coming election: the National
        Rifle Association; the evangelical and fundamental Christian
        Churches (among which must be numbered, these days, American Roman
        Catholicism); the impoverished and semi-literate descendants of the
        Daughters of the American Revolution, from whose consciousness - as
        they drive around swigging beer with shotguns clipped to the rear
        windshields of their pick-ups, in a thousand two-mule southern
        towns - the hope of spotting some innocent deer or beautiful buck to
        kill is never very far; and, of course, big business - very big
        business - those 'leaders of American industry and commerce' who
        know that the current president's first order of business is to
        license their looting of the US environment, Treasury and citizenry,
        and who have no other interests.

        These are Bush's People, and they are in fact the mirror image of
        militant Islam: a fervid competing presence in the same jostling

        And so Samuel Huntington was wrong: the real 'clash of
        civilisations' in our time is not between cultures in discrete parts
        of the world but, first and foremost, between civilisations within
        the United States itself."
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