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to build a hut

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  • Mike Helsher
    Form Reminiscences of Rudolf Steiner ************************************************************* Rudolf Steiner often repeated: we speak about the
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 6, 2004
      Form "Reminiscences of Rudolf Steiner"
      Rudolf Steiner often repeated: we speak about the spiritual path, we speak about the spirit; we speak continually about, about and about something. This about is too little. We must attempt to communicate the spirit concretely. Speaking with spiritual ability about the spirit only drives the spirit out and is a detour to materialism. He himself spoke otherwise.
      And entirely otherwise when he spoke about the Christ.
      Rudolf Steiner created first the needed conditions for an experience of the Christ impulse, so that the sounds of the name of Christ could stream out as an out-breathing of the already inhaled Christ-power. In order to understand the Doctors Christ-though, one had to set upon the path, to harbor thoughts and feelings which readied one for baptism. He expected the world of spirit to strike down into us as the lightening of life itself. His speaking of Christ was a strict silence - it was Christ in him.
      He prepared himself sometimes throughout months before he uttered the word "Christ" and announced a course such as "Christ and the Spiritual world." One who was his pupil knew the significance of such an announcement. It was the entrance upon new spheres of knowledge, it was the call: "wake and Pray!" - We prepared ourselves - and slept through the Gethsemane; we knew that we had slept away something, although we strove for forces. The call resounded: "Change your ways!" - It sounded not in words, but in those "still" moments during the lecture when the thunder had died away...
      But even while sleeping - we glimpsed, in such moments the flight of the Angel above the theme of the lectures; the Angel was the premonition that this future course of lectures could become the symbol for happenings, discoveries and a catharsis in our own souls, if our will were focused upon a Damascus of the "ego."
      this was no fantasy, it was life-reality....  His silence was - inbreath, his future word about Christ - outbreath; he expected us to discover the gesture of his own words - that which, unspoken, was non the less present; he called upon us "to build a hut," a place of shelter for the spirit....
      With a clear, Loving smile he spoke of the Jesus Child who, in the power of his helplessness, lay in the manger upon which Ahriman's sword was shattered - Then he was entirely Heart....
      Someone who has not himself experienced Rudolf Steiner can hardly form a conception of what went on in our own hearts. he was inspiration, and not merely imagination. And his words about Christ were inspirations; heart-thoughts - he spoke out of the heart of the Sun. - Or perhaps it would be better to say: His intelligence had taken up abode in his heart, and the intelligent heart now blossomed - the heart itself - not just intelligence with a heart....
      Yet not out of the head or heart alone did he speak of Christ, but out of something still higher.
      Only then will we be able to grasp the reality of the intelligence which spoke through him of the Christ when we are able to take in that here spoke a human being with limitless powers of thought - out of the full glow of the heart, form heart to heart.
      Elsewhere than in such power and such glow - form which we are all far distant - the secrete of Christianized intelligence is not to be found.
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      Mike (Fishercat) Helsher
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