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Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Zell evokes the Ghost of Hitler

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  • Mike Helsher
    Br Ron opines: You people are literally and morally inverted. Mike: Brother Ron, if you want to live in the kill-em all let God sort-em out mind-set, that s
    Message 1 of 25 , Sep 4, 2004
      Br Ron opines:
      You people are literally and
      morally inverted.
      Brother Ron, if you want to live in the "kill-em all let God sort-em out mind-set, that's fine with me. Maybe you'd be better off doing your Patriotic duty on some busy street corner, with a big flag, yelling at stupid people. You could wave the flag and say something like: "show some pride." Mho knows, your moralistic attitude might rub off, and you might even change someone's mind, and gain a following.

      In your livid, frothing,
      raving, confused fifth-column
      shrieks about Sen. Zell Miller,
      calling him Hitler, you say nothing
      about 156 children MURDERED -- and a
      total of three hundred and twenty
      three human beings killed -- by that
      sublime and transcendental Religion
      of Peace (TM).

      Your hierarchy of values might be
      somehow changed if your own little boy
      or girl was ended in this way -- oh,
      I withdraw that -- you'd be thoroughly
      unchanged -- just as absolutely
      wacked-out as you are now.

      . . . . . . . .


      The same as:

      Hey, Maybe we should kill all the sick fucks that do sick shit like this. Don't you think? Lets just fuckin exterminate-em all. I'm sure Steiner would agree. Hell I bet he'd be right in there with an AK blasting heads like in Aliens verses Predator.
      This sick stuff that happened to all those people and kids is absolutely disgusting, and very worthy of retaliation. Yes we still live in a "sick sad world" and some of us might need to deal directly with this kind of sick shit. But some of us might need to think about the root causes of such militant ignorance, and act so as to not perpetuate this kind of lunacy. A good start, which probably has happened to a degree, since 9-11, would be to stop selling and funding these king of groups like we did with Bin Laden, and the contras, who massacred people and children in a very similar fashion, with weapons sold to General Secore (sp?) and good ole Ollie and the gang that opened an off shore corporation that sold the weapons to the contras at great profits. And the contras bought the weapons with our (US taxpayer) money.
      form the site above:
      Typical of the distortions is Clarridge's argument that the contra war was justified because the Sandinistas were responsible for burning down Salvadoran villages and killing Salvadoran children. In fact, it was the U.S.-backed Salvadoran military that carried out those scorched-earth campaigns and the slaughter of thousands of Salvadoran civilians with suspected leftist sympathies.

      In December 1981, for example, the U.S.-trained Atlacatl Battalion swept through northeast El Salvador. Around the town of El Mozote, the troops rounded up about 800 unarmed peasants of all ages. The Atlacatl soldiers first massacred the men, then the women and finally the children, some of whom were bludgeoned and then burned alive.
      But I think you really blew it, Br Ron, with all the hilarious propaganda pictures that followed.
      Mike (Fishercat) Helsher
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