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Re: zell evokes the ghost of hitler

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  • holderlin66
    Bradford comments; Speaking of Librarians here are a few quick studies that resemble the numbed, dumbed down dream state, of our current Political crisis.
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 4, 2004
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      Bradford comments;

      Speaking of Librarians here are a few quick studies that resemble the
      numbed, dumbed down dream state, of our current Political crisis.
      Smedley wrote a book I haven't read yet, called, "War is a Racket"
      but of great interest is something that follows along the lines of
      Philip Dru written by Colonel Hause, Woodrow Wilson's handler. This
      other work is by Sinclair Lewis, "It can't happen here". I hadn't
      encountered that book either. Now amongst the great insights into the
      enormous hallucination that is happening through Nov. in Americka are
      a series of studies which are really advanced Civics Education that
      tag right into solid spiritual science.


      I suggest you link yourself to the site below for some chapter
      flavors, and read some of Sinclair Lewis concerns. Education and
      insight always is out there, or as our friend from the X-files
      states, The Truth is Out There, providing Orwell doesn't continue for
      another four years making truth disappear, WAR IS PEACE. If another
      four years of this stuff continues, I fear for not only Amerika, but
      Freedom everywhere.

      Bob Roberts, the film starring Tim Robbins and the other satirical
      film with Warren Beatty as the candidate, BulWorth or Bulwurth all
      tell a tale, but still the most stunning tale is that of Zell
      Miller's speech. Miller and Lewis' "It' Can't Happen Here" find us
      back in the flavor and quality of the mental perception of how
      Ahrimanic forces, standardly, constantly, strive and work in human

      To understand the flavor and overcome the numbness of how Lucifer and
      Ahriman sloganize, burrow, borrow and embed themselves in unexamined
      false goodness, unexamined false patriotism, unexamined religious
      righteousness and numb the soul to glazed eyed belief that now they
      are closer to the Power of God is important spiritual science work.
      It is all very fond and sweet that we always come back to those
      terrible days in Germany where they gave in to Hitler. But now we can
      study and learn exactly how those terrible days happened...Karl Rove
      and Cheney play a very refined game of ripping Kerry's psychology. I
      haven't yet seen real psychological skill coming from Kerry, and it
      appears it billows and wafts unconsciously like little Lucifer
      puppies against, red eyed, green scaled snarling dragons.

      Zell Miller revealed just how close to one of the Gods of Power we
      can come, but remain unable to tell, discern or see the difference
      between an hallucination and a mirage of Jesus and an actual
      projection of Ahrimanic forces from the subconscious. We need to
      study these differences. And in the study is exactly understanding
      the perception that Mark Twain and Steiner left for us when you
      understand and read Twain's "The Mysterious Stranger" or study
      Goethe's "Faust". These are Goethean building blocks to understanding
      the intimate workings of Ahriman in the human soul life. There by we
      see how correct Steiner was and can also build our own tangible
      perceptions on solid soul ground.


      "George "Windrip" Bush is certainly a character. And in another era,
      another time of economic depression and international worries,
      Sinclair Lewis drew him most presciently and completely. Lewis
      created Senator "Buzz" Windrip, Presidential wannabe. Buzz Windrip
      reminds me and others of our own beloved "W."

      As a child, I heard many stories about the Depression era – of
      hardship, of abject poverty, of heroic struggles to make ends meet.
      But I never understood the heroic struggle of ideas that made the
      thirties both tragic and memorable.

      I never read "War is a Racket" by General Smedley Butler until I was
      an adult.

      I never read It Can't Happen Here.

      Sinclair fictionalizes another election year, and traces the popular
      democratic process from republic to – don't be alarmed – fascist

      In Chapter 1, the "cyclonic applause" was the response of average
      Americans to a retired general's impassioned claim that we are a
      great nation that "[arms] itself more and more, not for conquest –
      not for jealousy – not for war – but for peace!" Tommy Franks on the
      convention floor, anyone? "Epidemic patriotism" is offered in Chapter
      2, Zell Miller-style.

      In Chapter 7 of the novel, small town newspaper editor Doremus Jessup
      comments on a presidential convention with "great showmanship. P. T.
      Barnum or Flo Ziegfeld never put on a better." One wonders if
      Sinclair Lewis was somewhere chuckling at the monster American flag
      behind the un-Patton, Arnold Swarzenegger, or perhaps the podium
      rising phantom-like from the Presidential Seal for our all-powerful
      little President on the final night of the convention.

      In Chapter 9, Candidate Windrip's public appeal is explained. "[W]
      was vulgar, almost illiterate, a public liar easily detected, and in
      his "ideas" almost idiotic, while his celebrated piety was that of a
      traveling salesman for church furniture, and his yet more celebrated
      humor the sly cynicism of a country store." I don't need to mention
      George W. Bush by name on this one.

      In Chapter 12, the moniker of "Chief" is introduced for candidate
      Buzz Windrip, along with loud condemnation of the patriotism of those
      who don't support him. It again brings to mind our own latently
      hostile, petulantly populist Commander in Chief.

      The novel goes on, through Windrip's election in Chapter 13, the
      willing adoption of centralized executive power, and then government-
      issue fascism, corporate, one each. Through the internecine
      Washington toppling of Windrip by another, and another, and the
      emergence of an underground liberation movement. The book concludes
      unresolved, with an appeal to an individual spirit as a fragmentary
      guide to action.

      A romantic novel, of course. No guarantees.

      Far better to have guarantees, like those promised by George W. Bush
      and his team of big government planners and determinists. More money
      for education, more central guidance to schools, more federal
      testing, monitoring, control, advice. More money for the military,
      and more security through more combat. More patriotism, and more
      health clinics. More work and more pay. More benefits and more
      handouts. Vote once and leave the rest to us. George W. Bush will
      even simplify the tax code for the working man and woman.

      The promises of our homespun spinner of tall tales in the White House
      do have mass appeal. But judging from the faces of Republicans and
      Democrats and even Bush family members on the convention floor, not
      everyone there was 100% convinced. That's the spirit!"
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