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Rép. : [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Alot and Bradford's Much

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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    ... De : holderlin66 That you see Andrea, that somehow when in Rome, I would in somewhere Italy find my way to the Piss Doctor. ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 11, 2004
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      De : holderlin66<holderlin66@...>

      That you see Andrea, that somehow when in Rome, I would in somewhere
      Italy find my way to the Piss Doctor.

      This sound right on likened to the Flying Circus
      And 'Faster' "chose the life in circuses"... -
      See the notes of Tieck regarding the unfinished
      Ofterdingen get the idea of what it could have been
      Same vein match, watch, read the Golden Key
      And the Man on the Moon of 'Big Fish'! :)

      'Voce' you say?
      Fellinian heyh?...

      What George(he who met Madonna
      For 'Shanghai Surprise' with Penn) - saw
      Also in his Mind's eye - that: "He was
      always convinced that the spirit of the Beatles
      went into Python because we started
      the year they quit. He was absolutly convinced
      that whatever spirit was that animated The Beatles
      just drifted across to Python."

      And this is where we also have Tom Hanks
      Carrying Forrest Gump - Fablereich Life -
      How in Love he was with the Girl to save her
      From Lucifer wrest her out of his clutches;
      Understand 'Here Comes the Sun'
      To Theme 'Cocaine' - Romantic Clapton -
      Little Darling leaves Las Vegas!


      For the records:


      Here BAU and Imaginations Combine;
      - Tannhauser Heinrich von Ofterdingen -
      See how it keeps Bread and Wine
      Embrace the Mary Magdalenian
      Resurrection - Lift the Fallen through Love
      And Endurance - Overcome All Obstacles -
      Freedom I-Wise Michaelian
      Gold and Iron Stream in the Blood!


      Dear Dynamite Bradford,
      Enjoy this Blast of Spirit and Humour! :)

      And let's see how the Wind will blow in the near Future...,


      In case the Andrea family
      would have me or request to meet the French Danny????...But
      presently my travel arrangements have a modified internal Texas
      flavor. I gotta continue to spin my yarns from Texas. But Rome and
      Andrea and you two sending smoke signals back to the list at AT when
      and if..the Danny wandering minstrel arrives, with his French fine
      thought wine...can share a good crystal sifter of Italian red and
      toast to Jan and Tarjei and the skeleton crew.

      Yours ALL

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