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Re: Astrology on Bush and Kerry

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  • Kay
    So, you are saying that the gods may initiate a terrorist attack so Bush can remain in office? And I thought...it s a multiple ending mystery novel, form your
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 4, 2004
      So, you are saying that the gods may initiate a terrorist attack so
      Bush can
      remain in office? And I thought...it's a multiple ending mystery
      form your own! Talk about cosmic spin...God help us.


      I've been an Astrology, and also Investagator of Government
      Conspiracy, from time of JFK, so, have a lot to say, I must admit,
      I've enjoyed all your very intelligent, and thoughtful posting, and
      glad other's have expressed so much wisdom at this site, and awake to
      whats happening in world events.

      Having said that, my Charts on BUSH and KERRY are based on natal
      charts, and the USA chart, which is more accurate than Horary in my
      opinion and paints a far different picture than what has been thus
      far discribed.

      George Bush has Leo rising, with Mercury and Mars conjunction, which
      makes him both a natural showman (actor) and bully, Mercury-Pluto
      indicates quick, rash temperment.

      Leo likes to be King, and we know when he says, "SMALLER GOVERNMENT"
      he means "HIM" naturally. King George, correct? OK, we agree so far
      I'm sure.

      This is square to 3rd house Moon, Jupiter, and Neptune Libra in his
      3rd house of communication, and believe we all should know he isn't
      very bright, and not all that great a speaker, he has given less
      speeches than any president in history, as his SUN, Saturn in Cancer,
      12th house, indicates a man, who is naturally secretive, and does
      things behind the scenes, such as plotting and scheming, especially
      with his father, indicated by both the Sun, and Saturn.

      Being his Sun, and that over-conservative (or stingy, scrooge Saturn
      conjunction is 12th karma) will fight hard behind the scenes through
      secret plots for personal gain, Cancer clings, Saturn tends to be
      ruthless, especially since Mars position is 1st. He's not a brave man
      such as Kerry, he just talks tough, thats an actor, Kerry could beat
      him in boxing ring with one hand tied behind back-as Kerry's chart
      does show courage.

      George is Daddy's boy, and was primed for this little mission, and
      Papa's and the boys just give him the directions, so its an easy ride
      for him, his entire life, has been an easy ride, yet, he dresses
      rednecked, to try and appear an ordinary guy, like a texan you'd meet
      in Western Music tavern, and those types, applaud him, for his
      ruthless attacks on humanity (which we all know are filling his and
      comrades pockets bigtime).

      George W. has Venus in Gemini in 11th house, and its being opposed by
      Pluto in Saggitarius, 5th house, and likely there is some
      difficulties in his usual social circle and its undergoing
      transition. Venus Gemini's are witty amonst social groups, but airy
      and not deep far as emotional content, his Moon, also indicates this,
      in sign of Libra and Square to his Sun. WOMEN, True Libery Seekers,
      Democrats (ruled by Jupiter) will be very opposed to him, come
      election time, when transiting Jupiter returns to Libra. Also real
      humanitarians, Neptune will oppose him, as its opposing his Mercury
      and Mars (angry, hateful thinking and rash warlike action) in Leo is
      opposite to Neptune transit in Aquarius, 7th house, Others, Partners,
      and Open Enemies, like us. People for Peace, Liberty, and have
      invironmental and humanitarian concerns. He doesn't like us, for
      sure, and we stand against him, and his policies.

      OK, I'm pointing out some of main things which will be activated
      around election time, we already see, right after democractic
      convention he wasted no time making haste to invent another Emergency
      situation, for terrorist attack, which I expect will be targeted for
      about the Time of Eclipse, when he really gets down and dirty, as the
      Eclipse puts a heavy duty full square aspect, to his Mars, Mercury
      Leo the 1st, the Eclipse in Taurus (moon) and (Scorpio) Sun. Its a
      full lunar, so hits George Ws 10th house, of public standing, and
      being he is having a Saturn return on his natal Saturn 12th Karma,
      some negative Karma is returning, as he has well earned, but he does
      keep this hidden, as Cancer 12th house do, SECRETIVE, and PLOTTING.

      Its not the Planets which create events dear friends, its the
      people's reponse to them, that sets forth events-thus, we always have
      free-will, and can alter to some extent the inclinations of planets,
      but, lower spiritual people, as this character, will tend to follow
      the vibrations, and do some sneaky, underhanded stuff-I already see
      he is warming up for the kill.

      However, his plans could backfire on him, actually, Mr. Kerry,
      appears to have the Advantage come election time, which is likely why
      George will arrange some sort of terrorist attack via CIA mercenaries
      etc. you know, it can all be easily arranged, I don't pull my
      punches, there are humans that low-and his family has a record for
      profiting and expanding via bloodshed of others.

      OK, Kerry has a stellium of Planets in Gemini, like about 5 actually,
      and his Sun, Mercury in opposite sign of Saggitarius. That explains
      divorce in past, and his outspoken wife, which I really like and
      respect, and don't blame her, though the News Media love to make a
      big deal out of it-the Media I must agree with Micheal Moore on-are
      basically controlled by corporations, whom we know back Mr. Bush.
      ALso, heard that they get calls when they say anything Big Brother
      doesn't like, such as Cheney.

      Kerrys running for right reasons, his chart shows that, he being
      Saggitarius, is going through major transition also, with Pluto
      transit, Saggitarius is open, honest, and broadminded in nature, and
      so are Gemini's, where other planets are, they are talkative, so
      hardly secretive, if nothing else, they tend to sometimes say to
      much, as they are noted for sticking their foot in mouth, due to
      being a bit to blunt.

      Being an opponent to Bush, takes courage, not cause Bush is any
      threat, but, due to fact that his Papa's connections with CIA, can
      polish off anyone they happen to not like, usually by spoiling
      reputation by bringing up past dirt, if that don't work they can
      arrange a murder, it did happen to JFK who wanted to clean up CIA.
      But, I'm sure Kerry is aware, and noticed plenty of body guards
      around him most the time.

      If USA chart is GEMINI RISING, I expect it is, as first book I
      studied nearly 20 years ago, stated Ben Franklin was Astrologer, he
      tried to get declaration signed when rising would be Taurus, but, I
      know one man was late, I believe Monroe, which made us Gemini 5
      degrees, and all Kerrys Stellium in Gemini is in USA 1st, so he'd be
      able to take over the reigns as a leader once the initial transition,
      and opposition from Bushniks settled down-he will operate quick, as
      Gemini is quick minded sign, they can change mind, but, this isn't
      always bad, as beats the STUBBORNESS of Present Man, BUSH, who can
      never admit a mistake. So, Gemini is flexable, and Americans once
      were, but after the Saturn transit, when Bush, entered office, plus
      Saturn opposite Pluto, the planned Attack initiated, and he was able
      to score a double, both Afghanistan, and Iraq-will, we weren't same
      afterwards, Saturn Gemini opposite Pluto, both malelifics, depression
      and darkness, Saturn creates laws towards bondage, as we see in
      Patriot act, and other little laws to slowly take away our
      constitutional rights.

      The Eclipse of Oct. 27th as stated, indicates Kerry has the most
      favorable aspects, no matter what TV polls show, and Bush, can pull
      another terrorist attack, being he's involved with Occult orders,
      though I don't feel him that smart himself, but, he'll have others
      who are, can give him occult knowledge as I am you now-as Hitler was
      Occultist also, and had astrologer, which was how he planned attacks,
      but, eventually USA, England found this out, and I understand they
      contacted Aleister Crowley, and they were able to figure out where
      his next attack would occur.

      I know he has already mentioned that recent info. indicate that a
      terrorist attack would occur around election time, and we have no
      proof at all that this was gathered intelligence, and not invented by
      him and his inner circle-which I have no doubts about myself-but,
      some of you might-anyway, there is no evidence, course there wasn't
      really evidence Bin Laden had anything to do with 9/11 and all kinds
      of other stuff that doesn't make bit of sense about it.

      So, we can figure the next attack will be around that eclipse date,
      maybe a week or so prior to it, but, certainly an October Surprise
      plot, which won't be any surprise to us here.

      He's trying to pass some law now, to have elections held back if such
      an attack occurs, right, of course he is. So far no news on it, but,
      his world is like Ceasar's apparently. A DEMAND,and ORDER.

      Talk about a wag-the-dog scenario huh-

      But, the good news is from how I read the planets it will Backfire
      somehow, and the odds are in Kerrys favor, which is best of the two
      we have to choose from, as at least Kerry/Edwards neither have
      interest in the Eastern Oil, the Partnership with Saudi family, nor
      the Military industries, so, actually there is some hope-likely our
      last hope, cause if Bush does do another term, we'll be under Martial
      Law next.

      But, there are higher cosmic forces in this astro picture, Neptune,
      Uranus, Jupiter, and Jupiter is especially important, since it is the
      planet that defeated Saturn.

      Its favors Kerry is ruler of his Sun sign, the Lunar Eclipse doesn't
      favor Bush, and neither does Jupiter, so, could be some dirty tricks,
      but, hopefully will backfire on them this time.


      Gee, I sure made up for not posting so long didn't I
    • Gisele
      ~~~Hey Kay, I had such fun reading your charts interpretations! Well done! Gisele TONGUE-TWISTED BUSH IS BENT ON SELF-HARM The Independent - Friday 6 August
      Message 2 of 2 , Aug 6, 2004

        ~~~Hey Kay, I had such fun reading your charts interpretations! Well done!
        The Independent - Friday 6 August 2004
        Even by the previous standards of Bushisms, this was one for the ages.
        Signing into law a new $417bn (£229bn) defence spending bill, the famously tongue-twisted 43rd President of the United States solemnly declared yesterday that his administration "will never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people".
        The gaffe came as President George Bush was warming to his favourite theme of the terrorist threat faced by the US.
        "Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we," he said.
        "They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we."
        Steeled doubtless by long experience of oratorical mis-steps by the President, the audience of senior military commanders and the Pentagon's civilian leadership gave no outward reaction.

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