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  • Liviu
    Did you read osho books?
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 3, 2004
      Did you read osho books?
    • Tarjei Straume
      ... Thank you for the suggestion. I didn t; hadn t heard of it; now I have thanks to you, and it looks fascinating. I found a nice electronic Osho library at
      Message 2 of 2 , Aug 4, 2004
        At 08:45 04.08.2004, "Liviu" wrote:

        > Did you read osho books?

        Thank you for the suggestion. I didn't; hadn't heard of it; now I have
        thanks to you, and it looks fascinating.

        I found a nice electronic Osho library at http://www.oshoworld.com/ . Oh,
        look out for that guy. He looks like such a benign hippie, but the jestful
        smile suggests he's about to play a card trick on you or something. A real
        Guru Trick! Remember what Dan Dugan has been saying all along about Rudolf
        Steiner's guru tricks? Well, this Osho character looks like the real thing,
        the genuine guru who knows all the tricks!

        Which book should I first take a look at? For some facetious reason, I
        choose "A Rose is a Rose is a Rose". Why? Because it reminded me of that
        fabulous number with Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor in the 1952 musical
        "Singin' in the Rain", when they're sopposed to bel learning phonetics and
        tongue twisters:

        Moses suposes his toeses are roses
        But Moses supposes erroneously
        And Moses, he knowses his toeses aren't roses
        As Moses supposes his toeses to be

        Moses suposes his toeses are roses
        But Moses supposes erroneously
        A Rose is a rose
        A Nose is a nose
        A Toese is a toese

        Hupidubidu! (ehehehehe)

        Moses suposes his toeses are roses
        But Moses supposes erroneously
        And Moses, he knowses his toeses aren't roses
        As Moses supposes his toeses to be


        My frivolous facetiousness was however abrubtly brought to a halt as soon
        as I began to read. This looks like genuine anarchosophy, dealing with the
        tyranny of conscience and the whole bit! Here's a morsel from Chapter 1:


        [A sannyasin leaving for the West says: I feel deep gratitude for all that
        has happened to me since I've been here.]

        I know.... Much will be happening, much more, and gratitude prepares the
        way. Feel as grateful to existence as possible -- for small things, not
        only for great things... just for sheer breathing. We don't have any claim
        on existence, so whatsoever is given is a gift. If it is not given we don't
        have any court for appeal.

        So grow more and more in gratitude and thankfulness -- not only towards me;
        let it become your very style. Be grateful to everybody.

        If one understands gratitude then one is grateful for things that have been
        done positively. And one even feels grateful for things which could have
        been done negatively. You feel grateful that somebody helped you; this is
        just the beginning. Then you start feeling grateful that somebody has not
        harmed you -- he could have; it was so kind of him.

        Once you understand the feeling of gratitude and allow it to sink deeply
        within you, you will start feeling grateful for everything. And the more
        grateful you are, the less complaining, grumbling.

        Once complaining disappears, misery disappears. It exists with complaints.
        It is hooked with complaints and with the complaining mind. Misery is
        impossible with gratefulness. So that is one of the most important secrets
        to learn.
        [The Hypnotherapy Group was at darshan tonight.

        A group member said: It was very good for me. I felt that I was allowing
        myself more and no longer fighting. I felt less guilty -- because I used to
        feel very guilty. And I also feel more balanced, so I feel very good.]

        You look good! All things happen together. If you feel less guilty,
        immediately you start feeling more happy. If you feel more, happy, you feel
        less in conflict, more harmonious, together. If you feel together, more
        harmonious, suddenly you feel a certain grace surrounding you. These things
        function like a chain reaction: one starts the other, the other starts
        another, and they go on spreading.

        But to begin with, feeling less guilty is very very important. The whole of
        humanity has been made to feel guilty -- centuries of conditioning, of
        telling people to do this and not to do that... and not only that, but
        forcing them by saying that if they do something that is not allowed by the
        society or by the church, then they are sinners. If they do something which
        is appreciated by the society and the church, then they are saints.So
        everybody has been fooled into doing things that society wants them to do,
        and not to do things that society does not want them to do. Nobody has
        bothered about whether this is your thing or not. Nobody has bothered about
        the individual.

        The thinking up to now has been this -- that the individual exists for the
        society so the individual has to follow just what the society says.

        He has to fit with the society. That is the definition of the normal human
        being -- to fit with the society. Even if the society is insane, you have
        to fit with it; then you are normal. Even if the society is neurotic and
        you try to be sane, you will be thought neurotic because the society is the
        majority. They have power so they can make anybody feel guilty.
        They have put a deep mechanism inside you which they call a conscience
        which, if you move slightly away from the norm, the accepted rules of the
        game, immediately says, 'Wrong! Wrong! You are doing something wrong!' Now
        the problem for the individual is that nature demands one thing and society
        demands something contrary. If the society was demanding the same as nature
        demands, there would have been no conflict. Man would still have remained
        in the garden of Eden.
        The problem arises because society has its own interests which are not
        necessarily in tune with the individual and his interests. Society has its
        own investments. The individual has to be sacrificed. This is a very
        topsy-turvy world. Just the other way round should be the right thing.

        The individual does not exist for the society. The society exists for the
        individual. Because society is just an institution. It has no soul. An
        individual has the soul, is the conscious centre; it has a centre. God
        resides in the individual, not in the society.

        Society is nothing -- just a word.

        You cannot come across society anywhere. Wherever you go, you will come
        across the individual. Society is just in the dictionaries and in the legal
        codes of the courts. It is a term but a very big blanket term. It covers
        many things. And for this blanket term the real individual can be
        sacrificed -- and he has been up to now.

        Rarely have a few individuals been able to escape from this dangerous
        structure. These few individuals are the religious rebels -- Jesus, Buddha,
        Krishna. They tried to live their life according to their nature. They
        dropped conscience. they dropped all guilt. They became part of nature
        rather than part of society. Nature is vast. Society is very tiny. Society
        is man-made. nature is God-made. They chose God instead of a man-made

        The difference is just like marriage nad love. Marriage is a man-made
        institution. Love has nothing to do with man's manufactured institutions.
        Love is natural. Wherever you find society is in conflict with nature,
        choose nature -- whatsoever the cost. You will never be a loser. You will
        always gain. If you choose society, you will always be a loser. The game
        will be very short term, worth nothing, and you will lose your whole soul.

        So this is the basic thing -- to move into a new light, into a new
        consciousness, where you can unguilt yourself. And then many more things

        Yep, this is Anarchosophy in a nutshell. Thanks a million, Liviu.


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