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  • Frank Thomas Smith
    The scribes, however, neither forgot nor forgave Yeshua that he had forced them to humble themselves. Afterwards, they didn’t understand themselves how it
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2004
      The scribes, however, neither forgot nor forgave Yeshua that he had forced
      them to humble themselves. Afterwards, they didn’t understand themselves how
      it had come about. Compared to that adulteress they – some of them at
      least – could have considered themselves righteous and thrown the first
      stone. Too late now. They’d have to set another trap for him.

      Rabbi, how is it with the divorce law?

      Aren’t you scribes? Don’t you know?

      Of course, of course. But there’s a problem. Moshe allowed divorce, but the
      All Mighty created humanity as man and women, who become one flesh when they
      marry. How can flesh be separated from flesh?

      If Moshe nevertheless allowed divorce, he had a reason. You know it, or don’
      t you?

      We know it: The man can give the woman a divorce-letter if she has leprosy
      or is unfaithful to him or has mismanaged his belongings or if she is
      sterile for ten years.

      And the woman: can she also give a divorce letter?

      She can demand one.

      According to the law. What happens to the divorced woman though? She goes
      back to her family, no man wants her anymore, she ages joylessly. But the
      man takes a young wife, for that’s what he really wanted: to get rid of his
      wife because he is sick of her.

      Rabbi, they say you are unmarried, you don’t know what a burden a shrewish
      wife can be, especially when she ages. All the wounds on earth are not as
      bad as that which a shrewish wife inflicts on a man, and no serpent has more
      spiteful venom than a female tongue. Better to live with a lion than with an
      angry old woman.

      Yeshua said: You have learned Yeshua Ben Sira´s sayings well. He was also a
      man, and the holy scripts all originate from men. What would happen if there
      was a script written by a clever woman? What would she have to say on this
      subject? Perhaps this: No ox can kick harder than an angry man, and no dog
      pounces more greedily on a bitch than a lustful man on his wife.

      But they like us the way we are: so manly.

      You just said that they are nagging and spiteful. A question for you: were
      they nagging and spiteful when you married them? If yes, why didn’t you
      choose better? If no, then marriage has made them sulky and bitter and
      nagging. Is it their fault, or also yours?

      One of them said: One time so strict, Rabbi, another time so lenient; how
      can they go together?

      One of them is the law, the other the lenience of the judge.

      Behind his back they said: How he plays the judge and at the same time says
      that one shouldn’t judge. A scatterbrain who is also dangerously clever.

      One of them, however, asked Yeshua: If you think so highly of marriage,
      Rabbi, why are you unmarried?

      He said: Some there are who are incapable of consummating marriage due to a
      birth defect. Others because of castration. Still others, however, live
      unmarried for the sake of the spirit. He who can grasp it, let him grasp it.

      They didn’t grasp it.

      They knew about the Essenes’ unmarried life, but they lived in communities
      in the desert, and only men lived together. But every Essene follower who
      lived in the tent camps was married and had children. Rabbi Yeshua’s
      followers were neither one nor the other. What to think about them? Would it
      would go well in the long run? They would have to be watched.

      Frank Thomas Smith
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