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where the buck stops

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  • holderlin66
    holderlin wrote: There are very, very strong indications with these stolen and planted passports, for instance the passport found pristine in the wreckage of
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      holderlin wrote:

      "There are very, very strong indications with these stolen and
      planted passports, for instance the passport found pristine in the
      wreckage of the WTC that we are dealing with a big Mossad, make the
      Arabs the Barbarians. What is up with that 9/11 commission,
      whitewash, bullshit and American dumbness? A Pristine passport of a
      terrorist found in the wreckage of the WTC? Undamaged, unsinged,
      pristine as if it floated down on a cloud onto the street? What
      about the Airlines stock market warnings and profit taking just
      before the crashed planes?"

      Bradford comments;

      Friends the proof of the 9/11 events fall apart everywhere and I
      will add another problem to all the crapology humanity wallows in.
      About the only thing one should read are Steiner and related Steiner
      old school researchers. Otherwise it takes such a great effort to
      antidote and counteract the extreme dissembling from the cesspool,
      err excuse me the press pool that end up running behind these
      stories putting duck tape and bandaids on them to keep them afloat,
      that it is hardly worth the effort.


      Miracles and Wonders

      By Alan Cabal

      "MIRACLES AND WONDERS Last week, USA Today reported a joint effort
      between Qualcomm and American Airlines' to allow passengers to make
      cellphone calls from aircraft in flight. According to the story, the
      satellite-based system employs a "Pico cell" to act as a small
      cellular tower.

      "It worked great," gushed Monte Ford, American Airline's chief
      information officer. "I called the office. I called my wife. I
      called a friend in Paris. They all heard me great, and I could hear
      them loud and clear."

      Before this new "Pico cell," it was nigh on impossible to make a
      call from a passenger aircraft in flight. Connection is impossible
      at altitudes over 8000 feet or speeds in excess of 230 mph.

      Yet despite this, passengers Todd Beamer, Mark Bingham, Jeremy Glick
      and Edward Felt all managed to place calls from Flight 93 on the
      morning of September 11. Peter Hanson, en route to Disneyland with
      his wife and daughter, phoned his dad from Flight 175. Madeline Amy
      Sweeney, a flight attendant, made a very dramatic call from Flight
      11 as it sped to the North Tower. Barbara Olson made two calls,
      collect, to her husband at his government office from Flight 77 as
      it made its way to the Pentagon.

      Each call was initially reported as coming from a cellphone. Later,
      when skepticism reared its ugly head and the Grassy Knollers
      arrived, the narrative became fuzzy; it was suggested that $10-a-
      minute Airfones were involved. Olson was an easy candidate for
      Airfone (one doesn't call collect from a cell), but as the stories
      developed, Olson—and Felt—were said to have called from inside
      locked lavatories. No Airfone there.

      In the very near future, numerous technological miracles and wonders
      will rise up out of the ashes of that terrible day, much the way the
      space program supposedly gave us Tang and Velcro. Satam Al-Suqami's
      indestructible passport, for one, is currently under the microscope
      in the Reverse Engineering Department at Area 51. My old passport
      was falling apart when I finally replaced it last year, just from
      spending 10 years in my pocket. His survived the destruction of the
      World Trade Center. I want one of those.

      Likewise, professional bowlers could benefit from inquiries into
      whatever physical force brought about the collapse of WTC 7. And as
      a frequent flyer who finds long-term parking difficult and
      expensive, I'd like to know by what mechanism Mohammed Atta got to
      Portland, ME, where he was videotaped boarding a flight to Logan
      Airport in Boston. His rental car was found at Logan.

      And last but not least, every suburban homeowner will want the
      miraculous PentaGrass. Whatever that lawn at the Pentagon is made
      out of, it sure is amazing stuff—it resists and repels fire,
      explosion, skid marks, aircraft debris, jet fuel, luggage and body
      parts. Shit from your neighbor's dog won't stand a chance!

      Who would've thought there'd be a silver lining even in the debris
      cloud made that Tuesday morning."

      Bradford concludes;

      Alright, you think you are watching beheaders, terrorists
      and "Barbarians" as Tarjei has indicated in how Steiner posed the
      idea of what the West has done in painting a picture of everyone
      else, except Fundamental Christians with a Barbarian brush. This is
      a fun time for Ahrimanic Deception. Materialistic Science run
      externally without a religious root, but the brotherhoods behind
      this intention, very clearly holding twisted Masonic religious
      idolotry. Idolotry that serves who? Good ole Ahrimanic deception.

      The Republican National Convention, the RNC has announced the most
      amazing stupidity, that a lap top with wonderful information was
      left by some 'terrorist' and this has booted American terrorist
      alerts up to RED. Building all over the place are gonna explode on
      our heads, in NYC...Osama wants Bush in office because he is such an
      Idiot. If there even is an Osama. All the RNC wants and Karl Rove
      wants is to say, THE ONLY A--HOLE WHO CAN PROTECT US ALL, IS GWB.
      This is such crap. More Crapology from the Humans enslaved by the
      King of Liars. Topel or Mephistopel.

      "Fugeddabout that convention. We got AL QAEDA comin' to GETCHA!
      Here is why this is bullshit. If they really knew the
      building "terrorists" were going to attack, the smart thing to do is
      stay silent, and set a trap. With an announcement in the media of
      the suspected targets, wouldn't real terrorists (as opposed to the
      phony terrorists hired to help start a war) SIMPLY PICK NEW
      TARGETS????? "

      We are too cowardly to study with objective clarity the King of
      Liars because in fact we have to navigate our soul to overcome our
      pet beliefs and the wonderful rug pulling nightmare, is that we
      really, have to, have to, take into consideration actual Beings that
      occupy our Psyche. Have to. Have to. There are no two ways about it.
      In fact there are at least three ways about it and we scurry around
      afraid to study these three ways with distinct spiritual insight
      becaus, heaven forbid, WHAT IF STEINER WAS RIGHT?. Why do we behave
      like that OH friendly cowardly companions on the Michael path? Set
      Up! Set UP! SET UP!

      Beheaders, bombers, manipulation of news, 9/11 commission, Abu
      Ghraib investigation run by the military, the military investigating
      itself, duh; Blair WMD report..lie, upon bald faced lie, upon
      swimming in the wonderful world of the sea created by King of Liars.
      Now if we didn't want to swim in this massively dysfunctional
      hallucination worming around in our Intellectual Soul we would study
      the Great Works of Ahrimanic Symptomology and learn to direct our
      gaze to the Christ Event. We would honestly weigh up the cruel,
      hideous agenda of BEings, all kinds of Beings swarming in our soul

      We could easily study with this in mind:

      1.) Orwell's "1984" reveals the grey shadows of Ahriman under the
      surface of the Global Community and the sinister eclipsing the
      dawning maturity of The Consciousness Soul.

      2.) Mark Twain and "The Mysterious Stranger"

      4.) A Picture of Dorian Gray

      5.) "The Devil and Daniel Webster"


      7.) Reading Dr. Steiner with intelligence and detail to how he
      places his insights. With Steiner, huge research substance is
      revealed in a few sentences that take stacks of books. Meaning, we
      read carefully not in our usual subjective little cocoon.

      THE BUCK STOPS WITH US but there aren't but the tiniest % of us who
      range our vision over this vast sour sea of delusion and motives
      lurking in the psyche.
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      Thank you Bradford. rick distasi Artist and paintings by Katharine Camaron http://www.mainlesson.com/display.php?author=macgregor&book=arthur&story=_front
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        Thank you Bradford.
        rick distasi
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