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Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] René_Querido

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  • dottie zold
    Bradford: That is because humanity is ... And I wonder if any of the great thinking minds of the Doctors students realize why they/you are failing the Michael
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 3, 2004
      That is because humanity is
      > ignorant of the Soul,
      > ignorant of the Spirit and we of the Michael School
      > have failed to make our case.

      And I wonder if any of the great thinking minds of the
      Doctors students realize why 'they/you are failing the
      Michael school, for those that care: why they are
      failing the stream that the Doctor wrought forth from
      the spiritual worlds?

      Instead of going sideways Brad we need to move
      forward. But many are unwilling to surrender, each
      caught in his own intellectual bullshit.

      Talk talk talk that's all that happens. No ones
      willing to take it to the next level. Well I dare say
      there are a few but those are not the respected
      members of the society. So, I get to watch the group
      slowly strangle itself into nothing but hot air. I
      think I am getting tired of that. Seems maybe why Mr.
      Tomberg may have felt the neccessity to leave the
      group. I can understand that. Too much sideways of
      walking and talking, no straightforward march. Just
      because the mind thinks it is moving forward does not
      make it so. It takes physical action and willingness
      to take on the Bhodisatava stance of enlightment.

      Too much stagnation and complacency going on.

      And yeah this tight moment for me comes out of the
      call that was unanswered except by one person. And
      what a beautiful person she is. And that to me is sad,
      very sad and yet I am encouraged by the Cosmos to
      continue on in my efforts. A little uncomfortable and
      defintely more work when everything is breaking for me
      in Hollywood at this pivotal time. For once the call
      has been put out, it now shall be answered; even if
      not by the Doctors students. But Anthroposophia will
      continue on and She will trasperse the streets looking
      for those sincerely serious souls willing to walk the
      walk and not just talk the talk. Michael is Her
      brother and She knows no defeat only the steadfastness
      of victory.

      My understanding for complacency among the great
      thinkers of the Doctor is coming to an end. In order
      to continue in this understanding I feel as if I have
      to let you all be small, (those that consider
      themselves soldiers of Michael) and I am unwilling to
      do that in honor of the great spirits that live in
      each and everyone of you. And I am directly speaking
      to you Bradford in this. Or maybe it is that the
      majority of Steiner students are old and happy with
      their already stated views of the Doctors work. Well
      all I have to say is then you leave this in the hands
      of one who is not as studied but who absolutely
      refuses to watch this teaching die out among the
      dinasours. It is keeping itelf small as I see it and
      it is an exclusive club of the intellectual, most
      definitely not what the Doctor had in mind. If instead
      one decides to encourage and lift up those who are
      willing to expend the energy to bring Her to the
      forefront than the life biography would be fufilled in
      and of itself.

      Happy Saturnday,

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