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René Querido

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  • holderlin66
    René QUERIDO: The Golden Age of Chartres. The Teachings of a Mystery School and the Eternal Feminine. With exoteric research one usually fails to get the
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 3, 2004
      René QUERIDO: The Golden Age of Chartres. The Teachings
      of a Mystery School and the Eternal Feminine.

      With exoteric research one usually fails to get the interconnected
      facts straight. Dynamic soul conditions have changed from the
      dominating Luciferic Priest Craft of 500 years ago. 500 years ago
      massive Luciferic Spin corrupted the very representatives we placed
      out faith in. 500 years later our former reliance on Luciferic
      Faith, shifted to the same faith in Ahrimanic Sciences. The souls
      incarnated in the Luciferic Church dominated systems, now
      reincarnate and take a comfortable stance in the Ahrimanic belief
      systems. All this, without any historical evaluation into massive
      paradigms shifts. That is because humanity is ignorant of the Soul,
      ignorant of the Spirit and we of the Michael School have failed to
      make our case.

      holderlin wrote:

      "In my book on "Kefa" I would examine the 500 year pivot of Luciferic
      purchase, through church donations and sick Priests, the Soul, so
      that it could avoid the pains of the Afterlife, if you had enough
      money. These were sold stock Indulgences from the corrupt
      priesthood. Like buying the brooklyn bridge. The Inquisition and
      Indulgences is a tale in how the aspects of Luciferic corruption,
      turned in a 500 year pivot from building churches to building
      skyscrapers. The corrupt Luciferic morals of the church and building
      churches turned into the Avarice of the Ahrimanic and building
      skyscrapers, in the 20th and 21st century."

      Bradford comments; Comparative fields of Religion and Science

      This subject was discussed and outlined for the class of 2003

      Church/Faith Science/Information

      1395 - 1503 1895 - 2003

      Cost of buying good Soul/ Buy better body, nips, tucks, clone

      Faith Based/ Information based

      Inquistion Indulgences/ Bribes-Jobs-Kickbacks-Earthly comforts

      Heaven/After death security/ Material, earthly security

      Building the Cathedral/ Building the Skyscraper

      Soul home/ Greed home

      Rewards in Heaven/ Rewards on Earth

      Torquemada/ J.E. Hoover 1895-1972
      Martyrs Burned tortured Hitler 1889-1845

      Ruch Buy perfect Soul/ Rich buy perfect body

      In the changed conditions of the time we find a polarity that has
      brought Science into the position that Religion once held. Science
      and Religion have merely exchanged hats in time.

      Our Faith in Science today is now equal to what our faith in the
      Church had been in the past. Our beliefs in the dogmas of Science
      it's current lies, are now equal to what our beliefs and faith in
      the dogmas of the church and their lies had been. We were
      materialists when it came to examining and understanding Faith and
      the substance of the Church back then and we are Materialists today
      when we examine the articles of faith dealing with Science.

      Erecting skyscrapers and pointing to indications that projecting
      from the inner earth, Ahriman projects his power outwards as if from
      Caves in the core of the earth. Giant spires of calcified stone and
      concrete, steel and Michael Iron, rise from the streets of the East
      Coast in order to pay homage to Avarice, generally and greed. They
      aren't beautiful like Chartres Cathedral and the wonderful lectures
      given by René Querido -

      René Querido crossed the threshold on June 23, 2004, at 3:00
      a.m. in the morning, in Bristol, England. The time for us of his
      passing would have been last night, the 22nd, at 6.49 p.m. PST.

      I, many times participated in Querido study groups from the
      Goetheanum to Spring Valley. His Chartres talks were some of the
      most interesting and one of the aspects of his studies were the
      influence of Platonism and Aristotlean aspects of waves of
      incarnations and the connection to the various streams of

      Another part of this study is to examine the shift of a dominating
      Luciferic weakness in Soul life 500 years ago to a dominating
      Ahrimanic shift in Soul life, which we are now immersed in. So part
      of this shift in the study of Symptomology must be to examine
      Skyscrapers as a building force against the building of Cathedrals
      and Churches. One prepared along ley lines various European cultural
      developments, the current paradigm is attempting to create an
      Ahrimanic global capitalism with massive churches reflecting the
      Ahrimanic as Steiner has depicted Ahriman's work in ice chambers and
      icicles of the Intellectual Soul.


      "The 4th of July is a day when Americans remember liberty, reflect
      on their Independence, and give thanks for all the good things that
      result from freedom. In recent years it has become a day of sadness
      as we reflect on the loss of our liberties and the knowledge that
      America is the world's only superpower and our government is mad
      with power and out of control.

      This 4th of July will mark the groundbreaking of the Freedom Tower
      at ground zero of the World Trade Center. The design of the building
      calls for a height of 1,776 symbolic feet, which will capture the
      title of world's tallest building when it is completed in late 2008
      or 2009.

      Groundbreakings, opening ceremonies, and certainly July 4th are all
      causes for celebration, but the Freedom Tower may be a signal that
      something much more sinister is afoot. For more than a century there
      has been a correlation between the building of the world's tallest
      building and severe economic downturns.

      The correlation is as follows. The announcement and groundbreaking
      for the world's tallest building takes place at the end of a long
      boom or sustained bubble in the economy. The stocks go into a bear
      market; the economy goes into recession or worse. The building is
      completed. The economic turmoil that ensues is either severe, drawn
      out, or as in the case of the Great Depression, both.

      The Panic of 1907 which helped bring about the Federal Reserve Act
      was signaled by the building of the 612 foot Singer Building
      completed in 1908 and the 700 foot Metropolitan Life completed in
      1909. There was only a short, sharp downturn in 1913 when the 792
      foot Woolworth building was completed, as the establishment of the
      Fed and WWI intervened.

      The Great Depression was signaled by a series of three record-
      breaking skyscrapers. The 927 foot Wall Street building was
      completed in 1929; the 1046 foot Chrysler Building was completed in
      1930; and the 1250 foot Empire State Building was completed in 1931.
      The Great Depression helped bring on Roosevelt's New Deal.

      The 1960s were boom years while the 1970s were characterized by high
      rates of unemployment and inflation. This "stagflation" was signaled
      by the building of the 1368 foot high World Trade Towers which were
      completed in 1972 and 1973. The Sears Tower set a new record at 1450
      feet when it was completed in 1974. The last vestige of the Gold
      Standard was abandoned in the early 1970s and the national debt has
      been increasing ever since.

      The last record-setting skyscraper was the 1483 foot Petronas Towers
      which were completed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1997. This
      signaled in the East Asian Crisis which crippled many of the
      economies of eastern Asia and had ramifications around the world.

      Since 1997 there have been several plans to set new records for the
      world's tallest building. For example, the New York Stock Exchange
      released a plan in 1999 to build the world's tallest building on
      Manhattan, but they never broke ground. Seoul, Korea is on the list
      of cities planning to be home to the world's tallest building. If
      completed in 2008, the International Business Center will top the
      Petronas Twin Towers. Work has also resumed last year on the 101-
      storey Shanghai World Financial Centre which aims to be the world's
      tallest building when it is completed in 2007.

      At first glance the association of record-setting skyscrapers and
      economic crisis would seem to be a spurious correlation. Surely, the
      building of such skyscrapers does not cause economic crisis.
      However, there is good reason to believe that skyscrapers and crisis
      are linked via the business cycle. Long periods of easy credit
      create economic booms, particularly in investment, speculation
      becomes pronounced, and entrepreneurs lose their compass of economic
      rationality and make big mistakes. The biggest mistakes – record-
      setting skyscrapers – comes toward the end of the long boom and
      signal the bust.

      In a forthcoming paper from the Quarterly Journal of Austrian
      Economics I explain that there are good theoretical reasons why
      skyscraper records are a good indicator of major swings in the
      business cycles. To receive the paper when it is published,
      subscribe here.

      Obviously, this indicator is not foolproof, but if it is correct
      there is an economic crisis coming. Worse yet, in the wake of each
      crisis during the 20th century, government has grown in both size
      and power and our liberty has been reduced. On both these accounts,
      let us hope that the Freedom Tower is an exception to the skyscraper
    • dottie zold
      Bradford: That is because humanity is ... And I wonder if any of the great thinking minds of the Doctors students realize why they/you are failing the Michael
      Message 2 of 4 , Jul 3, 2004
        That is because humanity is
        > ignorant of the Soul,
        > ignorant of the Spirit and we of the Michael School
        > have failed to make our case.

        And I wonder if any of the great thinking minds of the
        Doctors students realize why 'they/you are failing the
        Michael school, for those that care: why they are
        failing the stream that the Doctor wrought forth from
        the spiritual worlds?

        Instead of going sideways Brad we need to move
        forward. But many are unwilling to surrender, each
        caught in his own intellectual bullshit.

        Talk talk talk that's all that happens. No ones
        willing to take it to the next level. Well I dare say
        there are a few but those are not the respected
        members of the society. So, I get to watch the group
        slowly strangle itself into nothing but hot air. I
        think I am getting tired of that. Seems maybe why Mr.
        Tomberg may have felt the neccessity to leave the
        group. I can understand that. Too much sideways of
        walking and talking, no straightforward march. Just
        because the mind thinks it is moving forward does not
        make it so. It takes physical action and willingness
        to take on the Bhodisatava stance of enlightment.

        Too much stagnation and complacency going on.

        And yeah this tight moment for me comes out of the
        call that was unanswered except by one person. And
        what a beautiful person she is. And that to me is sad,
        very sad and yet I am encouraged by the Cosmos to
        continue on in my efforts. A little uncomfortable and
        defintely more work when everything is breaking for me
        in Hollywood at this pivotal time. For once the call
        has been put out, it now shall be answered; even if
        not by the Doctors students. But Anthroposophia will
        continue on and She will trasperse the streets looking
        for those sincerely serious souls willing to walk the
        walk and not just talk the talk. Michael is Her
        brother and She knows no defeat only the steadfastness
        of victory.

        My understanding for complacency among the great
        thinkers of the Doctor is coming to an end. In order
        to continue in this understanding I feel as if I have
        to let you all be small, (those that consider
        themselves soldiers of Michael) and I am unwilling to
        do that in honor of the great spirits that live in
        each and everyone of you. And I am directly speaking
        to you Bradford in this. Or maybe it is that the
        majority of Steiner students are old and happy with
        their already stated views of the Doctors work. Well
        all I have to say is then you leave this in the hands
        of one who is not as studied but who absolutely
        refuses to watch this teaching die out among the
        dinasours. It is keeping itelf small as I see it and
        it is an exclusive club of the intellectual, most
        definitely not what the Doctor had in mind. If instead
        one decides to encourage and lift up those who are
        willing to expend the energy to bring Her to the
        forefront than the life biography would be fufilled in
        and of itself.

        Happy Saturnday,

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