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Re: June 28 Sovereignty issue

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  • holderlin66
    Published on Wednesday, June 30, 2004 by the San Francisco Chronicle Citizens of the World, Unite by Kim Cranston
    Message 1 of 13 , Jul 1, 2004
      Published on Wednesday, June 30, 2004 by the San Francisco
      Citizens of the World, Unite
      by Kim Cranston


      "As we witness the transfer of sovereignty in Iraq, I wonder what my
      father, the late Sen. Alan Cranston, D-Calif., would have thought
      about the situation there.

      A few days before he passed away in December 2000, he completed a
      book entitled "The Sovereignty Revolution." The book explored ways
      humanity can effectively address global challenges, from climate
      change to terrorism and genocide. He concluded that our concept of
      sovereignty, which is "widely and unwisely thought . . . to mean
      only national sovereignty," helped make the 20th century the
      bloodiest in history. He argued humanity will not survive the next
      century unless we revise our concept of sovereignty to acknowledge
      the primacy of the individual and emphasize the importance of
      strengthening transnational organizations and international law.

      My father didn't live to witness the horrors of Sept. 11, 2001, or
      the ensuing war on terrorism. But his book warned of a terrorist
      attack on the United States, and specifically named Osama bin Laden
      as a possible perpetrator. He believed such horrors are
      preventable. "The answer," he wrote, "will likely be found to lie in
      adding one more layer of citizenship -- world citizenship -- to the
      national and lesser layers among which sovereignty is presently
      dispersed. This would at long last enable individuals to act upon
      and embrace not only their traditional national citizenship,
      patriotism and allegiance, but also their global citizenship, their
      planetary patriotism, their allegiance to humanity."

      To be sure, my father was not calling for a world government, but
      for something far more nuanced. He was calling for "the deliberate
      pooling, through democratic processes of consent, of strictly
      limited and carefully defined portions of the sovereignty of
      individuals so as to obtain what cannot otherwise be had."

      Previously commented on:

      "Sovereignty in Iraq is a catch phrase, a lot of hot air meaning one
      thing and one thing only, Karl Rove and Bush machine stay in power.
      American Press is so Orwellian that they cannot just tell you the way
      it really is. The way it really is, for Spiritual Science, is that
      control over the Iraqi corporate state by the U.S. is not something
      that will be withdrawn anytime soon.

      Go ahead, tell me about Soverignty, get all warm and fuzzy about
      Sovereignty for me. Sovereignty is where the I Am, free of egregorial
      and elemental beasties, like briars, that lodged themselves in
      Luciferic and Ahrimanic portions of the untransformed soul, can with
      self conscious, self correction and esoteric discipline, look at
      itself with objectivity.

      Sovereignty is having an active conscience that has the mobility to
      not be part of the Orders from above and military boyscout training
      wheels that allows anti-human actions to betray exactly what Freedom
      in the World and freedom for America used to stand for. Sovereignty
      is not walking around taking orders from Judaism, Islam or phony
      fundamental christian morons who either want Armageddon or revenge.

      Sovereignty is putting a line item, line by line cost effective
      breakdown of exactly what this is costing the U.S. and the world in
      billions, aid to whole starving countries, to what schools, teachers
      salaries, new energy research that shakes us free of oil; or, phony
      homeland security itself could do with the wasted billions that serve
      the darker instincts of failed patriotism and obvious demonic
      political machinations. We can start there with Sovereignty. Now all
      of this practical data is also occult schooling. Schooling that aims
      at the Philosophy of Freedom training of knowing your motives and
      using the great Greek method of esoteric discipline, known as Know
      Thyself. Steiner gave that as a gift. What I bring here practical
      common sense indications of understanding basic Ahrimanic
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