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Re: Rép. : [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Full Circle II

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  • dottie zold
    ... been a great collaborator:) I am going to resend my post on Magdalene because I forgot to spell check my speed typing:)))) Thank goodness I am not a
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 22, 2004
      Danny wrote:
      > :O
      > You Dottie . . . have done a *Great Research*! :)

      :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) and you have
      been a great collaborator:)

      I am going to resend my post on Magdalene because I forgot to spell
      check my speed typing:)))) Thank goodness I am not a secretary, whew.

      Here is the Lilith: but also look for a new post on Lucifer that I
      believe will speak to this Lilith/Lucifer ascension.

      Paths of the Christian Mysteries: Virginia Sease and Manfred-Schmidt
      Brabant: The Asuras is lecture one and is written by Mr. Brabant:
      page 13 - 15

      "The Queen of Sheba has not only been honoured; from the earliest of
      times the Queen of Sheba has been subject to terrible slander. This
      begins already in Judaism and radiates out even into the present.
      These slanders are based on the mistaken notion that she is a demon,
      a spectral being that strangles children, ensnares men - a terrible
      sexual demon; that she is the notorious Lilith, 'Adam's first wife'.
      But knowledge of Lilith has existed from as early as the year 3000
      BC, two thousand year before the Queen of Sheba.

      In the second epoc, in the Hyperborian epoch, the human being was an
      adrogymous, bisexual being. Legend says that Adam and Lilith had
      grown together, so to speak, bafck to back. This does not suit
      Lilith. One day she tears herself loose, grows wings, flies into the
      wilderness, and becomes a demon. It is said that every day she has
      hundreds of chidlren with Lucifer, but that she immediately strangles
      them all. What remains of Adam sits there and laments. God takes pity
      on him and creates Eve for him from his rib. Now Lilith becomes
      jealous; leaving Adam is one thing, but his having a new wife is
      another thing entirely! Thus she unites herself with Lucifer, and
      together the two of t hem slip into Paradise in the shape of a snake.
      They temp Eve and, through her, Adam as well. This is the legend as
      it exists."

      D: Holy cow. I had not read this part yet. It is confirmed that
      Lucifer and Lilith were the snake as one. Oh boy my life does not get
      any sweeter than this. Sorry I will move on.

      " Extraordinarily complex and significant facts are concealed behind
      this legend. When the human form came over from the Old Moon, one
      might say it had already developed the physical body, the ether body,
      and the astral bod at an earlier stage. As the Earth now begins, the
      activity of particular spirits-the archai, the spirits of personality-
      enters into the picture. They take a portion of the astral body,
      separate it off, and create the foundations of the soul so that the
      current members of our soul-the sentient soul, the intellectual soul,
      the consciousness soul. They create these foundations of the soul so
      that from teh Lemurian epoch onwards the human being becomes capable
      of incorporating an ego into this soul foundation. However, at the
      time of the Earth's beginning there were archai that had been left
      behind, that had not ascended during the normal developement-the so
      called asuras. These asuras also create human astrality, also create
      a soul structure, but this soul structure cannot incorporate a human
      ego. It can live in human bodies, but is is incapable of
      incorporating a human ego. These egoless soul forms, these soul forms
      that cannot be used by an ego, have a particular affinity to
      sexuality. Rudolf Steiner says this quite emphatically. The highest
      spirit of the asuras is Lilith. Lilith is the all inclusive name, the
      consciousness name, for these asuras."

      D: Yeah I kind of don't like this in a way. It seems to me that if
      we hold that Lucifer sacraficed himself by holding back wouldn't be a
      part of that combo as well? Didn't she sacrafice for the rest of us
      who were told to move on? And wouldn't that mean we could not leave
      her under any circumstances to her own? Well hopefully my next post
      on Lucifer will address her as well.


      " Sorat"

      " Now it is simply not the case that we are continuing to postulate a
      confusion between the Queen of Sheba and Liilth merely as an
      intellectual exercize as is done even in modern literature. Something
      is actually taking place in the spiritual world. The fact is that the
      Lilith-Asura figure continually tries to put herself in the place of
      the Queen of Sheba which is to say in the place of the being for whom
      the Queen of Sheba was the bearer. How is this possible?

      The Queen of Sheba is a lofty being, one of the kyriotetes, a spirit
      of wisdom; Lilith is only an archai, which is a much lower level
      within the hierarchies. And here we speak of the secret that will
      permeate us right into the present time, permeate us into our soul-
      physical and spiritual existance.

      Lilith can place herself at the same level as, and in opposition to,
      the Queen of Sheba because she (Lilith) is permeated by the most
      powerful force of evil present in our universe-Sorat, the sun demon.
      He is a being that comes from outside our time and space, a being
      from beyond our universe. Sorat is a spiritual power that denies the
      entire meaning of our evolution from Saturn to Vulcan, and wants to
      negate this evolution. The meaning of our evolution rests in the
      possibility of beings aquiring the ability to say, 'Not I, but the
      Christ in me.' However, in order to accomplish this an ego must have
      become so strong that it can make of itself a vessel, that it can
      withdraw itself so that it surrenders its egoism, and yet remains an
      ego that carries the Christ. Sorat wants to destroy all egohood.

      Lucifer wants to possess the ego for his own purposes; Ahriman wants
      to win the human ego for himself; the Sorat being wants to demolish
      egohood. The Sorat being works principally through what the demon of
      love is -the opposing demon, sexuality htat has turned demonic. When
      Rudolf Steiner once spoke on this, he said, 'And in much of what ...
      is sensuality, we can already see the grotesque flickering of hell.'
      Imagine what he might say today! We are so influenced by a Sorat-
      infected shaping of public opinion that we hardly notice any more
      what is actually taking place. From this we see that the egoless
      mistress of the soul, Lilith, wants to take the place of the true,
      ego-endowed soul of mankind".

      D: So there it is. I think there is something amiss. :) don't really
      wnat to get started again so I am just gonna take it easy. But, ...
      well I am not going there today.

      All good things,
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