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Open Secret - Full Circle Chymical To;: --> Lazarus, Magdalene and John!

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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    The Archangel Ramael Macrocosmically fashions the Etheric Image or sound inspirations of the Christ out of life and sound ethers ... ...Reminding us of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 22, 2004
      "The Archangel Ramael Macrocosmically fashions
      the Etheric Image or sound inspirations
      of the Christ out of life and sound ethers"...

      ...Reminding us of Corelli's "secret Makers";
      So Combine the Romance of 'One Another'!


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      You Dottie . . . have done a *Great Research*! :)

      As he laid on his bed - Lazarus;

      The Loud Voice of Christ

      Body-hit-brought-him-back-Together! :-O

      }}}===> ***SCIENCE OF WORD*** !

      ....There are still Many Pages
      On Spiritual Economy not yet written...

      ...Reminding us of Corelli's "secret Makers";
      So Combine the Romance of 'One Another'!


      I'm interested by the p.15 note on Lilith...
      Can you for our benefit, Dottie, post it?


      The Elementals Up in the AIR
      Dancing with the Planets
      Are sure Dottie's Friends
      Terrestrial and Extra Terrestrial
      Dancing with the Planets
      The Elementals Up in the AIR
      Terrestrial and Extra Terrestrial!

      Me too me too,
      Dan <;)

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      De : dottie zold<dottie_z@...>
      Okay friends here is the final part of this mystery I have been
      chasing regarding Lazarus/Magdalene/John.

      Again, Paths of the Christian Mysteries:

      page 162:

      "Until the year 1484, the Order of the Rose Cross is being
      established through the work of an eighty one year old
      initiate, "Father Rosenkreutz"- as we like to call him; he lives to
      the age of 106 years in this incarnation. There is an important
      secret taht is associated with the creation of the first Rosicrucian
      community. Rudolf Steiner emphasizes frequestnly that this was a very
      small circle, fewer than ten poepoe. What kind of peopel were they?
      Fiorst,. Ruidolf Steiner says, " At the awakening of Lazarus, the
      spiritual being of JOhn the Baptist entered from on high into the
      earlier Lazarus, reaching down into the consciousness soul...and from
      below, the being of Lazarus entered, so that the two merged into one
      another. As a resuilt, there stood before the Christ a juman being
      who reached form teh dpths of the earth to the highest hieghts of
      heave, who carried within himself in perfection teh physical body
      through all other members, including the spirit members Manas,
      Buddhi, Atma; this condition can only be deveolped in the far distant
      future by all mankind." However, he indicates this is still not the
      whole story. Actually, at the awakening of Lazarus, every part of his
      body is another human being. In the intellectual soul is the Hiram-
      ego, and all the other sould members are other beings. The sentient
      soul is Mary Magdalene, and the consciousness suld is John the
      Baptist, the Adam ego.

      These beings, or individualities, that had made up the bodily members
      of Lazarus, create the first Rosecrucian community. Thus it can be
      said that Christian Rosenkreutz, as the Hiram-ego, has around him
      those beings that experienced with him in the Lazarus the first
      inititaion by Christ.

      This circle works into the world. There are seven members, according
      to Rudolf Steiner, and each of the seven has a further seven around
      him. And external Rosicrucian brotherhood also arises. But again and
      again, and external reference is made to the historical nucleus, to
      a kind of core group that continued to develope during the subsequent
      two centuries. "

      D: So. I think we have to look once again at the Lazarus
      understanding. How is it that each of his members is someone else.
      Are we really referring to a human being in the sense of how we exist
      today? It can be read so. And then again there is a lingering thought
      that we are dealing with something all together different.

      For me I feel finally I have come full circle. Now there are, I am
      sure, other circles but this one has been going on for three years or
      so. And I am seven months past my 41st birthday.

      I am not sure how anyone can look upon Magdalene any longer as not
      being a representative of Sophia here on earth. And at each stage as
      we can see with Queen of Sheba a woman must be with the man for these
      great mysteries to come about. It is shown all throughout the NT
      where Magdalene was by the side of Christ's journey. And now we have
      a fuller understanding of exactly what that role is when we
      contemplate further works. I think we also have a further
      understanding of how it comes to be that Magdalene sits in the Lodge
      of twelve.

      On page 15 we have a note on Lilith. I am not so sure how I feel
      about it. I feel it may be correct however it also feels like there
      is something missing. Maybe coming to an understanding of the 'lowest
      aspect' of the soul will take even more years to uncover the truth of
      this mystery. However, I think it has taken two thousand years for
      Magdalene to find her rightful place and I am sure hoping by the next
      go around it will be clearer so we might be of service to Her. She is
      like Luciger in that She carries the burden, well at least this is
      how I see it at this moment.

      Maybe now I can slow down.


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