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  • dottie zold
    Hey Fellows and Listmates, I will leave the expression of how I came to a thing at the end of what I want to share as to avoid irritating anyone with my
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 21, 2004
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      Hey Fellows and Listmates,

      I will leave the expression of how I came to a thing at the end of
      what I want to share as to avoid irritating anyone with my writing

      First to the Magdalene Sophia mystery:

      Paths of the Christian Mysteries: Virginia Sease & Manfred Schmidt-

      The Templar Initiation page 139

      "He uses quite wonderfully moving words when he comes to speak on the
      Templars. Thus he says , 'at the center' of the Templars teaching
      stood 'something feminine...the divine Sophia, the divine wisdom'.
      This is a key phrase for everything the Templars do. The Templars saw
      the Mystery of the Isis-Sophia as the great world-ether Mystery, now
      become essentially goddess like. They observe the great world-ether
      Mystery in which the Isis-Sophia lives as something essentially
      goddess-like. They venerated Mary Magdalene as the earthly, human
      reflection of this being".

      D: Now, I have been chasing this mystery all over the place. Anyone
      who knows me from the Ark realizes that I stated time and time again
      that I felt guided by Dr. Steiner to this mystery and originally
      found it in The Fifth Gospel. The mystery of Sophia is deeply
      connected to Magdalene and was present at Gogoltha

      It seems the Templars have two streams just like Anthroposophia, one
      of the sword and one of the word. And this is the connection of the
      Grail to Magdalene: she was venerated as the earthly human reflection
      of Isis-Sophia. Holy cow. And I uncovered it against all odds. Thank
      God for the opposition or I might never had checked as far as I have.
      Truly, this is how adversarial relationships work when one is truly
      searching for a thing: pushes them further and deeper to find out
      what is trying to be uncovered by their spirit. And this is why I am
      always so grateful even when I get my butt kicked. Well, most of the
      time anyway:)

      Now, it is interesting these Templars. I find my mirror reflection of
      a bruised and scarred face reflects back to this moment of being a
      part of the Templars.

      page 140: "In addition to what they began in Europe, they were also
      present at battles in Palestine and Spain. They took part in the
      reconquista; they joined in battle, and they situated their
      fortresses - for example, at Ponte Ferrada. This was the proving
      ground; they were greatly feared because they were unafraid of death
      and fought as though they were already dead. Rudolf Steiner says that
      they were not permitted to yield unless the odds against them were
      more than three to one. It was an inner deed that was fufilled in
      battle: "I am not I. Everything I am belongs to Christ. The Christ
      works through me; the Christ works in my blood.' And Rudolf Steiner
      also says that many of these Templars were really initiated into the
      Christ Mysteries, that they underwent a truly Christian initiation. "

      D: Relating what Kim and I were studying at one point I found this
      about Queen of Sheba:

      page 138:

      "We have already considered the earthly aspect of the first event.
      Through the Queen of Sheba they experienced the passing of the star
      wisdom from Solomon to Hiram. That was not just a superficial story,
      and certainly not as folkloric as the Old Testament might seem to
      indicate; it was a matter between the gods and men. It is depicted in
      a simple imagination. The queen arrives and becomes engaged to
      Solomon. She then meets Hiram, changes her mind, and breaks off the
      engagement. She then turns to Hiram. But these are, in fact, quite
      sketchy indications of something in which the hierarchies and various
      beings, as well as many discarnate human beings, had a part. This
      whole story of Solomon, Hiram and the Queen of Sheba was a cosmic
      event from teh point of view of the cosmos, and those Templars in teh
      spiritual world experienced that. Their beloved star wisdom-the
      wisdom they had percieved as always flowing into the Abel stream,
      into the blessed priest-kings-passes over to actively working human
      beings. "

      D: And I shall save the most important relating to Lazarus/Magdalene
      in the next post. And this book which I had forgotten on my shelf was
      mentioned at the Sophia study group I am now a part of. Whew. And
      this morning I checked to see if I happened to have the book as the
      cover looked a little familiar. Lo and behold it is right here.

      Funny thing about my Sophia group is that I finally get what my
      Michael expression is because I saw it in anothers stance: steady
      piercing glance when listening or intending. I have a picture that I
      look at from time to time because the way I am caught is so
      interesting and it reminds me of how I percieve Michael. Well I saw
      the look in another person as she was intent on what someone was
      saying. It is a most unbelievable gaze. Different than Mr. Kloceks in
      that the countance took over but with this woman it was just the
      Michael intent could be seen through her gaze. Very interesting.

      All my best,
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