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The Gardner

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  • holderlin66
    dottie zold wrote: Mr. Klocek inspires us to look at the earthly realm of information. And from there we move into the realm of ideas where things suddenly
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 3, 2004
      dottie zold wrote:

      "Mr. Klocek inspires us to look at the earthly realm of information.
      And from there we move into the realm of ideas where things suddenly
      morph into a higher understanding; a correct one if our information
      has been checked, double checked, and tripple checked within us
      before we are then take it to the next step."

      Harvey's review dated Nov 15, 2003

      "Dennis Klocek graced the Tucson community this past full-moon
      weekend with an invigorating and well-attended workshop on the role
      of the will in spiritual practice, and casually created a bridge
      between the term Syndrome/Complex and Demon, its more premordial,
      uncamouflaged, touchable form.

      "It was refreshing to detect through his own voice, a stereoscopic
      echo and brave affirmation that which so many of us here and
      elsewhere are beginning to suspect - that the "Shit Happens" bumper
      sticker, so many now broadcast subliminally, which is the de facto
      ancestor, the rehearsal of the "666" people will be wearing, stamped
      like concentration camp serial numbers upon their foreheads in far
      future ages is telltale evidence to the individual, a sign which
      broadcasts the futile absurdity of allowing reincarnation upon
      reincarnation of unaddressed need to deal with craving to be dealt

      "Craving, which indeed stealing the breath of the quality of
      detachment, extinguishing the attitude of etheric buoyancy, and the
      astral bathe of hope which inspiring, sires it, threatens to imperil
      the human exit from the Egypt of unacknowledge slavery, confining the
      race to the nostalgic stream, witholding from men access to the
      Progressive stream..."

      Bradford comments;

      We are all tenders of the Garden. The I AM that was placed as a raw
      natural power suddenly in the Earthly realm, before Magadalene, is
      hardly different than our micro gardner who weeds, cleanses,
      reshapes, replants higher impulses and comes into our thinking, as
      our own I AM and delivers common sense as new seeds without genetic

      Our Gardner takes family dysfunction, abuse, tyranny and swirls into
      our own family blood lines, charts new directions from disasters,
      changes the direction of rivers, flows, etheric streams. From
      childhood abuse and catastrophe we emerge with new flowers, a
      different acre of sunshine from the horribly over used and depleted
      soil our relatives still squatted on.

      The Gardner walks, grows and becomes us. In every classroom, in new
      friendships we learn to recognize the Gardner in us. This Raw
      released Cosmic force, all lightening and soft sunsets nourishes our
      new habits of thought. The Gardner reveals patterns and sprinkles
      our lives with the dew of vivid soul meetings and coincidences and
      from them we learn to bring the sunlight into our own soul and
      protect from frost and storm what is nurtured. What has been damaged
      and lied to becomes healed in our own hearts.

      Just like the child at the beach, making new channels for the great
      sea of the etheric Christ impulse, so do we learn, as loving
      beginners, to understand the new patterns and flows of the Risen
      Etheric Christ. Cosmic Gardener of the I AM.
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