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The Nazi phenomenon/Frank

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  • holderlin66
    Frank Thomas Smith wrote: Hey, Bradford, You know that I am certainly no supporter of Bush & Gang. However, I think comparisons with his administration and
    Message 1 of 86 , Jun 3, 2004
      Frank Thomas Smith wrote:

      "Hey, Bradford,
      You know that I am certainly no supporter of Bush & Gang. However, I
      think comparisons with his administration and the Nazis is a gross
      exaggeration - and put-offish."

      Beloved Frank;

      While we don't know each other that well, and I am certainly easier
      to get to know than you are, what exactly are your friggin
      complaints on the patterning of re-emerging Ahrimanic Symptomology
      studies in the current administration? You think it off the mark,
      dangerous, not based on true observations of soul conditions? Put-
      offish? Let me tell you about how put-offish it is that so many
      souls jump onto lists and jump off lists like little spoiled
      consumer rabbits and say, "I won't play" when they hear a strong
      opinion. I will run away.

      I know you aren't any kind of spiritual coward Frank. In fact the
      opposite, I have always thought you well balanced loving historical
      courage. Yet what the heck play book are looking at? Put-Offish that
      fascism is here in the U.S. nearly wanting to take root under the
      new Orewellian Neocon bat sh--. Trying to gum down and soften
      Michael School thinking are we? Let them eat cake!

      We are, living just above your friggin head, here in North America,
      which has recently come very, very close to fascism, however mild
      you think it is compared to Nazi Germany. I don't think we need
      Ahriman to get any closer thank you very much.

      Screw it, it has been Orwellian up here and it remains Orwellian and
      those are the facts my friend. Go Put-offish where we wish not to
      see what is looming. So since I didn't write that comparison on
      Nazi, I find it important that in looking at repetitive cycles in
      Ahrimanic Symptomology, I cut this Administration, in my U.S. no

      They are leading the world away from Michael potentials and this is
      not an opinion, this is a studied observation on the Symptomology of
      Ahriman values. We are weaving in it no matter how you care to
      soften the edges or blur the distinctions, it is far better to see
      how Ahrimanic Symptoms have impinged on humanitarian Spiritual
      truths and hold our Time in perspective. If the Matrix film series
      revealed a solid Ahrimanic human, digital code I AM, called Mr.
      Smith, "Lord of the Rings" was its Luciferic, Celtic mirror image.

      If you got a problem with schooled observations, lets hear it. If
      you think it is bullshit well I don't agree. Houston we have a
      problem!! And you know I am a tad Luciferic on my insights. We are,
      in case you go a little soft, and see the villains of the SS so very
      different than the Military Industrial complex of the West creating
      mandates for biological warfare and inching there way towards
      illegal invasions of any damn country they please.. Moltke and
      Steiner I'm sure had words over this. With you Frank, because I
      respect you, I'm having words of this. But in fact, sorry to say, I
      am very sure Steiner followed the soul of Moltke, with cognition,
      over the threshold of death. You got a problem with that? I hope
      that is not put-offish.

      America's pre-emptive stance, while interesting if used with
      caution, has been a cosmopolitan disaster that runs right against
      all ideals of the Michael School in terms of Triadic, threefolding
      of global interests. Sure we have multitudes of tainted intellectual
      soul reasons, but frankly, Frank, there is a huge healthy spiritual
      division between nationalistic, fundie driven America and immense un-
      read, un-washed silly sentient soul, flag waving, denials; and on
      the other hand another whole part of the global community that is
      seeing the utter retardation of these events that cracked open the
      21st century are rightfully shocked. There is hardly any doubt that
      we can see an Ahrimanic and Luciferic deception running through the
      conflict between the consumer driven west and the Flea Market, sense
      deprivation of the religious oil rich middle east. My Precious! My

      Now in terms of thousands of little infected Nietzsche's who are
      vomiting hypocrisy, you probably don't have to weigh up the Rush
      Limbaughs in your neck of the woods. That, that my friend is Put-
      offish. I don't have to listen unless listening is instructive for
      navigating a sense of truth. 1933-1999-2003 and Etheric Christ
      patterns in historical rhythms are facing direct Ahrimanic
      intentions opposing the free inner maturation of Michael School
      intuitions in the souls of humanity. One thing I love about Spritual
      Scientific Schooling is that you can really determine internally and
      externally Luciferic or Ahrimanic activity. As I said, I am a tad
      Luciferic by I do have Virgo as my Sun.

      So if you care to quibble about Heaven's Gate cult or Michael
      Jackson being Luciferic observations or Las Vegas as a Luciferic
      Mystery Center, quibble away.. these are sound objective insights.
      If you want to quibble about the military industrial complex and
      military rank, credentials and code being externalized I AM
      structures without the Christ I Am finding the interior conscience,
      out of their own I AM's, against orders, ranks and a sea of boyscout
      uniforms...and is anyone trained to obey their conscience instead of
      orders from their commander and chief- quibble away. We find the I
      AM propped up with silly boyish and infantile uniforms and ranks
      held over from Rome and the 19th century. For what? Here is a great
      seed ground for maintaining unconscious relation to Ahrimanic
      hierarchy as shadow of the Foundation Stone Med and the I AM. Rank
      upon rank of what, Higher Beings; or a sea of military deceptions
      wearing boyscout uniforms?

      I advocate blasting those Etheric bad habits with doses of POF in
      Chemo form. Let every human being love his conscience, moral
      technique and newly discovered moral intuition. Let us be schooled
      in a defense system where we see our own demons our own shades of
      Lucifer and Ahriman and get to know ourselves as objective forces in
      the cosmic balance. We will than do what Christ intended us to do,
      Self Correct our Spiritual Development and do unto others as we
      would have them do unto us.


      "The bill for this poop-fest amounts to two-hundred billion dollars.

      Four billion dollars a year would take care of the basic necessities
      of the most impoverished people of the world—water, literacy,
      housing. Think about it! Into how many years of our own security
      against "terra" might two-hundred billion dollars compute if we
      dropped bread, not bombs? Not to mention our own needs here at home
      in health, education, security, environment, infrastructure repairs,


      Bradford rants on:

      In terms of Ahrimanic symptomology certainly we have America and
      Washington D.C. but that does not allow anyone with insight and
      common sense not to see that the tomb of John the Baptist is in
      Damascus, that enflamed Luciferic pockets of human bombs are
      unconsciously and dynamically bound up with Ahrimanic decisions to
      put tyrants and murderers as paid, ass lickers in Western Imperial
      seats of power. Share the world in brotherhood is so far out of the
      friggin question in the halls of power that put-offish should be
      Michael Moore mandated, IN YOUR FRIGGIN FACE BROTHERHOOD!

      Schools, whole countries could be funded for what stupidity we have
      undertaken in this idiots war, to have over 40 some odd military
      bases erected in Iraq, dry land or sand carriers, move out of Saudi
      Arabia with our tail between our legs and pretend to give Iraq
      freedom as long as the corporate deals we have made for their oil
      remain in U.S. hands; along with the supervised military bases we
      have built, when we should have been rebuilding the infrastructure
      of Iraq.

      Now of course we want a fall guy, Chalabi to say that the greatest
      military might was duped into thinking that WMD etc.. poor President
      Bush and his speeches, were all duped by, Chalabi. Talk about
      pinning the tail on the wrong jack ass. How convenient.How quaint.
      People are terrified of honesty. I think we need more Put-offishness.

      So. Dr. Steiner was honest and can be dismissed as a quack. If we
      only had such penetrating honesty and vision and schooled thinking
      in the making that all of our education could be funded and that
      Ahrimanic and Luciferic symptomology could be studied without
      Fundamental quakery tangling up objective soul observation, we could
      all learn to police ourselves.

      So no, on a list, with potential for free spiritual insight, and
      probably less stinging force if we were talking together dear Frank,
      my opinion and insights are fairly well schooled in understanding
      the unconscious weaving of soul forces that have gotten us into the
      current intention of Ahrimanic symptomology surfacing again with
      obvious force from the West.

      Steiner looked at it this way and it still stands as strong as ever.


      "It was actually the descendants of the old Atlantean teachers who
      were now working from a place in Asia. A priest there had been
      educated to behold — to have a belated vision, as it were, of what
      the Atlanteans called the "Great Spirit," and to receive his
      commands. These the priest communicated to a young man of remarkable
      energy and strength who, by virtue of this authority, received the
      name "The Great Ruler of the Earth" from his community. This was
      Genghis Khan. The Great Spirit, through his follower and through that
      priest, gave to Genghis Khan the command to summon all the powers of
      Asia to spread the influence that would lead the fifth post-Atlantean
      age back into a luciferic form. These forces — and they were far more
      powerful than the forces established in Greek culture — were all
      employed to this end. Free imaginations were to be changed into old,
      visionary imaginations. Every effort was to be made to lull the soul
      of man to sleep in a dim and dreamy experience of imaginations
      instead of a free experience filled through and through with clear

      "Something was needed to counterbalance this tendency. An opposite
      trend had to be created as a counterforce that moves in the direction
      of the normal evolution of mankind. The influence of Genghis Khan's
      priest was intended to bring about a kind of buoyancy and lightness
      in the human race that would draw man away from the earth. Over
      against this, a corresponding heaviness had to come to man from the
      weight of the earth; this was provided through the discovery of the
      western world. America, with all that it holds, was discovered and
      thereby earth heaviness, the desire to remain on earth, was given to
      man. The discovery of America and everything connected with it, and
      the way man carried his life into the many new places of the earth,
      all this, when seen in wider connections, shows itself as a
      counterbalancing force to the activity of Genghis Khan. America had
      to be discovered so that man might be brought to grow closer to the
      earth, to grow more and more materialistic. Man needed weight and
      heaviness to counterbalance the spiritualization that was the aim of
      the descendants of the "Great Spirit."

      "Along with this normal process whereby the scene of action of man's
      life was extended to America, we find the other forces, the ahrimanic
      powers of the "Great Spirit," intervening again. An influence came
      from America to Europe, and another came to permeate America from
      Asia. Thus, normal forces developed through the discovery of America
      and also powerful ahrimanic onslaughts. They worked less strongly at
      first, but will continue to work in our time and on into the future.
      We must learn to recognize these ahrimanic forces.

      "What Rome had achieved in the Church and in the ecclesiastical state
      was grasped by the ahrimanic influence. While it is comparatively
      easy to see how the luciferic influence worked on Genghis Khan — we
      have exact knowledge of the fact that a priest was initiated by the
      follower of the "Great Spirit" — it is much more difficult to say how
      the ahrimanic spirit worked. This is because the ahrimanic influence
      is dispersed and scattered. But you need only study how Spain,
      strictly Roman Catholic as it was, was fascinated by all the
      treasures of gold that were discovered in America. What a hold it had
      upon her! You can observe how strong the specter-like working of the
      old Romanism still was in such a ruler as Ferdinand of Castile or
      Charles V, the ruler of the kingdom over which the "sun never set."
      Study the reaction of Europe to the gradual discovery and opening up
      of America and you will see what temptations came from that
      direction. Taken all in all, it is a history of temptation woven in
      with a history that runs a normal course. "

      Why the Bush "War on Terror" is Fated to Fail
      by John D. Goldhammer

      (from Nov 23, 2003)

      "War certainly qualifies as a "weapon of mass destruction," and our
      pre-emptive/preventative policy of violent aggression against a
      sovereign nation only serves to dump more fuel on the spreading
      ideological plague of vicious, Islamic fundamentalism now directed
      against non-Muslims and most of the civilized world. War only
      solidifies and further ignites the passions of those individuals
      caught in this lethal swamp of group-inspired hatred directed towards
      the U.S. Bush's divisive, gun-slinger, "You're either with us or
      against us," absolutism, is eerily similar to Islamic fanatics, who
      are intent upon terrorizing and destroying the "infidels"-that's you
      and me-and anyone else who is non-Muslim. They believe, in the words
      of one prominent Iranian ayatollah, that "Moslems have no
      alternative . . . to an armed holy war against profane
      governments. . . . . It will . . . be the duty of every able-bodied
      adult male to volunteer for this war of conquest, the final aim of
      which is to put Koranic law in power from one end of the earth to the
      other." To fundamentalist Islam the US is the "great Satan," while
      George W. Bush, indoctrinated by his own destructive, self righteous,
      group-think, world view, said, "We are in a conflict between good and
      evil, and America will call evil by its name." And, according to
      the "Bush Doctrine," the United States is "called to bring God's gift
      of liberty to every human being in the world" - good news for
      Christians, bad news for Moslems and other beliefs.

      How have we as a nation been led down this slippery slope into the
      terrible maw of our own brand of barbaric, black and white dogmatism
      that is perverting a nation once dedicated to peace and freedom into
      a war-mongering, "many-headed beast" intent on ever-increasing world
      dominance. Hence the transparent spectacle of archaic empire-building
      disguised as "freedom and democracy."

      The Bush regime's behavior epitomizes many dangerous characteristics
      of a full-blown cult: a dysfunctional group ideology obliterates the
      individual human conscience, whether Christian or Muslim; ideology-
      fanaticism and mass hysteria-then become mechanisms for rationalizing
      the greatest evil of all-war. Once infected, this dehumanizing,
      mental virus turns normally "good" people into conscienceless killing
      machines. This is NOT religion! This is insanity!"
    • holderlin66
      holderlin wrote: No we are not out of the woods yet by a long shot. But we have a mighty awakening going on and how sinsiter it could get, runs like this.
      Message 86 of 86 , Oct 1, 2004
        holderlin wrote:

        "No we are not out of the woods yet by a long shot. But we have a
        mighty awakening going on and how sinsiter it could get, runs like
        this. Another shocking, staged terrorist attack in America.
        Accidental death in less than a year of Michael Moore."


        "But Michael Moore, according to some, must be stopped at all costs.
        I am predicting that Michael Moore will not be alive this time next
        year. He's enraged enough people in misaligned right wing neo-con
        organizations on the right and far right by simply telling the truth
        about what we really are. I am also willing to predict it will be a
        bullet that will silence Moore. And yes, we do that sort of thing -
        Martin Luther King is a good example."


        Bradford comments;

        Under the surface of the impulses in America, as many of us
        remember, people under this new GOP are vicious, winners no matter
        at what cost and at this moment in history at all costs. On top of
        that any danger to the Sorathian tilted power bloc will scare them
        down to their economically avarice driven consciences. Imagine
        Rush's response or Tom Delay. There is bitter revenge brewing, not
        fair winning or fair play is at play here.

        Now swirling in instincts and impulses under the vibrant surface of
        America, one begins to see the fangs and hear the snap of the jaws
        and no matter who wins this election, the bitter feelings over the
        country are rising as they have in the dark instincts of America's
        recent past. On the other hand the fairness, and celebration of the
        first debate as Kerry was CRYSTAL, sharp, on point; shakes the deep
        regions of Fundamentalistic, failed christian instincts, swirling in
        the GOP. There is no admission, no allowing the limberness of
        thought to wrap around new impressions, it is a fixed and rigid set
        of opinions which, however deluded, remains fixed on the
        hallucination that GWB has fronted behind his administration and
        calls this delusion, Character.

        Of course for the esoteric student, certain fixed, dogmatic, rigid
        will forces contain a hidden gesture of the goose step in it. There
        is no thoughtful mobility, except in the realm of Karl Rovian
        dynamic double dealings and out and out cunning viciousness. One has
        to admire the competitiveness and cunning of a team that keeps its
        margins of power with such dazzling and convincing intellectual
        delusion and pointers on the political compass, cheering truth that
        is due pointing due south of any country known as truth. The goose
        step is a hidden etheric gesture. This dogmatic goose step of
        rigidity can be located even in Ahriman's portrait. This stiff arm
        extended, this force of will, set jaw and the intimacy of GWB's
        petulant responses to Kerry at the debate, reveal a great deal about
        character and the etheric sub text. On Bush's face were the clear
        impressions of how his little Presidency has been protected from
        reality and how Bush could let his soul, snear with petulancy, while
        the cameras were running.

        Now this aggressive, competitiveness is no different from Bobby
        Kennedy's handling of his brothers campaign but it brings out the
        fangs of the wolves. The fangs of the wolf tore into WTC and we are
        all seriously questioning how our skies were left undefended with
        Cheney's diversions on the very date of the political attack. We
        still shout as if we knew for certain that Ossam planned this...

        So Was Paul Wellstone's Plane hit with an electronic zap? Is
        sinister murder and assassination still possible in America? Well
        the bitterness of Salem Puritan witch hunter MCarthyism either in
        Mormons or Dashboard Jesus Patriots have come to roost under the
        Bush delusion. If the delusion wins, the rest of the free world will
        be equally agonized....and just below the surface there is a soccer
        stadium brawl brewing, depending on who wins..

        Bitter, bitter, denial of the truth and overwhelming lies that have
        spun power and belief togther, is a lethal, lethal mix. Germany fell
        under such a lethal mix of hallucination and spin. Just how ugly it
        could get is knowing how America has behaved when it seeks bitter
        revenge on it's own idealists.
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