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  • Frank Thomas Smith
    Didn’t we have anything else to think about? One day Jochanan drew in the sand. He was imitating the Rabbi, who often did that. What was it that Jochanan
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2004
      Didn’t we have anything else to think about?

      One day Jochanan drew in the sand. He was imitating the Rabbi, who often did
      that. What was it that Jochanan drew?

      A triangle with the base on the earth, and a second one pointing downwards
      and meeting the head of the one underneath it.

      Jochanan indicated the point where both apexes met: Here HE stands. Here
      above is the godly domain, here below the human one. No separation, but
      different domains. HE is the bridge. HE belongs to both domains. Son of God.
      Son of Man. The logos, which introduces the upper domain into the lower. One
      day both domains will coincide, and that will be the kingdom of peace, the
      kingdom of the spirit.

      And this HE, do you mean our rabbi Yeshua? Do you mean this seriously, or is
      it another thought-game?

      I don’t know.

      Let’s keep playing: How did this HE come from his spirit-domain into that of

      By conception and birth. How else?

      That what *you* say. Don’t you know, you half-Greek, the story of the
      goddess Athena, whom the highest god, Zeus, conceived with himself and
      carried in his head until she, motherless, sprang from his head as a full
      grown woman?

      That’s a heathen belief.

      Everything heathen isn’t false.

      It’s different.

      But how?

      Haven’t you noticed that when Yeshua speaks of his father he doesn’t mean
      Josef the carpenter, who is long dead?

      Yes, I have. And that he looks at his mother like a stranger and calls her
      madam, not mother. Who is his father, who his mother?

      Did you know that his mother grew up in the temple, one of the many chosen
      daughters of Yisrael, one who, more than any other, met the conditions of
      the prophesy about the Messiah’s mother?

      Did she?

      It seems so. And then they looked for a suitable husband for her.

      Who did the choosing?

      Temple priests with special powers. Wise ones. Initiates.

      Do you believe that?

      I don’t know. I know such stories from other religions.

      For example?

      They lead the chosen ones into the temple. Put them into a deep sleep and
      order them into bed together. Still asleep, they are separated and they
      remember nothing of what happened, at most a dream of winged beings and
      spears of light.

      But then, when the conceived child comes?

      Then it is divinely conceived, fatherless.

      And what’s it all for?

      In order to be able to declare a man to be God.

      Nobody thinks to declare Yeshua God. What are you talking about?

      You’re talking about him, not me. I’m only telling what is thought in other

      Figments of the imagination, I said and left.

      But the whole thing gave me no rest. I secretly watched Yeshua to see if I
      could perceive his origin. I saw nothing like that. But I thought, it could
      well be that he came from the spirit-domain to that of matter in an unusual
      way. This idea of winged beings and spear of light. The spirit who travels
      into matter and conceives. The logos, which becomes a human child. If this
      child is a human only in accordance with love and a god in accordance with
      spirit? That’s an idea which is not absurd. But why does Jochanan apply it
      to our rabbi? For he does, even though he denies it. I talk to him.

      What do you know of Yeshua’s birth?


      Tell me what you know!

      Very well: The astrologers had calculated that at a certain point in time
      there was a very unusual constellation in the sky: a conjunction of Jupiter
      and Saturn.

      What does that mean?

      Jupiter is the king’s star.

      And Saturn?

      Every people has a planet attributed to it. Yisrael’s star is Saturn.

      That means that in Yisrael a king will be born and a special meaning is
      attached to him. And where is this king, please? We have only one, Herod,
      and he is miserable.

      Jochanan walked away, as though I had insulted him.

      Frank Thomas Smith
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