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The Nazi phenomenon

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  • Tarjei Straume
    ... Of course. I m deeply aware of how complex the Nazi phenomenon is, which is why I wrote the article about Nazi occultism in 1996, primarily inspired by
    Message 1 of 86 , Jun 2, 2004
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      I wrote:

      > > Fals accusations and
      > > gross injustice can make people very irrational when pushed to the limit.


      >I would call this an over-simplification, Tarjei. The conditions imposed
      >on Germany at Versailles were indeed extreme, unjust and stupid. But it's
      >only one woof in a complex pattern, and doesn't suffice, for me at least,
      >to explain the Nazi phenomenon.

      Of course. I'm deeply aware of how complex the Nazi phenomenon is, which is
      why I wrote the article about Nazi occultism in 1996, primarily inspired by
      Nigel Pennick's book "Hitler's Secret Sciences." To a certain extent, and
      with a depth of understanding that makes sense to someone who tries to
      approach history in a spiritual way, Pennick succeeds in explaining how the
      mass hypnotism of the German speaking peoples became possible - not only
      through terror (Hitler thought the threat of immediate death was the
      optimal method of persuasion), but through rituals, marches, parades, etc.
      through every town and street and village 24 hours per day, month after
      month and year after year until the will to resist was all but cleansed out
      of people. The recent reign in Iraq under Saddam Hussein gives us a good
      hint, although Saddam was an bungling amateur compared to Hitler.



      In the Nuremberg Rallies, all the power of propaganda and subtle influences
      came together. The town was bedecked with millions of swastika flags.
      Martial music and verbal propaganda blared from loudspeakers on every
      lamp-post. Ceaseless ranks of brownshirts, SS, Labour Corps, Hitler Youth,
      Army, Navy and Airforce personnel marched hither and thither; almost a
      million people crammed into a small city.

      The rallies were overwhelming in every sense of the word, designed to
      bludgeon the senses and numb the mind. March-pasts lasting eight hours were
      not uncommon, a constant flow of goose-stepping legions marching into and
      out of a vast geomantically-designed Roman-style stadiom. Massive rallies
      on this scale had a twofold purpose: they intimidated opposition within and
      outside Germany, and they raised vast psychic energies to be manipulated
      for evil by Hitler the occult initiate. Magicians like Aleister Crowley
      would have given their right arm for such a reservoir of directable
      psychical energy.

      Ceremonies in commemoration of dead Nazis were awesome and bizarre, as if
      the spirits of the dead were being literally evoked. One held in 1937 was
      most notable, for the assembled multitude had to stand to attention whilst
      the names of 400dead Nazis were read out. At another, a vast assembly of SS
      and SA men filled the parade ground with a wide pathway left between their
      ranks. They approached a 'sacred fire' burning in an urn at the end, stood
      there for a moment, and then walked back, all in total silence. A vast act
      of mass tirual magic on an unprecedented scale was being enacted.

      From Nigel Pennick: Hitler's Secret Sciences, Chapter Ten - A New Religion

    • holderlin66
      holderlin wrote: No we are not out of the woods yet by a long shot. But we have a mighty awakening going on and how sinsiter it could get, runs like this.
      Message 86 of 86 , Oct 1, 2004
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        holderlin wrote:

        "No we are not out of the woods yet by a long shot. But we have a
        mighty awakening going on and how sinsiter it could get, runs like
        this. Another shocking, staged terrorist attack in America.
        Accidental death in less than a year of Michael Moore."


        "But Michael Moore, according to some, must be stopped at all costs.
        I am predicting that Michael Moore will not be alive this time next
        year. He's enraged enough people in misaligned right wing neo-con
        organizations on the right and far right by simply telling the truth
        about what we really are. I am also willing to predict it will be a
        bullet that will silence Moore. And yes, we do that sort of thing -
        Martin Luther King is a good example."


        Bradford comments;

        Under the surface of the impulses in America, as many of us
        remember, people under this new GOP are vicious, winners no matter
        at what cost and at this moment in history at all costs. On top of
        that any danger to the Sorathian tilted power bloc will scare them
        down to their economically avarice driven consciences. Imagine
        Rush's response or Tom Delay. There is bitter revenge brewing, not
        fair winning or fair play is at play here.

        Now swirling in instincts and impulses under the vibrant surface of
        America, one begins to see the fangs and hear the snap of the jaws
        and no matter who wins this election, the bitter feelings over the
        country are rising as they have in the dark instincts of America's
        recent past. On the other hand the fairness, and celebration of the
        first debate as Kerry was CRYSTAL, sharp, on point; shakes the deep
        regions of Fundamentalistic, failed christian instincts, swirling in
        the GOP. There is no admission, no allowing the limberness of
        thought to wrap around new impressions, it is a fixed and rigid set
        of opinions which, however deluded, remains fixed on the
        hallucination that GWB has fronted behind his administration and
        calls this delusion, Character.

        Of course for the esoteric student, certain fixed, dogmatic, rigid
        will forces contain a hidden gesture of the goose step in it. There
        is no thoughtful mobility, except in the realm of Karl Rovian
        dynamic double dealings and out and out cunning viciousness. One has
        to admire the competitiveness and cunning of a team that keeps its
        margins of power with such dazzling and convincing intellectual
        delusion and pointers on the political compass, cheering truth that
        is due pointing due south of any country known as truth. The goose
        step is a hidden etheric gesture. This dogmatic goose step of
        rigidity can be located even in Ahriman's portrait. This stiff arm
        extended, this force of will, set jaw and the intimacy of GWB's
        petulant responses to Kerry at the debate, reveal a great deal about
        character and the etheric sub text. On Bush's face were the clear
        impressions of how his little Presidency has been protected from
        reality and how Bush could let his soul, snear with petulancy, while
        the cameras were running.

        Now this aggressive, competitiveness is no different from Bobby
        Kennedy's handling of his brothers campaign but it brings out the
        fangs of the wolves. The fangs of the wolf tore into WTC and we are
        all seriously questioning how our skies were left undefended with
        Cheney's diversions on the very date of the political attack. We
        still shout as if we knew for certain that Ossam planned this...

        So Was Paul Wellstone's Plane hit with an electronic zap? Is
        sinister murder and assassination still possible in America? Well
        the bitterness of Salem Puritan witch hunter MCarthyism either in
        Mormons or Dashboard Jesus Patriots have come to roost under the
        Bush delusion. If the delusion wins, the rest of the free world will
        be equally agonized....and just below the surface there is a soccer
        stadium brawl brewing, depending on who wins..

        Bitter, bitter, denial of the truth and overwhelming lies that have
        spun power and belief togther, is a lethal, lethal mix. Germany fell
        under such a lethal mix of hallucination and spin. Just how ugly it
        could get is knowing how America has behaved when it seeks bitter
        revenge on it's own idealists.
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