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Re: Moltke "initiated" WWI ?

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  • holderlin66
    holderlin wrote: One could easily draw a tight bulls-eye on Bush s Premptive strke ... you ... The Wolfowitz Doctrine In 1992, a startling document was leaked
    Message 1 of 32 , Jun 2, 2004
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      holderlin wrote:

      One could easily draw a tight bulls-eye on Bush's Premptive strke
      > Imperialistic War Mongering and the Strike first Moltke paradigm
      > have presented and really get down to some interesting historical
      > comparisons. It took a number of idiots to start WWI and it took a
      > few Neocon Idiots to start this new 21st century hyped detour, War
      > on Iraq and Preemptive permission for a Project for a New American
      > Century is like a legalized Moltke.

      The Wolfowitz Doctrine

      "In 1992, a startling document was leaked from the office of Paul
      Wolfowitz at the Pentagon. Barton Gellman of the Washington Post
      called it a "classified blueprint intended to help `set the nation's
      direction for the next century.'" The Wolfowitz Memo called for a
      permanent U.S. military presence on six continents to deter
      all "potential competitors from even aspiring to a larger regional
      or global role." Containment, the victorious strategy of the Cold
      War, was to give way to an ambitious new strategy designed
      to "establish and protect a new order."

      Though the Wolfowitz Memo was denounced and dismissed in 1992, it
      became American policy in the 33-page National Security Strategy
      (NSS) issued by President Bush on Sept. 21, 2002. Washington Post
      reporter Tim Reich describes it as a "watershed in U.S. foreign
      policy" that "reverses the fundamental principles that have guided
      successive Presidents for more than 50 years: containment and

      Andrew Bacevich, a professor at Boston University, writes of the NSS
      that he marvels at "its fusion of breathtaking utopianism with
      barely disguised machtpolitik. It reads as if it were the product
      not of sober, ostensibly conservative Republicans but of an unlikely
      collaboration between Woodrow Wilson and the elder Field Marshal von

      In confronting America's adversaries, the paper declares, "We will
      not hesitate to act alone, if necessary, to exercise our right of
      self-defense by acting preemptively." It warns any nation that seeks
      to acquire power to rival the United States that it will be courting
      war with the United States:

      [T]he president has no intention of allowing any nation to catch up
      with the huge lead the United States has opened since the fall of
      the Soviet Union more than a decade ago. … Our forces will be strong
      enough to dissuade potential adversaries from pursuing a military
      buildup in hopes of surpassing or equaling the power of the United

      America must reconcile herself to an era of "nation-building on a
      grand scale, and with no exit strategy," Robert Kagan instructs. But
      this Pax Americana the neocons envision bids fair to usher us into a
      time of what Harry Elmer Barnes called "permanent war for permanent


      Bradford comments;

      While I am impressed with the wonderful data that comes gushing out
      of your thinking Eric.. It seems to be one aspect of something that
      has grabbed your full attention, just one, one-sided aspect of a
      whole picture. However the Present and the Past are tied by rhythmic
      spiritual lines of history. History has rhythmic patterns in it and
      I'm sure that has not escaped your educational supervision. The
      above observation that I made between Moltke and Bush is a very
      concrete pattern that is emerging once more in historical

      Now it is one thing to try to open the clam shell of history with
      your fingers and say, Donald Rumsfeld or Moltke or for that matter
      the secret background workings of Dick Cheney opened the gates for
      preemptive war under the PNAC and another to be blind to what you
      are seeing and reading. Moltke becomes an example not only to me,
      but to anyone who is following the fountain of history you are
      tapping. But here again, I hope that you are aware that while the
      Living, here on Earth, with a pulse, are determining the direction
      of earthly events, still the Dead Play their part in how we
      misunderstand the future. For it is our failure to see deeper
      reality that haunts humanity.

      Currently, since the hundreds of thousands of deaths since WWI the
      dead have marched over the threshold and have had a rude awakening
      when it came to Nationalism and being over awed, as you are, about
      little fragments of historical insight and chunks of failed
      education and massive doses of hypocrisy. Indeed the fragments you
      present and the interest you have in the subject, tell us a lot
      about your own affinity to proving rather than understanding
      history. What are you trying to prove? Your affinity isn't bad
      affinity it reveals an unconscious passionate focus for you really
      don't know why of all the interesting things in the world this is
      the subject you want to shower on us here with the Michael School.
      It reveals hot issues that hold your interest but what is your real
      interest? But you fail to understand how the Present and Past are
      struggling with learning issues of the soul and spirit.

      The dead bring with them into incarnation, a spiritual common sense
      that is slowly reversing the horrific tendency of blindness that led
      us into those conflicts you are so fascinated by. Blindness and
      passionate interest in biographical distortions, detours and
      unessential trivia, that grips you, still does not allow you, Eric
      to be Startled by facts. Facts such as Memorial Day for America is
      really about what the Dead of the past would want the Present and
      the future to prepare for. In other words the future will bring each
      and every one of these souls into human form, destiny and
      incarnation, with all that the errors of the past and fatal global
      conflicts of the past have revealed to the Spirits and Souls of the
      unborn. We cannot escape the burden of the unborn and the knowledge
      of the Dead.

      Now Eric, if you don't take the hidden history seriously, the Dead,
      you can't really take the Past garbage pickings of history
      seriously, for it is only serious as it applies to how we view
      current events and if humanity is able to see patterns. You
      apparently cannot. You have not brought interest to the idea that
      our current reality is repeating a Moltke, Secretary of Defense,
      Supreme Commander humanitarian error in thinking pattern. It repeats
      a pattern under the surface of Wilsonianism and Bushism. This
      naturally includes insights won when Steiner built the 1st
      Goetheanum during, horrific times.

      Now Steiner was certainly there when Moltke was on the hot seat.
      Today the Michael School is here to see that the lesson that Moltke
      took with him over the threshold of death, become current lessons
      for own human decisions as we face our future. Seeing the patterns
      that should be seen is part of the Michael School. The Dead as well
      as the Free intuition of the Living, are part of the Michael School.
      The Reality of a concrete Spiritual World is part of the Michael
      School. An education with Art and depth connects the stream of
      incarnations of the past with the living education of the spirit
      entering our present. This is also part of the Michael School. Many
      children seek parents who will lead them to Waldorf Education.

      If, Eric, you have trouble understanding how concrete the patterns
      of history are and what they are and how to find them or how
      Spiritual Reality exists as fact, please ask. Because you have a
      real problem with digesting startling facts. These facts are not
      blind spots to us, that are unconsidered, unreal to you and that
      makes you blinder than a donkey's butt. Get a clue or at least give
      us something you hold dear as a ransom for your failed Intellectual
      Soul thinking.
    • Gisele
      Tarjei Straume wrote: Another clown is back with his one-track-mind about RS being ignorant about who was responsible for the outbreak of WW I and about
      Message 32 of 32 , Oct 8, 2004
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        Tarjei Straume  wrote:

        Another clown is back with his one-track-mind about RS being ignorant about
        who was responsible for the outbreak of WW I and about Andrea and myself
        lying about his own posts.

        I an AT message dated Tuesday, 05 Oct 2004, Eric told the following story
        about the Goethanum and Anthroposophy Tomorrow:


        "No wonder when I called the Goetheanum office ten minutes ago and after
        being handed around twice, someone told me this list is considered by
        Anthroposophists to be one for "crackpots" ! "

        Thank you for letting us know what attracts you to this group. It takes one
        to know one, obviously. But are you sure they didn't call *you* a crackpot
        after handing you around twice as you say, and that you imagined they were
        talking about someone else?

        Gisele, didn't you visit the Goethanum right after that post was made and
        expose the ramblings of this space cadet?

        ~~~~Yeah, I felt almost embarrassed by the looks they gave me like:"What is she on about?" - they had no idea of what Eric was talking about, never heard of this list either...


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