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RE: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] The Three Years - Bock

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  • Kim Munch Michelsen
    Hi Dottie Hi Kim and everyone, I have been reading this Three Years book especially the sections pertaining to the Lazarus rising. It is much better than Mr.
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 8, 2003
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      Hi Dottie
      Hi Kim and everyone,

      I have been reading this Three Years book especially the sections
      pertaining to the Lazarus rising. It is much better than Mr. Smiths
      Burning Bush in the Lazarus grounding however I do also like Mr.
      Smiths book as a source of inspiration to diving higher.

      One particular thing that struck me besides the inability to see the
      Lazarus rising for what it truly is, is this: 'Henceforth Lazarus is
      the disciple John, and he now becomes a special vessel for the Ego-
      genius of John the Baptist'.

      What bothers me is there does not seem to be a distinction of the
      disciple John of the brothers and now this new disciple called
      Lazarus John. Unless it can shown elsewhere that he was clear in this
      I do not know what to make of his understanding other than
      the 'disciple John, brother of whom I do not recall at this moment,
      turns into the LazarusJohn being. I understand Steiner states it as a
      seperate being however that does not seem to be clear in the Bock
      book in this passage.
       (Kim: As I understand it, he says that Lazarus is John after the initiation. When the 12 sleeps
       he says that John sleeps differently, and the soul of John the Baptist is with Christ. He
      mentions another place that JB works as group soul for the twelve, then concentrates around
      the three, Peter, John and a third, and lastly on Lazarus, but there is no indication that he
      separates between the John in the first part and Lazarus, besides I don't see it as vital, as
      the Lazarus/John's initiation is the vital part, it was the first initiation in Christ)

      I am wondering in your take of this twinsoul concept do you see both
      physical people at the cross or do you see one representing both
      Magdalene and Lazarus? 
       (Kim: I think they both were there, but I don't know if it was physical or not).
      Looking also at the words Bock uses 'The Widows Son" can actually
      also be traced back to Elija in Kings, and of course past this to
      Isis and Osiris with Horus.

      Bock also brings up an interesting point about the two children who
      were raised/saved in the Gospels other than John: one boy and one
      girl with the girls healing being related to the woman of the blood
      issues. He  relates this woman of the blood issues to Marth which
      seems rather peculiar to me.

      All in all I think it is a very big stretch to where he leads us with
      the concepts regarding the Lazarus and past incarnations. It does not
      feel inspired by anything logical nor spiritual rather a connecting
      of dots that might make sense to one who has already been told what
      the truth is. In other words not divinely inspired. Not to say the
      rest of his works are not divinely inspired however this is a very
      big mystery and one has to find it by oneself not by what another has
      said. This may sound arrogant by me who truly has no education
      compared to an Emil Bock or a Mr. Smith. They both obviously have
      magnificant works and I have absolutely none. And with that said I do
      believe Dr. Steiners work lead to the Feminine Mysteries and with the
      new books coming out of stories not pointed to before we will be able
      to draw a deeper picture of the Mystery of the All.
      (Kim: As I have understood, he have had access to RS and all his works. He has also written
      about the Feminine Mysteries in his unpublished works). 
      I do have a question pertaining to the unpublished books you and
      Paulina mentioned: how can one get a copy of such a thing. I asked
      the lovely woman at the bookstore and she said 'dear if it is
      unpublished how do you propose we might have it?:))) I just smiled. 
       (Kim: My copy is a photocopy I made for my mother 30 years ago from a danish stenciled (it
      is probably not the right word) document. But I have seen it in normal book-form also. My copy
      is 676 pages. There is only two possibilities to get it, find someone who would let you copy it, or
      if you can find a book store for used books, maybe specialized in occult litterature). 

      p.s. You have  stated that John the Baptist was the oldest human?
      Where is this mentioned in any of Steiners books? This is interesting
      to me...okay here is the thought I have been trying to hold
      onto ..........in the new Isis there is one who will call us back to
      the old ways of being where we will leave our physical passions,
      desire and so forth to die and we will be met by Osiris. This calls
      me to mind John the Baptist and what he was preaching in the Jordan. 
      RS has someplace mentioned the First Adam, but I don't remember where. Bock mentions it and
      I think that Smith also does. I better like the description: First incarnated human on Earth. The
      conditions at that time was a little unfriendly, I have heard:) 
      That could be right, even if the word 'back to' is not the right ones, but it depends on the context.
      Until we started this journey, i had no real understanding of the John the Baptist character, but
      I am somewhat mystified by him, and his role as the Messenger of Christ. In Bock's book there
      as a description of the First Adam (JtB) and the Second Adam which was the higher twin of the
      First Adam, and which has newer been incarnated before it was born as Jesus.  
      It also seems that he has been the messenger of Chist in OT. 

       And a happy new week to you.

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