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R: R: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Moltke, who wrote he started "initiated" WWI

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    ... WWI So you deny the facts, and replace them by a religious/spiritual ` belief ? Well since you, after reading my comment, talk about religious-spiritual
    Message 1 of 1 , May 30, 2004
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      : Re: R: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Moltke, who wrote he started "initiated"

      So you deny the facts, and replace them by a religious/spiritual `
      belief' ?

      Well since you, after reading my comment, talk about "religious-spiritual
      beliefs" and since you did not "show your credtentials" about Anthroposophy
      as I was asking you (I'm ready to give mine) I have to argue that you
      have no knowledge about Anthroposophy.
      So AT is an anthro-list and to create some fruitful exchange it is
      necessary that the mates got , at least, a basic knowledge of Anthroposophic
      And what are we talkin about, if we have no common ground at all?
      We can only post about our disagreement about everething!
      I see no use in it.
      In my opinion , you can freely choose another place for your historical
      mumbles and I can stop here to answering your post.


      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "VALENTINA BRUNETTI"
      <okcgbr@t...> wrote:
      > Andrea comments,
      > if we try to grasp the spiritual background of the outer events we
      are lead
      > by Steiner to pay attention to the inner "state of consciousness"
      > political bosses of the age.
      > Inside such a inner world we can grasp the work of the
      Hindrance's Powers.
      > Those powers since 1840s onwards were trying to take under their
      power the
      > "occult revolution" that was taking place by the means of streams
      > Neo-Hermeticism (Golden Dawn and HBL)- somehow linked with
      > Freemasonry ceremonialism - and Blavatskian Theosophy. In the
      same time
      > there were a powerful increase of Spiritic "seances" , one of the
      main means
      > by which the Hindrance's Powers try to enter our world. In such a
      > spiritual atmosphere and in spite of the stunning efforts of
      Michael and
      > Steiner to heal it is not difficult to understand that the
      political elitès
      > of the age, most of all somehow involved in the Occult mainstream,
      often via
      > a conscious joining of the Esoteric societies, were ready to begin
      > Ahriman's puppets.
      > And if we study the Historical facts from such a standpoint we can
      find all
      > around evidences of the above.
      > We can also grasp how Steiner was able to deeply look into such a
      > background and how and why he tried to rebuild the whole social
      structure of
      > the age
      > Most of all he was also able to grasp what will be happen if the
      war was
      > not stopped with no winner at all : the end of Central Europe and
      > Advent of the Beast in 1933.
      > This is what really matters as the core of 1914-1918 events.
      > This is what all the one-sided. materialistic brainwashed of
      every colour ,
      > political ,cultural and esoteric stream fail to understand.
      > Andrea
      > ----- Original Message ----- Franz Ferdinand and his wife were
      > on 28 June 1914 in
      > Sarajevo by members of a Serbian secret society. The assassination
      > was the outward event which triggered the war.
      > Page 134 `And the German Empire?' The `second' German Empire was
      > founded on 18 January 1871 through the efforts of its chancellor,
      > Otto von Bismarck. On that date, King Wilhelm I of Prussia was
      > proclaimed Emperor of Germany in the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles.
      > Page 135 `social reforms' - During the period 1883 to 1889 Bismarck
      > had enacted various such reforms, which went far beyond anything
      > known at that time in other countries. They included compulsory
      > insurance for old-age sickness, accidents and incapacity and they
      > were operated by the state, but financed by employees and
      > Such reforms had the effect of dampening the workers' enthusiasm
      > extreme socialism but, at the same time, increased their faith in
      > the state as protector.
      > Page 135 `the decisive events in Berlin'. The memoirs of General
      > Helmuth von Moltke, Chief of the German General Staff at the
      > outbreak of the war, were ready for publication in May 1919. Von
      > Moltke describes the German Government's attitude at that time,
      > especially on 31 July and 1 August 1914: `The atmosphere grew
      > steadily more tense and I was completely alone.' Then he was told
      > the Kaiser, `So now you can do whatever you want.' Rudolf Steiner
      > wrote in a commentary: `So there it was: the Chief of the General
      > Staff stood completely alone. Due to the fact that German policy
      > reached the zero-point, Europe's destiny on 31 July and 1 August
      > rested in the hands of a man who was obliged to do his military
      > duty.' (Vorbemerkungen zu Die Schuld am Krieg, Betrachtungen und
      > Erinnerungen des Generalstabschefs H. von Moltke.) Aufsätze über
      > Dreigliederung des Sozialen Organismus. This `military duty'
      > involved implementing the German army's predetermined war-plan,
      > prepared by von Moltke's predecessor General Schlieffen, which
      > provided for the domination of France before invading Russia.
      > was to be attacked through Belgium and Holland. Von Moltke modified
      > the plan to the extent that Holland was omitted. His memoirs were
      > suppressed in 1919, but Rudolf Steiner, who was personally
      > acquainted with him, was familiar with their contents. In an
      > interview which appeared in the French newspaper Le Matin in
      > 1921, Steiner said that the memoirs should have been published in
      > 1919, but they were suppressed because of fear on the part of the
      > authorities. `Why this fear? These memoirs are in no way an
      > accusation against the imperial government. Something else is
      > involved, which is perhaps even worse: that this imperial
      > found itself in a state of complete confusion and under an
      > incredibly frivolous and ignorant leadership.' Jules Sauerman's
      > interview with Dr. Rudolf Steiner on the unpublished memoirs of the
      > late Chief of the German General Staff von Moltke. ibid.
      > Page 137 `The author ... attempted to make known ...' Steiner wrote
      > memoranda directed to leading government circles in Germany and
      > Austria which contained his ideas concerning the way these
      > could act in a manner which would have been beneficial to
      > and the world. Count Otto Lerchenfeld brought a memorandum to the
      > German state secretary Kuhlman among others, and Count Ludwig
      > Hoditz to his brother, Austria's chief cabinet officer. The
      > memoranda were not published during Steiner's lifetime. They are
      > included in Aufsätze über die Dreigliederung des Sozialen
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