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Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] The Rapture Theory/not so brief history

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  • Jo Ann Schwartz
    ... [A really really not so brief history...] ... Or as John Perry Barlow (former cattle rancher and Grateful Dead lyricist, currently co-chair of the
    Message 1 of 5 , May 4, 2004
      --- Bradford wrote/quoted:
      [A really really not so brief history...]
      > Throughout history, every single idiot who bought into a prediction
      > of the end of the world was made a total fool of. In worst cases,
      > entire lives and even entire towns were wrecked by these con-
      > artists. And the worst con-artists right now are those trying to get
      > you to support wars in the Mideast on promises that it will bring
      > about The Rapture and open up those pearly gates wide for you."

      Or as John Perry Barlow (former cattle rancher and Grateful Dead lyricist,
      currently co-chair of the Electronic Frontier Foundation) noted:

      "Life, human or otherwise, flows directly against entropy. We often ignore the
      miracles of safety which surround us every day. Before we allow a sense of
      on-rushing doom to paralyze us, we should be mindful of two things: First, the
      world has been going to hell for the entire length of recorded history, and it
      hasn't made it yet. I think we can trust this trend to continue indefinitely.

      "Second, the one thing we can say with certainty about the future is that our
      present visions of it will look pretty silly by the time we get there. As
      recently as one hundred years ago, the darkest shadow on the future of urban
      America was what to do with all that horse manure."

      Musing on how hard it is for some to believe that God/dess loves us... just the
      way we are,

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    • holderlin66
      Bradford comments; Where does it stand? Michael Moore isn t cracking open the Saudi s, what happened was that America was asked to move elsewhere, that the
      Message 2 of 5 , Jun 16 4:44 PM
        Bradford comments;

        Where does it stand? Michael Moore isn't cracking open the Saudi's,
        what happened was that America was asked to move elsewhere, that the
        buddy relationship inside Saudi Arabia was unravelling and the entire
        Carlisle and Bush brigade felt the pressure. The PNAC has been the
        Chessgame all along for the global oil. The United States was
        petulantly, greedily and strategically going to take their former
        cooperative marbles away from the Saudi's and find their own oil, no,
        no, rather have all the oil and even Taken over the Saudi's oil by
        erupting from within the entire middle East and disrupting the Saudis
        as well. With all our bases, we don't have to be guests of the Saudis
        any longer.

        Oh God what a plan. The Israelis are in on the torture and the mix.
        They have been in on the plots, moving with black bag and kidnapping,
        moving with the U.S. Special forces, so there is no real confidence
        that can be placed in News saying this is this group of Terrorists
        faction and this is US, beheadings and all might be US, but we are

        When in fact the grip of the Presidency, as the Literal New Ruler of
        the world, above any laws made by any group of humans, ever, is, and
        remains the aim of young Bush. Every President tries to expand the
        realm of the presidential power, but Bush and the NeoCons have gone
        to the Wall. The U.S. has been in the terror business for well over
        20 years, let us not be naive. The U.S. record offends with potential
        tyranny the entire human race.

        But with all of America's billions, upon billions of dollars building
        up base, upon base in the middle east, the connection that the
        Bush/Baker group had with the Saudis, is now on tilt. Bush wants the
        entire middle east to implode. That is the intent. What base does
        Bush have to keep his presidency with fundamental lunatics? Hopefully
        sanity will prevai, or the country will come to this horrific divide
        that locks down into a petulant Rush-Fundamental like blindness that
        truly defines Good as WE Americans.

        The horrific divide has always been this BS strangle hold of goodie,
        goodie, hypocrisy boated Fundamentalism and its entangled lies and
        half truths and its lies and Ahrimanic rigidity that diverts the
        attention away for expanded humanism and richer Michael School
        insights that would enrich the Freedom and Religion of every human
        being. Ahriman craves that hypocrisy clings to the literal Bible
        interpretation and therein serves the Neocon agenda.

        The Neocon PNAC has been to secure and control all the Oil as the oil
        becomes scarce over the globe. To betray as needed, Palastinians,
        Saudis or the previous tyrant funded by the U.S. Saddam. This is a
        great plan. Under the cover of Terrorism, that all purpose label,
        U.S. black bag operatives, Israeli Mossad, hidden cells run two ways.
        Torture cells and prisons have been built in sixty to hundred
        different locations in different countries. So terrorist cells, are
        fighting terrorist cells - while big baggy Troops seem to be
        lumbering around on the ground, grunts, while the Special Forces have
        secret cells all over the world. Who is the enemy? Presently it is
        the United States. The U.S. are the worst offenders because they
        claim to represent truth, justice and respect for the rights of
        humanity. The U.S. record is foul, ugly and brazen and this, this
        exact support of killers and tyrants has left a bloody trail that
        leads directly up to the White House and Israel.


        Published on Wednesday, June 16, 2004 by CommonDreams.org
        The Unholy Alliance of Politics and Religion
        by C├ęsar Chelala

        "The decision by the Bush campaign to enlist thousands of religious
        congregations all over the country to distribute information and
        register voters for the coming presidential elections shows how close
        the connection has become between politics and religion, a situation
        not anticipated by the United States founding fathers in the
        Constitution. This circumstance runs the risk of having government
        make political decisions based primarily on religious considerations,
        thus undermining the separation between Church and State that the
        Constitution clearly establishes.

        "Support by the Christian fundamentalists of the Israeli government's
        policies is based on their widespread belief that Christ will return
        to Earth when certain conditions have been met, the most critical one
        being the establishment of the State of Israel. Two additional
        conditions are Israel's total occupation of its "biblical lands," and
        the rebuilding of the Third Temple. This new temple should be built
        in the place now occupied by the Temple Mount, one of the holiest
        sites in Islam. The seeds of further conflict are too evident.
        According to this worldview war is inevitable, and will happen before
        Christ appears.

        This view also determines that the Antichrist will also become
        manifest. Under the guise of a peacemaker he will wage war and
        Christians will be persecuted. A great battle will then take place
        between Christ and the Antichrist in Armageddon, outside of
        Jerusalem. Those saved by Christ and those "born again" will be taken
        into heaven. Those Jews who "accept" Jesus as the Messiah will also
        be saved. Otherwise, they will burn in hell with the other "unsaved" -
        Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and Jews- and will suffer eternally."
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