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  • Jan
    Brad wrote - It might even be suggested by means of sympathetic transfer, to inject the blood of these criminals into selected herds of swine. These of course
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2004
      Brad wrote -
      "It might even be suggested by means of sympathetic transfer, to inject the
      blood of these criminals into selected herds of swine. These of course would
      not be used for human consummation."

      I'm rattled too, Brad. We could look at this from another angle. We could
      work to stop the demonically inspired cruelty and blood-lust-blood-fest of
      factory farming and slaughter in which millions upon millions of animals are
      killed in appalling conditions each year, with the filthy astral pollution
      and physical/mental human disease which inevitably results. As does a
      horrified backlash from an elemental kingdom in revolt. Mechanized slaughter
      houses can turn a cow into a burger in a matter of minutes. Pigs are never
      'for' human consumption.
      Cruelty to animals is very often the first mark and crime of the serial
      killer. The technique of potentised 'sympathetic transfer' is necessary in
      various forms of medicine and other areas, but another kind of sympathy or
      empathy is surely greater in this instance, that which arises out of human
      love and pity for what is sentient but helpless. I maintain that this
      Manichean magic of sympathy is far more potent, and is the way forward.
      In Britain there is a prison where prisoners work in a conservation area
      adjacent to the prison, tending and caring for wildlife, helping injured
      animals such as hedgehogs and nursing them back to health prior to their
      release, all under supervision. This has the most wonderful healing effect
      on otherwise desperate and hopeless souls. Restoring the animals and more
      importantly, setting them free has a truly transformative effect upon the
      In this compassionate therapy we see a forecast of the human healing which
      will arise out of the practice of love for other beings.
      Steiner - 'We look upon the animals and say: 'All that the animals
      manifest in the way of cruelty, voracity, and all animal vices, besides the
      skill which they have, we should have had within us, if we had not been able
      to eject them. We owe this liberation of our astral bodies to the
      circumstance that all the grosser astral characteristics have remained
      behind in the animal kingdom of the earth.'....Thus the animals have the
      astral body in common with us, and are therefore able to feel pain. But from
      what has now been said we see that they do not possess the power to evolve
      through pain and through the conquest of pain, for they have no
      individuality. The animals are on this account much more to be pities than
      us. We have to bear pain, but each pain is for us a means to perfection;
      through overcoming it we rise higher. We have left behind us the animal as
      something that has the capacity to feel pain but does not yet possess the
      power to raise itself above pain, and to triumph by means of it. That is
      the fate of the animals. They manifest to us our own former organization
      when we were capable of feeling pain, but could not yet, through overcoming
      the pain, transform it into something beneficial for humanity. Thus in the
      course of our earthly evolution we have left our worst to the animals, and
      they stand around us as tokens of how we ourselves came to our perfection.
      We should not have got rid of the dregs if we had not left the animals
      behind. We must learn to consider such facts, not as theories, but rather
      with a cosmic world feeling.......If we develop the cosmic feeling out of
      the theory, we then experience a great and all embracing feeling of sympathy
      for the animal kingdom. Hence when this universal feeling sprang from the
      primeval wisdom of humanity, when mankind still possessed the remembrance of
      the original knowledge which told each one by a dim clairvoyant vision how
      things once were, thee was preserved with it sympathy for the animal kingdom
      also, and this to a high degree. This sympathy will come again when people
      accustom themselves to take up Spiritual Science, and when they again see
      how the karma of humanity is bound up with the world karma. In the so
      called dark ages when materialistic thought held sway, one could not have
      the right perception of this connection. At that time one observed only
      what was side by side in space without taking into consideration the fact
      that whatever is side by side in space has a common origin, and has only
      separated in the course of evolution. It was natural that one should cease
      to feel the connection between man and animal; and in those parts of the
      earth where it has been the mission to hide the spiritual knowledge of this
      connection, replacing it by a consciousness concerning itself only with
      outward physical space, man has paid in a strange fashion his debt to the
      animals. He has eaten them.......With the progress of evolution there will
      come again through the consciousness of karma a better relationship between
      man and the animal kingdom than there is now, especially in the west. There
      will come a treatment of the animals whereby man will again uplift those he
      has pushed down." end quote from Manifestations of Karma lecture 2 1910
      (which needs reading in full)

      The School of Michael should be ever in the forefront, lighting the way
      forward by thought, word and deed wherever possible. Sympathy that becomes
      empathy is all powerful. In vivisection and factory farming we mimic the
      black magician in cultivating cruelty and reap the effects on the human
      subtle sheathes and future karma of that cruelty. Again in factory farming
      and in the selective artificially inseminated breeding, culling and
      implanting of chips in animals we see the Ahrimanic plan for humanity in
      I have quoted this poem by the Anthroposophist and Animal Friend Manfred
      Kyber before, but it bears repetition.

      Knight of the Grail (1918)

      Offer the Grail to all God's creatures
      Strung with you on one chain,
      And wipe forever from your tainted features
      Man's bloody mark of Cain.

      These are your sisters, these your brothers.
      When the last you release
      Then only, standing free among these others,
      Will you yourself find peace.

      Hold high the Grail's shield to protect
      Defenceless life; stand tall,
      A Knight among God's creatures, head erect,
      His likeness shared by all.

      Manfred Kyber

      Steiner has shown the animal kingdom to be part of humanity. The
      Rosicrucian Initiation bows down to the upholding kingdom below in service
      and reverence. Let us hold out a hand in compassionate brotherhood and love
      to the suffering animals.
      Go gently, love Jan
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