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Re: About the "Second Advent"

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  • holderlin66
    VALENTINA BRUNETTI wrote: About the Second Advent Andrea wrote and elaborated such wonderful items and connections, Andrea, as always, a brother. Things to
    Message 1 of 2 , May 3, 2004

      About the "Second Advent"

      Andrea wrote and elaborated such wonderful items and connections,
      Andrea, as always, a brother. Things to do with the RAPTURE should
      have also been brought in conjunction, sorry Andrea, with this post
      subject of yours, SECOND ADVENT. It was wonderful. True Good Will
      Souls research.

      Andrea wrote;

      "Today's events show a "new alliance" between "Christian" fundies
      and Zionists in order to build an image of "The Second Christ "
      totally different from the kind- hearted, brotherly and, in the
      meantime, gently powerful Presence that is the gesture of the
      actual Etheric Christ.

      In this picture the third backward stream- the Islamic- has been
      given the character of the "enemy" to be destroyed by all the
      possible means but, if we bear in mind the events of WWII, we see
      that an usual mean of struggle of the Hindrancers against the Lofty
      Beings has always been the historical contrast between different
      streams that, at the core, are all equally under Black powers'
      command Needless to say that the hope of a victory of Kerry
      over Dubya in the next US President's Elections is not of much hope
      due to the fact that both Kerry and Dubya are "Skull & Bones" men ,
      namely "Lodges' addicts"."


      "So the (tens of?) millions of us in this country who were right all
      along about Iraq and about the utter depravity of the Bush regime
      are scratching our heads right now. The Nominee-in-Waiting of the
      Party that opposes the Mendacity on the Hill is spouting the same
      brand of claptrap, and I, for one, am as pissed as the prescient
      Scott Ritter was when David Kay lumped him in with the voluntarily

      The offending statement was made in a speech yesterday at
      Westminster College, where John Kerry said: "We stand on the eve of
      an anniversary in this country -- the day that major combat
      operations were declared over in Iraq and the president
      declared, 'mission accomplished.' I don't think there's anyone in
      this room today or 6,000 miles away who doesn't wish that those
      words had been true." (emphasis mine)

      Excuse me, Senator, but that - like Kay's "We were all wrong" and
      Condi Rice's "No one could have predicted it" - is an insulting
      banality that ignores recent history. The "mission" that you claim
      everyone is rooting for is the same one I protested against in
      Augusta Maine, in New York City and twice in Washington DC, before
      the invasion that you enabled; I was just one of millions who did
      so. We are still protesting against that misbegotten mission which,
      by the way, will never be accomplished.

      Furthermore, I believe you know it will fail. You must; you are not
      stupid and, also unlike the Bush brigade, you experienced first-hand
      how such missions inevitably fail - when you fought in Vietnam and
      returned home to disclose the folly and the horror. But that was
      then. Now you're promising to send more kids like your former self
      to the same kind of made-in-USA disaster you escaped from and railed
      against thirty-three years ago. In your Westminster speech yesterday
      you also said, "This may be our last chance to get this right." I'm
      sorry, Senator, but this cannot be gotten right. Is Joe Lieberman
      (possibly channeling Hubert Humphrey) writing your speeches, for
      god's sake? Like them (and, once again, like David Kay) you are
      clamoring for the ratcheting up of military manpower in full-bore
      pursuit of a patently lost cause. Here's a novel concept: why don't
      you hire a pollster to ask the Iraqis what they'd like us to do?

      Speaking of ratcheting up troop levels, this reminds me of the
      following questions I've been meaning to ask you, Senator Kerry: If
      you are elected, how soon after the November election will my 18
      year-old son be conscripted? Do you have the courage to answer me
      truthfully? When will he be asked to kill or die in the desert (or
      elsewhere) now that the volunteer wells have run dry? Let me in on
      your plan for the draft, if you have one. My son, who plans to vote
      this November, is also curious.

      Just a few more questions: Do you intend to maintain or expand
      Bush's outrageous, extra-legal, global system of concentration
      camps, or just maintain it as is? I have listened intently to your
      eloquent silence concerning that growing blot on our nation's soul.
      And what about the high-priced, unaccountable mercenary hordes our
      tax dollars are funding - like the war itself - at the expense of
      our schools, roads, hospitals and veterans benefits? Any thoughts on

      Is the black hole you want to lead us into a lighter shade than
      Bush's? Is it shallower?

      You have lost your bearings, Senator Kerry. I will not follow you to
      wherever your broken compass leads. Get it fixed, or forget your
      quest for my vote, the votes of the millions I marched with, and the
      coming majority in our country who see clearly through this

      Get it fixed, or you might as well forget your quest for a new job,
      as well. Someone is already doing as bad a job as you are promising
      to do. When failure is inevitable, I would just as soon see a
      Republican go down in flames, thank you very much.

      In the meantime, speak for yourself, Senator. "
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