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Re: Shocked WC Republican Moms

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  • Frank Thomas Smith
    ... F: Frank-ly, I d rather be called a dickhead than a sugar-cherub. The definition of DICKHEAD is Idiot . Actually it s an ... T: Baloney. Did Steiner use
    Message 1 of 20 , Apr 2, 2012
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      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "elfuncle" <elfuncle@...> wrote:
      > My point is that if we're gonna teach the Sugar Cherubs to talk the
      > Jesus talk (PS' Jesuit inspiration doesn't seem to be helping much),
      > we'll have to show them by example. In other words, you only have to do this (talk this kinda talk) if you want to help those souls like a good Christian. But if you don't wanna be a good Christian, well then just go ahead filling them with dirty and nasty imagery, retarding their progress and making sure they end up as those foul-smelling, pestilent, coagulating, slimy, reptilian life-forms on Future Jupiter that we'll be treading underfoot.

      F: Frank-ly, I'd rather be called a dickhead than a sugar-cherub.

      The definition of DICKHEAD is "Idiot"". Actually it's an
      > anthroposophical expression as well.
      T: Baloney. Did Steiner use it? Dickenkopf or something? He certainly
      didn't use internet slang.

      F: Exactly. The German is "Dickkopf" (Look it up). Steiner certainly used it at some time or other. He was ahead of his times, you know.

      You know about "mental pictures" (representations, Vorstellungen) from
      Philosophy of Freedom, right? Well, "dickhead" creates a great mental
      > picture...if you have imagination.

      T: So how would Jesus have insulted them? He would have called them a
      > generation of vipers...

      F: Or a generation of dickkoepfe/ dickheads...

      And you know, it's quite a new word for me. You see, I don't have much
      > opportunity to speak English, and I only heard DH a coupla time on TV. I
      > love it!
      T: Bad taste, Frank, bad taste. You're watching the wrong channels. You should be watching the 700 Club or the Disney Channel. And every time you switch channels, you should ask Jesus if he approves.

      F: Directv has just cancelled Fox News for Argentina, replacing it with TV Chile. Now I can't receive the Fox equivalent of WC. I'll really miss Megyn Kelly - the most beautiful bitch on TV.

      Jesus, as you know, spoke Aramaic, and as I didn't know how to say
      dickhead in Aramaic, I checked my Arimaic-American occult dicktionary and > found "hypocrite, demon, et al". So Jesus - who was no pussy...

      T: You mean he was no sissy, of course.
      F: Yes.
      T: Stop thinking so dirty, Frank..
      F: Stop projecting your dirtiness on me, Tarjei.
      > > This song is dedicated to you, Father Tarjei: (hum along)
      > >
      > > http://www.last.fm/music/Kate+Nash/_/Dickhead
      > > Frank
      T: Somebody doing some cleaning yanked out the speakers and damaged the audio card as well on my stationary computer, so I have to download such things on a memory chip and play them on the TV.

      That's obviously a sign, warning you to repent NOW and stop being such a d---head!
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