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Social Ecology 2

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  • ted.wrinch
    Had to laugh at this: Staudi s Social Ecology movement has a spiritual competitor, given voice by the anthro Hawthorne press in its general Social Ecology and
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2012
      Had to laugh at this: Staudi's Social Ecology movement has a spiritual competitor, given voice by the anthro Hawthorne press in its general 'Social Ecology and Management' series:

      Social Ecology and Management

      Participative planning and design for facilitating more resilient companies, communities and organisations for a turbulent world


      One of the titles is:

      "Common Wealth: For a Free, Equal, Mutual and Sustainable Society, Martin Large

      Just when 'the market' nearly took over all areas of life, the credit, climate and democratic crunches came along, challenging us to rebuild a society that works well for all. Common Wealth asks, 'How can we build a more free, equal, mutual and sustainable society?'

      We know that we don't want a 'market state'. This turns our public services into businesses, uses relentless surveillance to secure compliance, destroys the planet for corporate growth and widens inequality. However, tripolar society is emerging as an alternative, where civil society, government and business push back the market, and work in partnership for the common good.

      Common Wealth tackles key challenges for remaking society by:
      • building a sustainable local economy, vibrant culture and community
      • transforming capitalism for public good and for individual enterprise
      • securing permanently affordable homes for all through community land trusts
      • enabling social inclusion and individual initiative through the Citizen's Income
      • freeing education from bureaucracy and children from commercialism
      • leading and learning from the social future as it emerges

      Martin Large facilitates cultural, social, and economic renewal. His motto is, 'Better to light fires than fill buckets!' He worked as an academic and in business. He enables community land trusts and social enterprise with Stroud Common Wealth.

      'Common Wealth solutions such as mutualising the high street banks and utilities will develop a resilient, self regulating economy that works for us all'
      Philip Martyn, retired Joint General Manager and General Counsel of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Europe Ltd, London"


      So it's three-folding. The book's cover illustration even has a similar style to the ISE's website banner image.

      Anther title provides academic focus, supported by an MEd Social Ecology, managed by the University of Western Sydney (http://www.uws.edu.au/future-students/postgraduate/postgraduate/postgraduate_courses/social_science_courses/arts_social_ecology) :

      "Social Ecology: Applying Ecological Understanding to our Lives and our Planet, David Wright, Catherine Camden-Pratt, Stuart Hill

      Social Ecology addresses the burning question of how to apply ecological understanding to every aspect of our lives. The 27 contributors, all of whom have directly or indirectly contributed to the teaching of social ecology in Australia and beyond, share their experiences in this 'coming of age' anthology of keynote articles. These are of particular relevance to educators and learners.
      Social ecology provides a holistic framework for change, based on the interrelationships between the personal, social, environmental and 'spiritual'. It helps understand how we got here, and how to realise more sustainable, caring futures. Students from all disciplines can use this valuable resource to help to enrich their learning with insights and principles from social ecology.

      The introduction maps social ecology as an emerging field. Articles about place, story, nature, education and community illustrate ways to apply our understandings from social ecology, systems theory, transformative learning, holistic education, empathic intelligence, sense of place, shamanic practices, poetic inquiry, archetypal theory, deep ecology, aesthetics, creativity, curriculum design, drama education, cross-cultural learning and indigenous knowing. Included also are inspiring stories of activists and community educators applying the wisdom of social ecology at the leading edge of change.

      "An excellent anthology giving a superb and exciting overview of the emerging and vitally important field of social ecology. We need to implement the ideas in this book as a matter of utmost urgency if we humans are to have a viable future on this planet."

      Dr Stephan Harding, Schumacher College, UK; author of Animate Earth: Science, Intuition and Gaia

      About the editors:

      The editors are members of the Social Ecology Group in the School of Education at the University of Western Sydney.

      Dr David Wright is the programme coordinator. An artist academic, he comes to social ecology from a background in writing for performance — Read more on his staff page.

      Dr Catherine E. Camden-Pratt is a researcher and teacher. In 2010 she was awarded an Australian Learning and Teaching Council Citation for Outstanding Contribution for Student Learning — Read more on her staff page.

      Professor Stuart B Hill, Foundation Chair in Social Ecology, is a pioneer of ecological thinking in Australia and internationally — Read more on his website. Don't miss his parable of the "sandbox syndrome" on You Tube."

      There are several other titles. It's quite sad in a way that Staudi feels such unremitting hostility against a movement that, minus the spirituality, shares many of the same social goals as his own. It maybe this overlap - that he feels challenged by- that prevents others in his organisation from sharing his antipathy.


      Ted Wrinch
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