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turning stones into bread

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  • Tarjei Straume
    I only have a very few selected RS complete lectures feaured on my website - four, to be exact. They have proven time and time again to be wise choices,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2004
      I only have a very few selected RS complete lectures feaured on my website
      - four, to be exact. They have proven time and time again to be wise
      choices, because I find myself quoting from them repeatedly. The lecture
      most frequently used by me is "The Ahrimanic Deception" (Der Innere Aspekt
      des sozialen R├Ątsels; Luciferische Vergangenheit, Ahrimanische Zukunft),
      Zurich, 27th October, 1919, GA 193:


      I recently announced that I would have to reduce my active participation on
      Anthroposophy Tomorrow dramatically in order to devote more of my time to
      business. It's absolutely necessary, but it is also a Faustian bargain,
      which the following little excerpt from the lecture at hand makes crystal


      For, you see, Ahriman skillfully prepares his goal beforehand; ever since
      the Reformation and the Renaissance, the economist has been emerging in
      modern civilization as the representative governing type. That is an actual
      historical fact. If you go back to ancient times, even to those that I have
      characterized today as the Luciferic - who were the governing types then?
      Initiates. The Egyptian Pharaos, the Babylonian rulers, the Asiatic rulers
      - they were initiates. Then the priest-type emerged as ruler and the
      priest-type was really the ruler right up to the Reformation and the
      Renaissance. Since that time the economist has been in command. Rulers are
      in fact merely the handimen, the understrappers of the economists. One must
      not imagine that the rulers of modern times are anything but the
      understrappers of the economists. And all that has resulted by way of law
      and justice - one should only study it carefully - is simply a consequence
      of what economically oriented men have thought. In the nineteenth century
      the "economical" man is replaced for the first time by the man thinking in
      terms of banking, and in the nineteenth century there is created for the
      first time the organization of finance which swamps every other
      relationship. One must only be able to look into these things and follow
      them up empirically and practically.

      All that I stated in the second public lecture here [The Social Future,
      Oct. 25, 1919] is profoundly true. One could only wish that it were
      followed up in all details; it would then be seen how fundamentally true
      these things are. But just because this rulership of the mere "symbol for
      solid goods" [that is to say, money - quotation from the lecture] has
      arisen, Ahriman has been given another essential medium for the deception
      of mankind. If men do not realize that the rights-state and the organism of
      the Spirit must be set against the economic order called up through the
      economists and the banks, then again, through this lack of awareness,
      Ahriman will find an important instrument for preparing his incarnation.
      His incarnation is undoubtedly coming, and this lack of insight will enable
      him to prepare it triumphantly.


      See also my posted article "Christ and Money" at


      There is a special reason why I am posting this particular message at this
      point. *Anyone* on this list who may be interested in the best Faustian
      bargain I have honestly seen in my lifetime, *or* who might consider giving
      me a helping hand with my business with no cost to themselves whatsoever
      (and with no effort either), please write to me privately (off-list).


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