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  • ted.wrinch
    Came across this whilst researching something else :). Trans-Spirit is a natural science branch where researchers seek to achieve a complete scientific
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 27, 2012
      Came across this whilst researching something else :).

      "Trans-Spirit is a natural science branch where
      "researchers seek to achieve a complete scientific
      understanding of spiritual phenomena and, based
      on that understanding, to develop techniques and
      technologies for inducing `spiritual experiences' at
      will … Trans-Spirit aims to avoid any extended
      discussion of the history or credibility of religion
      and spirituality while focusing almost exclusively
      on the physical mechanisms that predispose
      human beings to believe and behave according to
      religious and spiritual norms."

      Trans-Spirit: Religion,
      Spirituality and Transhumanism, Journal of Evolution and
      Technology, 2005 Vol. 14 pgs 39-53, Michael LaTorra, New
      Mexico State University

      It's placed just before this Steiner quote:

      "During the course of the Fifth Post-Atlantean epoch, so
      many problems have lost all inner, vital warmth. The
      countless questions which confront us when we study
      Spiritual Science with any depth, simply do not exist
      for the modern man with his materialistic outlook. A
      different form of experience will come to the man of
      modern times. In his own opinion he knows ever so
      well; he observes the material world, uses his intellect
      to establish the interconnections between its
      phenomena and believes that all its riddles are solved
      in this way, never realizing that he is simply groping in
      a phantasmagoria. But this way of working coarsens
      and dries up his ether-body, with the ultimate result
      that the [Ahrimanic] powers, like a second nature,
      will attach themselves to him. "

      The Balance in the World
      and Man, Lucifer and Ahriman, Rudolf Steiner

      And, some fun old Skool (for me) stuff from the 70s:

      "The machine image objectivizes at a stroke whatever
      it touches by emphasizing its inherent otherness from
      man, its non-communicability.
       In the magical world-view of the Old Gnosis, all things
      - animal, plant, mineral - radiate meanings; they are
      intelligible beings - or the natural faces such beings put
      on for us in the physical world.
       But for Newton, the celestial spheres comprise a
      machine; for Descartes animals become machines; for
      Hobbes, society is a machine; for La Mettrie, the
      human body is a machine; eventually for Pavlov and
      Watson, human behaviour is machine-like.
       So steadily, the natural world dies as it hardens into
      mechanistic imagery."

      Theodore Roszak, Where the Wasteland End

      This is interesting, too:

      " Mystery of Golgotha,
      there were 3
       Lucifer recognized
      Christ - Gnosis
       Christ's battle with
      Prince of Darkness
       Ahriman, the Prince
      of Darkness, mocks

      Last one sounds like Der Staudi…

      It's part of a big document: http://www.thechristianmysteries.com/pdf/lectures/Wilton%20Society%20Esoteric%20Lecture.pdf.


      Ted Wrinch
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