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'It's the Jews fault'

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  • ted.wrinch
    Der Staudi has accused Steiner of blaming the Jews for Christ s death: Peter Staudenmaier: „It s the Jews fault . Interestingly, this was sometimes
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      Der Staudi has accused Steiner of blaming the Jews for Christ's death:

      Peter Staudenmaier: „It's the Jews' fault".

      "Interestingly, this was sometimes Steiner's position as well, albeit without reference to the holocaust, which occurred after Steiner's death. Steiner blamed the Jews for Christ's death, for example; see Steiner, "Die Völkerseelen und das Mysterium von Golgatha" (1918), in Rudolf Steiner, Erdensterben und Weltenleben (Dornach 1967), pp.158-9."

      http://www.egoisten.de/autoren/staudenmaier/page407/page407.html and WC message 6538.

      I've consulted that reference (Anthroposophical Life Gifts, lecture 1, http://wn.rsarchive.org/Lectures/GA181/English/LRC0049/19180330p02.html) and it says, as so often, the opposite of Der Staudi's claim:

      "For this Event is neither connected with the Jewish Folk-character nor with the Roman Folk-character working in the same land; for the Jews cry: Crucify Him! and the Romans can find no fault in Him!…The more you study the Mystery of Golgotha, the more you will find that it came about just because it has nothing to do with any Folk-character but because it has connection with the whole of humanity"

      It's no one's 'fault'; but Steiner is confirming that he thinks that the account of Christ's death in the New Testament is accurate. And this is one thing that gets Der Staudi riled, as he believes that it is a 'myth that has been thoroughly dismantled a long time ago [roughly his words]', supposedly on the grounds of scholarly evidence. This evidence he cites in the WC message above and, for instance, the Jesus Seminar say that the account of the Sanhedrin convicting Christ is a, presumably anti-Semitic, fabrication. Der Staudi also accused me of holding the same unsubstantiated view - that 'it's the Jews fault' - when I joined WC over 3 years ago, and has continued to do so ever since, which in itself says something about his need to follow polemics rather than truth in his understanding of reality (he also thinks that I'm right wing - I vote UK Liberal Democrat - and anti-democratic and anti-intellectual …). What he seems to fail to appreciate is that, by saying that people that hold that the account of Christ's death in the New Testament is true are anti-Semites, he is saying that hundreds of millions of Christians around the world are anti-Semites. But he probably doesn't mind this as he doesn't view accusing someone of being racist, or anti-Semitic or fascist as a moral judgment.

      Not content with this, he accuses Steiner of supposedly holding another standard set of anti-Semitic beliefs:

      "Steiner also entertained a variety of conspiracy theories about Jews, including the standard antisemitic notions that Jews are to blame for wars and that Jews are striving for world supremacy"

      I've seen no evidence for this in the Steiner I've read and Der Staudi provides not even his usual selectively quoted and misrepresented Steiner excerpts to support the assertion.

      He lays out his own view of Christ in a message shortly after the one above (6552):

      " I don't believe that he was
      the son of god, or the messiah, etc. He seems to have been a kind of combination
      of spiritual leader and peasant revolutionary. One of the important tasks
      involved in historically examining figures like that is to try to strip away the
      accumulated myths that have grown around them because of their spiritual and
      religious significance, and get a sense of the underlying historical reality."


      Ted Wrinch
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