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  • ted.wrinch
    Pete K s taken a look at Tarjei s addendum to the AT description and thinks that my discussion of Steiner topics in the context of the criticism of Steiner
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 24, 2012
      Pete K's taken a look at Tarjei's addendum to the AT description and thinks that my discussion of Steiner topics in the context of the criticism of Steiner voiced by Peter Staudenmaier over the last half a decade on WC has rendered us a ' bunch of gossipy old women', 'fools' and 'ridiculous'. Pete thinks that he's been part of this context; he's wrong: Pete, my reason for joining WC was to rebut Der Staudi, not you. Once I was banned from WC, for beating Der Staudi, I continued from AT but my focus has remained on Der Staudi. Your comments, like those of everyone else there, are, with the exception of your Waldorf campaign, merely your opinions and without substance, and, as I've said, fun to knock down from time to time. You simply aren't a significant opponent; you aren't even capable of formulating an argument without insult and ad-hominem.

      Pete thinks:

      "After all, they look pretty ridiculous when they try
      to discuss Steiner... with an eye looking over their shoulder at what we're
      going to say about their ridiculous interpretations. They are no longer free to
      discuss Steiner's work openly, apparently, since we might ridicule their
      inability to understand what Steiner was actually saying."

      Your notion that you have demonstrated that the people here have an 'inability to understand what Steiner was actually saying' is just your opinion, without fact, evidence or reason to substantiate it. I would actually like it if you ever did attempt to 'ridicule [my] inability to understand', but to do that you'd have to present an alternative understanding to mine, which you've never done, not on the War of all against all, not on nationalism, not on three folding etc. You may be allowed to believe self deceptive notions like these within the uncritical acceptance provided by your hate group, but in the real world you'd need to present arguments to achieve this.

      And actually, Pete, Der Staudi's lies have provided a stimulus to me to present *more* of Steiner's thought and supporting context in the last six months than I might have done otherwise - on anti-Nationalism, on Judaism, on the War of all against all, on the culture of the five epochs, on three folding and many, many more topics. We've never been hampered by what WC does - how could we be?

      "Oh well, I'm sure the other lists will liven up... I'll have to keep a closer eye on the discussions there

      I would do that - if you're as effective there at restricting their freedom as you have been here it should do wonders for their vitality.


      Ted Wrinch
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