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Peter Staundnmaier's trip to AT was:R: [anthroposophy _tomorrow] Re: nichts weniger als günstig

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    Hi Brian and all, this gives me the chance of trying a recapitulation of Mr PS s trip to AT. As a basic fact we all know that inside the 80-85 thousands of
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29, 2004
      Hi Brian and all,
      this gives me the chance of trying a recapitulation of Mr PS's trip to AT.
      As a basic fact we all know that inside the 80-85 thousands of pages that are the written memory of RS there is some line that, to a deeply "politically correct" orienteed mind, could vaguely resounds "racist".
      This  in spite of the fact that not only the whole but also the single "daughters" of Mother Antropos-Sophia are deeply rooted in Spiritual wisdom,Cosmopolitism and anti racist and anti-nationalistic issues.
       Well this guy, Peter Staudenmaier,  has been trying since 1999 to perform the task to demonstrate that the above few lines are the evidence of a  "core racist" attitude of Steiner and, off course, of Anthroposophists too.
        In order to perform this impossible task he followed some steps.
      1) He took a very small portion of a lecture of a lectures' cycle ,namely the "Folk Souls" one , faking translation and contents in order to "demonstrate" the identical racist core  of  Anthroposophy and  Protonazi Ariosophy's insights. ( Sune for the first unmasked the lie)
      2) He took out of context a small number of Steiner's statement in order to "demonstrate" his racism and "floating" antisemitism ( He argues that Steiner was "in the same time" Anti and Philo-Semite )
       3)He "studied" Anthromovement's story during Hitler's years  emphasizing pro-nazi issues of somebody and minimizing anti-nazi issues of someone else in order to demonstrate the "closesness" between Anthropops and Nazism.
      4) Jumping in the list he had only one way to support this sum of falsehoods: playing mindgambling and dialectic acrobatics,trying to prove that black is white and white is black, running away instead of responding when he had nothing to say  and he did so tks to a certain ability in playing with words.
      5)Doing so he has in the meantime demonstrated  :
      a) big  lack of knowledge about basic Anthroposophical matters despite the fact to present himself like one able to "correct" the "mistakes" of those poor Anthropops.
      b)lack of credentials and also of knowledge in basic historical and cultural matters
      Well,listmates can be such an evidently poor defamation's trip can be somehow harmful for the Anthro.movement ?
       In my opinion It can be dangerous only for some beginner of for occasional surfers with no basic knowledge about the matter as it always happen in every  slander's campaign -
      Neverthless  I believe also that, tks to the work of Dottie,Pauline,Christine, Deborah.Tarjej,Sune,Bradford,Daniel,Detlef,Patrick,Bryan,Mike,Harvey,Frank (excuse me if I forget someone) and having unmasked the trick, we will be of  good help for every goodwill seeker.
       In other words : jumping into the list Peter Staudenmaier made, to speak in a soccer-like way, an actual own -goal
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      : Wednesday, April 28, 2004 12:51 AM
      Subject: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: nichts weniger als günstig

      Mr. Staudenmaier wrote:
      In my typically haughty manner, I thought this was a more than usually interesting case of anthroposophical ignorance and incomprehension,

      Quousque tandem, Peterlina...

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