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  • elfuncle
    Precisely. Notice also that this Steiner quote of yours, which is completely on target, has been cited by the Sugar Cherubs who are extremely frustrated
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 21, 2012
      Precisely. Notice also that this Steiner quote of yours, which is completely on target, has been cited by the Sugar Cherubs who are extremely frustrated because anthroposophists don't want to discuss with them. Sune keeps chasing them around all over the web to add his 2 cents, with rational arguments or with links to his webpages, but that's his choice; he's got his work cut out for him for the rest of his lifetime. The crucial point is what Steiner said to Rittelmeyer: ""I do not want to win over any man." One can only change one's own mind, not anybody else's. The endeavor to persuade others to one's own points of view is always bound to fail, in spite of a few ostensible successes -- false successes, in fact. The frustration over this attitude, this scknowledgement, is also expressed through our Beloved Sister's outburst about proselytizing on street corners, that anthroposophists don't do that. It drives her crazy. The worst thing we can do to them is to ignore them, to study your Steiner under the candlelight at night without sharing it with anybody, confident that those who seek will find and those who don't seek won't make the effort to understand either, so why bother.  And when we write about anthroposophy elsewhere on the web or in the media -- your SCR is excellent btw -- we simply write about spiritual science proper, which poses enough riddles, challenges and food for thought without adding never-ending responses to all the garbage being put out by those people. I'm not going to spoil Ted's fun; apart from his obsession with the Sugar Cherubs he has a very good and knowledgeable take on Steiner, and he is certainly no Adorable Darling by a long shot. Besides, there are too few contributions here, almost no original initiatives. The heyday of usenets (which began at the universities in the eighties and began to degenerate at the end of the nineties), email groups (Google Groups, Yahoo Groups) etc. is over, unless there will be some revival in the future after you've won your war against the social networks, especially Facebook ;)


      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "Frank Thomas Smith" <fts.trasla@...> wrote:
      > "...Thus in the whole Anthroposophical Movement there is now a prevailing quality which can tend to nothing else than this. — We must take it at last in real earnest that there can be no question of entering into discussion or argument with our opponents. For if we do so, it will in any case lead nowhere. Thus we must realise that, with regard to our opponents, it can only be a question of refuting calumnies, untruths and lies. We must not give up ourselves to the illusion that these things can be discussed. They must expand by their own inherent power; they cannot be decided by any dialectic..."
      > R.Steiner
      > http://southerncrossreview.org/81/steiner-karma-2-2.html

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