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How wrong can you be

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  • ted.wrinch
    Eric the German opines on WC: See Ilas Koerner-Wellerhaus Sozialer Heilsweg Anthroposophy (initially a dissertation and then published in 1993)where he
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      Eric the German opines on WC:

      "See Ilas Koerner-Wellerhaus "Sozialer Heilsweg Anthroposophy" (initially a
      dissertation and then published in 1993)where he pointed out Steiner's objection
      to the independence of the `inferior' Slavic people ("eine religoese Mission des
      Deutschtums" p.116). Plus more recently Peter's work where he is able to draw a
      relationship between Steiner's early ultra-Nationalist period with what among
      others became the Anthroposphical musings about "Mitteleuropa" (also reflected
      in the culture epochs of the Waldorf Schools)."

      Steiner had an 'ultra-Nationalist' period! Eric also has a juicy bit from the 'academic in the used Stasi uniform' (thanks for that immortal formulation Jean-Marc!):

      "Helmut Zander in "Anthroposophy in Deutschland" makes a good case for the fact
      that Steiner's Christology followed the contours of his rivalries with Annie
      Besant, especially since she became President in 1907 - a position Steiner
      himself was hoping for (4)."

      Now where have we seen this 'argument' before? "Anthroposophy in Deutschland" is looking very like the gutter journalism of the biography.


      Ted Wrinch
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