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Anthroposophical Guidelines - intermezzo 4

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  • Frank Thomas Smith
    How the Guidelines are to be used: The Guidelines issued from the Goetheanum are meant to motivate the members who wish to be active to give the content of
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      How the Guidelines are to be used:
      The Guidelines issued from the Goetheanum are meant to motivate the
      members who wish to be active to give the content of anthroposophical
      activity an integrative form. They will find that by considering these
      guidelines every week, they provide guidance for deepening their
      understanding of the material already given in the lecture cycles, and
      enable them to present them at branch meetings in a more orderly
      It would certainly be preferable if every week the lectures given in
      Dornach could be immediately communicated to all the branches. But one
      can imagine the complicated technical arrangements necessary to do this.
      The Executive Board is doing everything possible in this direction. But
      we must take the available possibilities into account. The intentions
      presented at the Christmas Conference will be realized. But we need
      Presently the branches which have members who visit the Goetheanum and
      hear the lectures and can communicate their content to the branches have
      an advantage. And the branches should realize that sending those members
      to the Goetheanum is beneficial. But one should not undervalue the work
      which has already been accomplished in the Anthroposophical Society and
      which is available in the printed courses and lectures. Whoever examines
      these lecture cycles and remembers what content is in one or the other
      according to the titles, and then goes to the Guidelines, will find that
      what is contained in the various lecture cycles is elaborated further in
      the Guidelines. By reading them together, the viewpoints which are
      separated in the individual cycles can be illustrated and explained with
      the support of the Guidelines.
      It is wasteful if we leave the printed cycles unused and are only
      interested in "the newest" from the Goetheanum. It is also easy
      to understand that the ability to print the cycles will gradually end if
      they are not used extensively.
      Another point comes into question here. In the dissemination of
      anthroposophical content, conscientiousness and a sense of
      responsibility are of prime importance. One must transmit what is said
      about the spiritual world in images of spiritual facts and beings in a
      way which does not give rise to misunderstandings. If someone hears a
      lecture at the Goetheanum, he receives a direct impression of it. When
      he then imparts it to others this impression lingers, and he is able to
      formulate the things so that they are correctly understood. If a second
      or even a third person becomes the intermediary however, the probability
      increases that inaccuracies creep in. This should be kept in mind.
      And a third viewpoint is the most important. It is not a question of
      anthroposophical content being merely listened to or read, but that it
      be assimilated by the living soul. What is essential lies in the
      continuous thinking about and feeling what has been has been received.
      This is meant to be stimulated by the Guidelines in respect to the
      already available printed lecture cycles. If this viewpoint is
      disregarded, it will become ever more difficult for the Being of
      anthroposophy to be revealed through the Anthroposophical Society.
      One says with apparent justification: "What good is it to me to hear
      so much about spiritual worlds if I can't see into those worlds
      myself?" This does not take into consideration the fact that the
      ability to see is enhanced when anthroposophical content is treated as
      indicated here. The lectures at the Goetheanum are given in such a way
      that their content can livingly and freely be retained in the
      listeners' hearts. It is no dead material for the mere passing on of
      information. It is of a substance which by various viewpoints stimulates
      the ability to see into spiritual worlds. One should not believe: I
      listen to the lectures; I acquire knowledge of the spiritual world
      through meditation. One will never really progress in that way. Both
      must work together into the soul. And continuous thinking and feeling
      anthroposophical content is also practice for the soul. One lives seeing
      into the spiritual world if one proceeds with this content in the way
      indicated here.
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