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Re: Trolling in Sugarland

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  • ted.wrinch
    You re having fun :). The image of Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison in Sugarland makes me smile. T. Ted Wrinch
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 13, 2012
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      You're having fun :). The image of Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison in Sugarland makes me smile.


      Ted Wrinch

      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "elfuncle" <elfuncle@...> wrote:
      > "The Chickens Come Home to Roost," said Malcolm X. He was talking about
      > White America in December 1963, but the same thing is true today about
      > Sugarland. Their karma is now bringing them hybrids of Adorable Darlings
      > and Sugar Cherubs -- let's call them Adorable Cherubs.
      > I know I'm getting a lot of credit for this, but I assure you, it's
      > really nothing -- like professor Henry Higgins: put it in "You Did It"
      > from My Fair Lady (Higgins being me and Pickering being Frank; I'm
      > replacing Mrs. Pearce with Dottie, Professor with Troll-King, Servants
      > with Lurkers and Footman with Spam Man):
      > Frank: Tonight, old man, you did it! You did it! You did it! You said
      > that you would do it, And indeed you did. I thought that you would rue
      > it; I doubted you'd do it. But now I must admit it That succeed you did.
      > You should get a medal Or be even made a knight.
      > Tarjei: It was nothing. Really nothing.
      > Frank: All alone you hurdled Ev'ry obstacle in sight.
      > Tarjei: Now, wait! Now, wait! Give credit where it's due, A lot of the
      > glory goes to you.
      > Frank: But you're the one who did it, Who did it, who did it! As sturdy
      > as Gibraltar, Not a second did you falter. There's no doubt about it,
      > You did it! I must have aged a year tonight. At times I thought I'd die
      > of fright. Never was there a momentary lull
      > Tarjei: Shortly after we came in I saw at once we'd easily win; And
      > after that I found it deadly dull.
      > Frank: You should have heard the ooh's and ah's; Ev'ry one wondering who
      > he was.
      > Tarjei: You'd think they'd never seen a critic before.
      > Frank: And when the Prince of Sugar Cherubs Asked to meet him, And wrote
      > a piece to ask him for some more...! I said to him: You did it! You did
      > it! You did it! They thought he was ecstatic And so damned aristocratic,
      > And they never knew That you Did it!
      > Tarjei: Thank Heavens for Peter Staudenmaier. If it weren't for him I
      > would have died of boredom. He was there, all right. And up to his old
      > tricks.
      > Dottie: Staudenmaier? That dreadful Sugar Cherub? Was he there?
      > Tarjei: Yes. That blackguard who uses the science of speech More to
      > blackmail and swindle than teach; He made it the devilish business of
      > his "To find out who this "Johan Bruyninckx" is." Ev'ry time we looked
      > around There he was, that hairy hound From Budapest. Never leaving us
      > alone, Never have I ever known A ruder pest Fin'lly I decided it was
      > foolish Not to let him have his chance with him. So I stepped aside and
      > let him chat with him. Oozing charm with hard-clenched fists He oiled
      > his way around the list. Ev'ry trick that he could play, He used to
      > strip his mask away. And when at last the chat was done, He glowed as if
      > he knew he'd won! And with a voice to eager, And a smile too broad, He
      > announced to the moderator: That he was a fraud!
      > Dottie: No!
      > Tarjei: Jawohl! His English is too good, he said, Which clearly
      > indicates that he is foreign. Whereas others are instructed in their
      > native language English people aren't. And although he may have studied
      > with an expert Di'lectician and grammarian, I can tell that he was born
      > Hungarian! Not only Hungarian, but of royal blood, he is a prince and a
      > critic!
      > Lurkers: Congratulations, Troll-King Tarjei:, For your glorious victory!
      > Congratulations, Troll-King Tarjei:! You'll be mentioned in history!
      > Rest of Lurkers (Simultaneously): Congratulations, Troll-King Tarjei:!
      > For your glorious Victory! Congratulations, Troll-King Tarjei:! Sing
      > hail and hallelujah! Ev'ry bit of credit For it all belongs to you!
      > Spam Man (Simultaneously with Rest of Servants): This evening, sir, you
      > did it! You did it! You did it! You said that you would do it And indeed
      > you did. This evening, sir, you did it! You did it! You did it! We know
      > that we have said it, But-you did it and the credit For it all belongs
      > to you!
      > Tarjei
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