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Real Whinging

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  • ted.wrinch
    It s strange that I get accused by Diana for whinging when the Hole creatures have done nothing else for over a decade. Roger the Dodger, celebrating
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2012
      It's strange that I get accused by Diana for 'whinging' when the Hole creatures have done nothing else for over a decade. Roger the Dodger, celebrating Christmas, Hole-style, is given below. And this is the tip of his hate-filled iceberg. 11 years Waldorf followed by 40+ years of hate. I think my 4 years of anti-Der Staudi - who I attack for attacking something good - doesn't begin to compare with the incessant, hate-filled whinging that goes on in the Hole, without ever being questioned (it's regarded as natural there and there'e an entire chorus to join the Dodger).

      Roger's hate-filled Christmas.

      Roger has declared elsewhere that he doesn't believe in God or a spiritual world and so Christmas. There are no angels, in his view, so there were no Christmas angels singing of peace on earth to all men of god will. The birth of a messiah, a son of god, didn't happen. The light of the world for two thousand years wasn't, for Roger. Take it away, Roger:

      "Christians, Jews, and Muslims believe in a single all-powerful God. This God occupies the central position in normal Christmas observances. Christmas is the celebration of the birth of God's son on Earth.

      Anthroposophy sees things quite differently. There is no all-powerful God in Anthroposophical belief.*"

      Which is carping cant, since Roger does not believe in God, let alone 'a single all powerful one'. It seems he can say what Christmas should be for others, without believing in it himself.

      "What is Christ's central message to us? Perhaps it is this: We should love God above all else, and we should love our neighbors as ourselves.
      For Rudolf Steiner's followers, however, the central Christian teaching is quite different."

      Christ's message to 'us'? Roger doesn't believe in God; this is just more cant.

      "To find the true meaning of Christmas, we need to examine the teachings of Christ. One of Christ's most important teachings is the Lord's Prayer, in which He showed us how to address God. Here is the prayer as traditionally used:"

      Again: 'He showed us how to address God'? Roger doesn't believe in this; to say so here is dishonest. He continues by quoting the prayer, and then says that Steiner re-wrote it to be the reversed prayer from the fifth gospel that begins 'AUM.AMEN, Evils reign…'! He doesn't say that the reversed payer was not the Lord's Prayer in Steiner's account, it was the expression of Christ's experience of the loss of the veracity of the spiritual traditions around him. Christ created the true Lord's prayer as a response to this experience, to redeem it.

      "What is the true meaning of Christmas? Surely it is to be found in the teachings of Christ. One of Christ's most important teachings is the Sermon on the Mount.."

      Which Roger picks a few examples from. One is:

      "Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."

      He inadequately presents Steiner's explanation and then criticises it but can provide none of his own to illuminate this passage, that is opaque to traditional exegesis.

      "When a Waldorf school celebrates Christmas, concepts such as these — the existence of Ahriman, etc. — are in the minds and hearts of many of the Waldorf faculty members."

      This is his description of Steiner's concept that not power, not might but love is the quality that most represents God and that was born at Christmas.

      "If you are looking for the true meaning of Christmas, don't look for it in a school that accepts Rudolf Steiner's teachings."

      No, we should go and look for it in Roger's hypocritical account.

      "The real meaning of Christmas — like the real meaning of almost everything else — lies elsewhere."

      Which 'real meaning' we are not going to be given by Roger, who doesn't even believe in Christmas.



      Ted Wrinch
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