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  • ted.wrinch
    There s some quite nice anti-Hole stuff on Waldorf from this lecture series, which I ve just bought on Google books. What, precisely, is the basis of the
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      There's some quite nice anti-Hole stuff on Waldorf from this lecture series, which I've just bought on Google books.

      "What, precisely, is the basis of the Waldorf School in Stuttgart, which was created from a view of life in accord with the spirit? It seeks to act as a social organism in the social life of today in a way that present day forces themselves require [is that why they kowtowed to the Nazis?]. It's aim is therefore not to inculcate a philosophy in any way. …

      …Certainly there are on the staff on the Waldorf school some teachers who are not unusually fitted [chorus of laughter from WC]; we can say this without hurting anyone's feelings. But even if the widest range of physical, mental and spiritual talents were represented in the teacher, we should still have to say: among the children he has before him, there may be some who will at some stage in life develop talents that go far beyond those that the teacher possesses.

      We must therefore create educational methods by which we can handle the children at each age not only in such a way that they can acquire the talents we have ourselves, but also that they develop any latent talents we do not have at all. Even if no geniuses ourselves we must place no obstacle in the way of the child's development towards genius [the chorus breaks out intro gales of laughter]. …

      In the Waldorf school, everything is directed towards education in freedom. Mans's inmost spiritual element remains essentially undisturbed by the Waldorf school. …A child's spiritual individuality is something completely sacred."

      Tension between East and West, 1922, p 95.


      Ted Wrinch
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